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Exile’s Birth

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Summary: One Halloween night shattered Xander’s world, when his Halloween self consumed the lives of six young children. The Powers that Be are willing to restore life to the children on a condition, that Xander be banished from his reality… forever.

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Chapter Four

Story Series: Xander in Exile

Story title: Exile's Birth

Crossovers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Multi-Xovers

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers, Stargate Atlantis, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Final Fantasy IX, Star Trek, Andromeda, Master of the Orions II, Star Empire V, Star Wars, X-Men and Harry Potter. This is just a work of fanfiction. The major crossovers are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Transformers and Stargate Atlantis. The rest just have minor cameos.

Summary: One Halloween night shattered Xander's world, when his Halloween self consumed the lives of six young children. The Powers that Be are willing to restore life to the children on a condition, that Xander be banished from his reality… forever.


Chapter Four : Gene Alterations

Jesse practically bounced into the Medical lab where the Evolutionary rooms are situated at. Optimus had left one holographic figure of himself to attend to the group, leading them to the place in question. Optimus had already created another nineteen holographic figures of himself which were all now busy constructing the Sensor Array room. Starbolt and Hypernova had expressed their desire to help out in the construction and had left for the Sensor Array room.

“The Evolutionary rooms are the three rooms situated here.” Optimus said pointing to the three small rooms in the corner of the Medical lab.

“I can't believe the Halloween spell actually created rooms allowing for gene alteration.” Xander said in a bemused voice at the side. “When I was picturing the three rooms, all I have to guide the spell was that there must be three rooms which would allow Jesse and Willow to alter their genes into superpower genes.”

“Based on the memories I inherited from you, I believe you also had a sub-conscious desire to be able to use the rooms without fearing that you will lose your Blue magic.” Optimus said gravely as he stepped aside to let Jesse, Willow and Xander moved forward to inspect the rooms.

“Well yes, being able to use the rooms without losing my Blue magic was something I thought about when I created those rooms. After all I have no idea if altering my genes will lead me to lose my Blue Magic abilities.” Xander admitted as he looked at Optimus. “Do you actually mean the current rooms are able to allow me to retain my Blue magic if my genome is changed?”

“I believe so. The consoles regulating the use of the Evolutionary rooms all came with default genome data labeled Alexander Lavelle Harris. Specific gene markers in the genome data are highlighted, and there's a clause in the programming of the Evolutionary rooms that in the event those gene markers are encountered, under no circumstances should they be altered.” Optimus revealed. “I believe those specific gene markers are what allows for your Blue magic abilities. However, due to the positioning of the gene markers, some of the superhero genes in the database are out of your reach.”

“If what you're saying is true, does the Evolutionary rooms allow for mix and match of superheroes genes?” Willow asked, her sharp mind intent on finding the true capability of the Evolutionary rooms.

“It is possible to mix and match genes that are compatible with each other, meaning that they do not overwrite one another. The only problem is that most of the superheroes genomes currently available in the database are incompatible with each other. Perhaps it would be easier to show you the list.” Optimus said as a holographic panel flashed into view in front of the group.

“I have grouped all the genome data we have into five groups. Gene O+, Gene O-, Gene A, Gene X and Gene Z.

Gene O+ and Gene O- groups contains genomes that possess dual compatibility with each other, meaning that any one genomes from each of the group is able to combine another from the opposing group. A full list of the genomes in Gene O+ includes the Weather manipulation gene of Storm, Intuitive invention gene of Forge, Self-duplication gene of Madrox, Kinetic and Potential energy manipulation of Gambit, the Telepathic/Telekinetic abilities of Jean Grey and the magic manipulation genes of the Harry Potter verse and Might and Magic Universe .

Gene O- contains the Shapeshifting gene of Mystic, Genius meta-gene of Mister Terrific, Sonic manipulation of Black Canary, Kinetic Blasts of Tempest, Thermokinesis of Hotspot, as well as the genomes of the various humanoid race variations from the D&D databases, the Aasimar, Elves, Gnomes, Halfings, Humans, Drows and Orcs.

