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Aliens Among Us

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Summary: Cheerleader becomes huntress, jokester becomes scientist, and nerd becomes superhero when three teens dress as out-of-this-world characters... Different costume choices result in different lives for these Sunnydale High students.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenamusewithaviewFR1345,26924714,53314 Mar 102 May 10No

Are you there, Eywa? It's me, Neytiri...

Disclaimer in first chapter.

A/N: Ok, so I lied. I wanted to let y'all read more than just the teaser.


Cordelia shivered as a breeze blew through her hair. The many braids swung around her face and the one long one – which ended in these completely weird pink tentacle-thingies – thumping against her back rhythmically. The wig she wore added a bit of warmth, but honestly she wasn't dressed for a California night. She glared up at the rapidly darkening sky in frustration. She had been informed via the walkie-talkies that all the chaperones had been issued that the mayor had decided to extend trick-or-treating hours till nine. This would make her late to the Bronze.

She was not best pleased.

"Alright, munchkins, lets see your haul." The children were quick to obey; her entire group was more than a little in awe of her, though for different reasons. Snyder had been smart enough to assign her an older group, 5th graders. Because like hell was she dealing with monsters like those snot-nosed second-graders. On the cusp of puberty, the boys were in awe of her beauty and the girls were already planning out how to become her.

Even blue and with a tail, I'm still the hottest thing around, Cordelia smirked. All-in-all the outfit wasn't too bad. Sure, it was skintight, but she had a rockin' body, so that wasn't exactly a bad thing. The base was a jumpsuit made of something stretchy that gave her the full-bodied blue look (though the top sort of... flattened), complete with markings that caught the light and seemed to glow. Over top of that went the 'native-wear': a bra and thong set – the latter of which was how the tail attached. It was actually quite comfortable, except for the color contacts and the fangs: those sucked.

Cordelia glanced down at one of the kiddies, inspecting his half-full pillow-case. "Not bad," she complimented, ignoring his blush and stuttered 'thank-you'. She shifted her weight, thinking for a moment, "It's late enough that we can probably hit some of the first houses again, bet they won't remember you – "

The group was struck by a wave of something that knocked them all down. Cordelia's head hit the pavement with a crack more felt than heard. She lay there, dazed for a moment and then Neytiri flipped onto her feet, ignoring the vertigo inspired by the injury, and looked around. Where was she?

The trees, they were so small… and these structures – they looked like the ones the Sky People lived in, yet not. Everything was open and yet the sky was so dark, no clouds that she could see but the darkness was thick and oddly dirty. Her eyes flicked over everything, settling for a moment then dancing on again. Soft growls caught her attention and she looked down only to be confronted with several small creatures, advancing as if to attack. From their movements and their size, she sensed no real threat to her person, but exercised caution anyways: drawing her bow and dropping into a crouch to bare her teeth and hiss threateningly.

They froze, then scattered, leaving the Na'vi back to her thoughts. The air was strange and thick here and there was a persistent sense of something being very, very wrong. Her tail lashed in frustration, toes digging into the earth to – her eyes widened in shock and horror as she finally realized what the wrongness was.

From the time of her birth she had been raised to be the next Tsa'hik, her special connection with Eywa a birthright and a privilege, but now… it was gone. She felt nothing. It was as if – as if Eywa was dead. The air had no breath of life to it and the souls of what plants she could see were dim and throttled back by their surroundings.

Neytiri moaned deep in her throat, stricken at the thought of so much death around her, reahing desperately out for her connection to Eywa, her ikran, Jhake, anything. There was no answer. Nothing.

She was alone.

Commotions started up, some small and others large. Her ears flicked back and forth at the sounds of screams, shouts, and growls coming from all directions. Neytiri glanced around for a good look-out and settled for a stunted tree sprouting from the edge of the black path. She climbed it hurriedly, flinching inwardly with each brush against the rough bark so devoid of spirit. Reaching as high as she could get without injuring the tree, she looked around. Everywhere as far as she could see was more of the same: 'buildings' and more of these grossly stunted trees.

Neytiri dropped from the tree, landing lightly on her feet and hissing in frustration. Where was she? Was this the Sky People's home planet? She saw a few of them running past, one dressed in a strange pink suit that puffed out like the leaves of the loreyu, followed closely by another dressed in blue and black. Her ears laid back against her skull as the first one screamed shrilly.

"Skxwang, pelun zamunge tikwang tsatsu?" she shook her head and faded into the darkness to watch and wait and learn more about this strange dead world she found herself in. She would not think of her Jhake, her clan, she had to think of survival no matter how much her heart ached with the pain of this sudden unexpected seperation.

Neytiri moved across the rooftops and through the 'buildings' until she saw a place with many trees. She could not call it a forest; it was not a forest, not compared to the great woods her clan hunted from. She headed towards the woods, for want of anything else to do, searching out the tallest tree and climbing it with little difficulty. The sounds of shrieks and screams continued to assault her ears, but they were lessened here. Neytiri settled herself on a branch midway up the tree and attempted to reach for her mate.

Their bond was strong, though new, and she had hoped that – with the departure of the Sky People – they would have time to deepen it and allow it to mature. With this, though, she was beginning to understand the nature of the curse her Jhake had translated for her, and feeling much more understanding of the punch he'd aimed at the speaker.

May you live in interesting times.


A/N2: Good, bad, oh lord why is someone posting another Halloween fic?
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