By and large, meta-genes from the Marvel universe, with the exception of the Shapeshifting gene of Mystic are all in Gene O+ group. The meta-genes from the DC universe and the racial gene samples from the D&D database stayed in Gene O- group. There are a lot of variations in the racial gene samples however. Of the Aasimar gene samples for instance, I have Aasimars who are genetically born with high endurance while another has the ability to cast magic. I have Elves who are fast, and Elves who are born with great intellect. There are over twenty seven gene variations just from the Gnome race alone.” Optimus revealed, manipulating the holographic display so that Xander, Jesse and Willow could see the grouping of the genes.

“Gene A on the other hand contains meta-genes that are incompatible with any other meta-genes in the databases. A full list contains the Atlantean gene of Aquaman, the Super speed gene of Wally West, Animal shapeshifting gene of Beast Boy, Biological manipulation of Elixir, Cryokinesis of Iceman, Force Field and Invisibility of Susan Storm and Magnetic manipulation of Magneto.

Gene X contains genes that only Xander could use. Unfortunately, the Blue magic gene markers in Xander's body meant that he has a limited choice in what genomes he have access to, and he can never dual wield two meta-genes at any one time. The list is regretfully short, and includes meta-genes from Iceman, Forge, Susan Storms, Storm, Mister Terrific and Tempest.

Gene Z contains all the non-human genomes that we have in the databases. A sample are the Griffins, Dragons and Phoenixes from the Heroes and Might and Magic universe. Basilisks, House-elves, Thestrals, a smaller Phoenix variation and Centaurs from the Harry Potter universe. There is also a list of magical plant genomes from the databases, such as the Bouncing Bulb and the Mandrake from Harry Potter universe. In essence we could recreate a whole host of magical animals, creatures and plants in this new reality.”

The three teenagers stared at Optimus, seemingly lost for words as they looked at the long list of genomes under Gene-Z scrolling past the holographic screen.

“We could set up our very own magical village with all the available genomes.” Jesse said looking excited. “But how are you going to start them out? By breeding them in test tubes?”

“That is a viable method. An alternative is to put a living creature with a close genome match to what we wish to change it into in the Evolutionary room. The gene alteration will cause physical changes to the creature's body, and cause it to morph into a new creature. The genomes in question must have at least a 60% match, meaning there's no way to transform a chicken into a dragon for instance, as their genome make up is too different. This method is also applicable to plants.” Optimus explained to the group.

“I think we'll put off changing living creatures into mystical creatures. It seems a bit wrong to me. If we really need to, we can breed them in test tubes.” Xander said with a frown. “I know we're going to be using the Evolutionary rooms for gene change, but that's only because we've consented to that change. Changing other living creatures in the room just because they're animals who can't speak up doesn't seem very right to me.”

“Very well, I will keep that in mind.” Optimus said with a nod. “Do all of you still want to try out the Evolutionary rooms? I have already uploaded the available genome databases we have into the rooms, you can basically step into the room and select your choices from the console panels set in each of the rooms. A copy of your original genome will be saved by the Evolutionary room so you can revert back to your original gene structure. But do be mindful that some of the available genomes will evoke physical changes to your bodies. For instance, the Shapeshiting gene of Mystic will alter your physical appearance to be covered with blue scaly skin.”

“Well no looking like a smurf for me!” Jesse said with a mock shudder. “I've already decided what meta-genes I wanted. We can mix and match up to two genes from the Gene O+ and O- groups right? Then I am thinking Gambit and Mister Terrific's meta-genes. What about you guys?”

“I don't know. I never read much of comic books in the first place.” Willow said with a grimace as she turned to look at Optimus. “The Weather manipulation of Storm sounds cool and I remembered Black Canary is a woman isn't she? If I take the meta-genes of Storm and Black Canary, will there be any physical alterations to my body?”

“Storm's meta-gene has a distinctive physical trait, in essence your hair will turn white.” Optimus said, causing Willow to step back in horror.

“No... No white hair! That's definitely a no.” Willow said as her hand unconsciously reach out to touch her silky red hair. “What about Jean Grey's meta-gene with Black Canary's? Is there any change in outward appearance if I take that combination?”

“Base on my calculations, there shouldn't be any outward change in appearance should you take those two gene combination.” Optimus revealed.

“What about you Xander?” Jesse asked turning to Xander. “Willow has made her choice. What superpowers are you getting?”

“You need to ask?” Xander said with a smirk. “I am going to get the only Omega level meta-gene in my list. Iceman's meta-gene. So Optimus, we just have to step into the rooms and make our selections right?”

“Yes Xander, the available genomes have been appropriately grouped for your ease of selection.” Optimus revealed.

“Well then. Ladies first, after you Willow.” Xander said with a grin.

“Oh you! You boys!” Willow said with a huff as she stepped forward and entered the first room.


The room was small, barely twice the size of the broom closet back home. The walls were made of some sort of white chrome plating and the floor was tiled with what looks like white marble. A soft white light shone from the ceiling above, giving the place an ethereal look. Willow had the uncomfortable feeling that she had just stepped into the afterlife. An apt description since she was going to be changing her genome structure in a few minutes, something she absolutely dread. But Xander and Jesse were doing it and old habits die hard. Whatever mess the boys were going to blunder into, Willow always made certain she was never far behind. They were after all the best of friends, and they always stick together. Which meant unless she want to be a wet chicken and list out the hundred and one things that could go wrong playing around with powerful gene changing technologies, she would have to join them.

All the same, Willow could not help but feel uneasy as she prodded the console screen embedded in the left wall of the room.

A list of the available genome groups appeared on the small screen. Willow began making her gene selections. The screen changed as her selections were completed, a confirmation button appearing on the screen. Taking a deep breathe, Willow pressed it.

Rings of golden light appeared, flooding the room. There was a beeping sound and the light suddenly disappeared. The door to the room she was in opened, turning around she saw Optimus looking in from outside. Xander and Jesse were pressing in at the side, looking at her in concern.

“Was that it? I don't feel any different.” Willow asked in confusion. She had not expected the gene alteration to be so quick.

“The preliminary scans from Evolutionary room revealed that you already had a sort of meta-gene, bearing very close similarity to Xander's Blue magic markers, and the meta-genes allowing for Harry Potter and Heroes of Might and Magic universes' form of magic.” Optimus intoned, causing Jesse to gape at Willow in shock. “I stopped the gene alteration process once I was notified of this new development.”

“You mean Willow can already do magic?” Jesse asked in a disbelieving voice. “How can that be? She never did anything magical!”

“The meta-gene from her scans revealed that her gene is already active. Perhaps what Willow lacks is guidance.” Optimus hypothesized. “From Xander's memories, there are magic users in your reality are there not? Perhaps Willow is one of them.”

“And you stopped the gene alteration process because you do not want to overwrite my existing meta-gene.” Willow said sounding a bit faint. “Can you imagine what my mom and dad would say if they know I can do magic? I guess I can count myself lucky that I am not going to be seeing them anytime soon.”

“So what's going to happen now?” Jesse asked turning to look at Optimus.

“I have recorded Willow's meta-gene into the database, as I have done with Xander's. Unlike Xander's Blue magic meta-gene which is incompatible with a lot of our available genomes, Willow's can be slotted under Gene O- group. That means her gene is compatible with one other meta-gene from Gene O+ group.” Optimus revealed in a firm voice. “She could of course override her existing meta-gene as well. Seeing that she currently know of no way to manipulate her meta-gene, it is a viable option.”

“I will keep it.” Willow said in a stronger voice. “It is something I am born with. I'll keep it and maybe Xander can teach me how to use it, or I can teach myself how to use it from the databases about magic that you have.”

“Very well, I will leave you to your gene selection then.” Optimus said with a nod as he stepped back, allowing the door to her room to close.

Willow turned looking at the console which now showed the list of genes from Gene O+ and made her choice.

“I'll choose you Jean Grey.” Willow said decisively as she made her selection.


The whole gene altering process took about a minute, golden rings of light circling up and down his body before they vanished and the door to his room opened. Xander's skin felt a bit sore, as if he had been sun burnt. There was also a weird tingling in his body and it was as if he gained an additional sense, other than his five senses. He stretched with that new sense, that was unlike anything he had even felt. Instinctively he flexed his right hand, leeching the heat around his hands, and nearly got the shock of his life when a bolt of ice shot out from the air in front of his palm out of the room.

“Whoa there Xander! Calm down man!” Jesse's startled voice spoke up as Xander stepped outside the room to access the damage. Thankfully, the ice bolt had seemingly only scratched part of the Medical Lab's walls and was now melting on the floor.

Jesse and Willow were looking at him askance, as if expecting him to be erupting ice bolts at them. They had seemingly completed their own gene alteration as well, because Willow was floating a bed sheet in the air, and Jesse's iris had became an eerie red.

“I'm sorry, didn't mean for that to happen.” Xander said scratching his head. “These superpowers didn't exactly came with a guide book.”

“You're forgiven.” Jesse said rolling his eyes. “Now is there any place around here where we can test out our powers safely? I don't want to blow up any priceless equipments by mistake.”

“For testing of destructive powers, you could use anyone of the empty spaces where the rooms are not yet constructed.” Optimus suggested as he gestured towards the door. “Come, I'll show you to one such space.”

“But before we do that, let's stop by the replicator. I need a deck of cards I can use to infuse potential energy with.” Jesse said with a grin. “Gambit's powers are going to be mighty useful for exploding stuff up.”


Hushed voices sounded in the dry and cold old mining caves. The Telora mining caves was rich in metal ores a hundred years ago, a vital source of income for the Athosians before it ran out. It was a day's journey from the Gateway of the Ancestors, and was seldom visited by the Athosians nowadays... until now.

Teyla wrapped a thick scarf around her neck as she moved around the caves, helping the rest of her village settle in. Wooden poles with lanterns hanging from them were set up, followed by a common larder and sleeping area. The villagers had pushed themselves hard to reach the Telora mines, especially once tales of the giant metal monster spread. The Athosians were afraid and weary of this latest threat, but they were a tough people, who had for centuries survived being cull by the Wraiths. They knew better than to break down and gave in to their fears.

Now all able bodied Athosians were pitching in to make the old caves livable. Teyla had no idea how long they might have to seek refugee in the caves, but one thing is for sure, a metal monster as big as the one Lemar had described would find it hard to enter the caves' entrance. Teyla had chosen the caves as their hiding place for that very reason, and also because there was more than one way out of the caves.

Teyla helped carried dried produces to a corner of the cave set aside to be the Athosian's storage area, mentally noting with regret that they had to abandon their fields of crops back at the village. The crops were going to be ripe for harvest in a week's time. Teyla planned to send out scouts on a daily basics. If the metal giant was not sighted within that period of time, then she would at least send some of the men to bring in the harvest and not let it go to waste.

“Teyla.” Halling stepped up to her. The tall man looking at her cautiously. “Jellan's wife heard the news about the disappearance of the Ancestor's Gateway. She's not taking it very well. Some of the women folks are comforting her. But I think she would be more assured if you were to talk to her.”

Teyla's face turned grim. “Thanks Halling, I'll go find her.”

“Teyla... Jellan and the others can never return to Athos right?” Halling asked his voice hesitant. “Not if the Gateway of the Ancestors has disappeared.”

“We've no idea where the Gateway went.” Teyla answered neutrally. “They might be able to return. If they do, we've left the tracking signs back at the village, they'll know where to find us.”

“Let's hope they can return then, a lot of good men were in the trading teams.” Halling said in a weary voice.

“Yes good men.” Teyla said softly as she walked towards the area designated for sleeping, to find and comfort a woman who might have lost her husband forever.


Making things explode was a decidedly fun exercise. Having the power to do that at a touch of a finger gave Jesse an exhilarating feeling. Hours after discovering that he was the magical clone of the original, of being stranded in another reality far from home forever, Jesse was beginning to feel that all of these might be worth it. Having the mutant powers of Gambit and Mister Terrific was definitely a deciding factor in his feelings.

It took barely half an hour before Jesse had used all of his replicated poker cards as focus of his destructive powers. Optimus had led them to one of the uncreated rooms, one of the larger ones apparently because the magical spaces of the room stretched far out into the horizon, as far as he could see. This room was supposed to be a habitat room according to Xander's design, a large garden habitat where plants and animals could be grown and breed.

Currently however, it was just one large white space. The floor of the room was a continuous patch of glowing misty white, giving Jesse the unnerving feeling that he was stepping on clouds. There was no walls in sight, Optimus had assured them that the walls were there, just a distance away. As for the ceiling, it was far up above them, the same glowing white as the floor.

Jesse could see Willow in the distance soaring through the air like she was born to fly, a smile on her face. Xander was in the distance as well, none of his childhood friends felt inclined to be near him while he was testing out his explosive mutant powers. The large ice ramp Xander had built glowed with an ethereal light reflected off the floor and ceiling. Jesse could hear Xander's yells of glee as he slid down the ice ramp, creating more ice to smooth his way down the ramp.

Jesse looked down at his empty hands, he had nothing left to explode with, not counting his own clothes. Jesse paused for a second wondering what he should do. He could always go back to the living room to replicate new objects to use as a focus for his exploding powers. But of course, exploding things were not all he could currently do now...

“Optimus.” Jesse called out to the air, feeling a bit silly as he do so. That was however the instruction Optimus had given the trio after the holographic Transformer had left them in the habitat room to their own devices. Optimus had promised to appear should any of them call out for him.

There was a shimmer of light and a holographic figure of Optimus appeared beside him, the optic lens of the Transformer observed Jesse keenly.

“Yes Jesse, how may I help you?” Optimus asked, tilting his head as he looked at Jesse.

“I was wondering if there's any computer system around here that can access the information in your databases.” Jesse said a grin on his face. “I've tested out Gambit's powers, all that's left is to try out Mister Terrific's genius intellect abilities. I want to see how much information I can actually absorb and retain.”

“There's no computer system such as what you're asking for. Xander did planned to have them, but they were among the many items that were not created.” Optimus revealed causing Jesse's cheerful face to drop. “However I see no problem replicating a data pad from the Star Trek database. I can then transfer some information to the data pad for your usage. Unfortunately, the data memory of the pad is limited and there's no way I can compress my entire information databases into the pad. Is there any information you wish to access first?”

“If that's the case give me scientific data from the Star Trek database first.” Jesse said deciding what he would learn with his new powers on the spot. “I'll work my way up from there.”

“Very well, I shall go to the replicator in the living room and create a data pad for you.” Optimus said giving Jesse an affirmative nod. “Do you wish me to bring it to you, or you want to receive it in the living room?”

“I'm pretty sure Xander did not create you to be our servant. He's not that kind of person.” Jesse answered firmly. “I'll meet up with you at the living room and collect it from you. And Optimus, thank you.”

“No problem at all Jesse.” Optimus said as his holographic form shimmered away.

Jesse looked around for the others and saw that Willow was already flying towards him. As for Xander, the ice ramp in the distance was higher and more complex now, but there was no sign of Xander.

“I saw Optimus.” Willow said as she landed on the floor near him. “You're done with testing out your powers?”

“Almost.” Jesse said with a grin. “I am moving to test my now genius level intellect next. I am getting Optimus to create a data pad with Star Trek science information for me.”

“That is so cheating!” Willow said with a huff, looking offended that Jesse might be smarter than her now. “But if you're getting a data pad, I want one as well. It will be interesting to see the sciences of space level tech.”

“I am meeting Optimus at the living room. We can let him know there.” Jesse said as he looked towards the ice ramp. “Where's Xander?”

“Last I saw of him, he was at the other side of the ice ramp building something else.” Willow said rolling her eyes. “He'll probably be there for a while.”

“I guess we'll just leave him here then.” Jesse said with a grin. “Come on, I am dying to see how much smarter I've become. Who knows, maybe now it's me tutoring you instead of the other way round.”

Willow crossed her eyes indignantly as she followed Jesse out of the room.


“So that's the man?” Colonel Trevor asked as he looked at the man from a one way glass mirror. Nested deep in Area 51, inside the underground bunker under the National Intelligence Department's control, or N.I.D for short, the bunker was a place that does NOT exists in even the United States' military database. Its very presence was a tightly regulated secret, which means that the man behind the glass mirror was kept under maximum security. “Apart from the glowing white eyes, he looked surprisingly normal. What's his story?”

“Intelligence identified him as Alexander Lavelle Harris, age 27. Well known photo journalist of the BCN network, appeared on the television during the evening news anchor. I.D. was positive, from finger prints to DNA.” The agent beside Maybourne said in a tight voice. “A massive blast of flames reduced the top floor of the Harris' family house to cinder. Caroline Lewis, age 26, a well known columnist for the Sunday Times, wife of the target was believed to be incinerated on the spot. Neighbors called the Fire department, the lead fireman to first discover Harris was severely injured by some kind of powerful impact. The next group of fire fighters found Harris in his current state. The police was notified, and our agents got wind of this. Harris was brought in. All our other field agents are currently suppressing information of Harris' existence. We're lucky the news did not stumble upon this, considering how high profile the target was.”

“You're sure that he's a native human?” Trevor asked the agent, a hint of disbelief in his voice. “Then what's causing the glowing eyes?”

“The scientists and doctors are currently investigating. What's being confirmed is that Harris is not possessed by any Goa'uld larvae.” The agent reported. “The doctors however discovered that Harris is suffering from some kind of cellular degeneration. The scientists are also picking up energy fluctuations from Harris that SGC has encountered before.”

“What do you mean? How does Stargate Command fit into this?” Trevor asked, as his eyes sharpened at the news. Stargate Command was a secret as closely guarded as the N.I.D, and few people outside of the organization, except for the N.I.D knew of its existence.

“According to reports, a few years ago, SGC obtained an alien artifact called the Quantum Mirror that allows for alternate reality travels. SGC has also encountered several alternate realities travelers in recent years.” The agent said, looking down at the sheet of information in her hands. “Distinct energy signature output were detected from the subjects. Almost similar energy signatures were currently being detected from Harris.”

“So this man in the room, he's an alternate version of Harris?” Trevor asked with a frown.

“The scientists aren't sure.” The agent said in hesitation. “The energy signatures detected from Harris has a 80% close match up with those detected from reality travelers in the past, but there's enough deviation in the signatures that Harris could be the Harris of this reality, possibly altered by some alien technologies we've never seen before.”

“Then you've better get on discovering what happened to Harris then.” Trevor said sharply. “I....”

A tremor shook the bunker, Trevor and the agent stumbled and surprised shouts sounded in the corridor.

“What the hell? Area 51 was built in an earthquake free zone.” Trevor said a frown on his forehead as he picked himself up.

“Colonel, look!” The female N.I.D agent cried out as she pointed at the room Harris was kept in.

Trevor looked and his mouth dropped open in shock. Harris was now sitting up from the bed he was lying on. A soft green glow was emitting from his body and his mouth was opened in a silent scream.

There was another stronger tremor and giant roots burst out from the floor of the room, smashing through floors and walls.


Author's Note: Some readers have expressed unhappiness at the direction I've taken to introduce alternate Alex into the story. I can only say that I did not add him in without thought and that his presence would serve a significant purpose in future storyline. Alternate Alex would NOT be a villain, far from it. One of his actions will however pave the way for a major future antagonist. And with the Halloween spell, even deaths... can be rendered null...


Xander: Blue magic meta-genes, Ice man meta-genes (Ice manipulation)

Willow: BtVS wiccan magic meta-genes, Jean Grey meta-genes (telepathy and telekinesis)

Jesse: Gambit meta-genes (Kinetic and Potential energy manipulation), Mister Terrific's meta-genes (Genius Intellect)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Exile’s Birth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jun 11.

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