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Finding Home

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Summary: When the last bus out of Sunnydale falls into a portal they find a world more than willing to help them find home. As long as they figure out who they can trust. Buffy/CoH

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Games > Comic/Superhero > City of HeroesJoeBFR1538,8120193,10014 Mar 1014 Nov 10No

Chapter 3

Finding Home 3


A/N: I’ve had several reviewers comment on the fact that I’m including many game mechanics references into the fic, first off, thank you for recommendations.  But, there is a method to my madness.  Security Levels: I’m using them because of so much of the game revolves around them, from hazard zones, when certain powers become available, costume availability, the list goes on and on. Me mentioning them in the story will trail off, but right now they are new to the Scoobies, and I want to establish that they are there.

Some of the security stuff I’ll use for comic relief, other stuff as reason to encourage the characters to move in different directions.  I can also see Paragon City establishing these rules and regs as an attempt to establish some level of control over the supers that flock to their fair city.


Things you won’t see will be inspiration or training enhancement drops, though I might throw in something like ‘Buffy caught a second wind, or ‘Willow noticed a weak spot in the Troll’s defense’, or ‘Xander got really ticked at the Acolyte’.  DO, SO, or others enhancements will also be dropped, as these are real material things, as well as various forms of Salvage, recipes, not so much. They will come about from research done by the various characters.


Now on to Chapter 3


Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don’t own it.  I make no profit from the following.


Buffy, Faith and G. Angel walked into MAGI and found Giles and V talking to Azuria. Buffy frowned when she saw that Vi was wearing a domino mask similar to Faith’s.  “Why is Vi wearing a mask?”


Giles shrugged, “We are going to have to do all of new Slayers anyway, so I thought we could swap them out and get them all registered and be done with it.”


“One problem, if we drop a bunch of new Slayers on this city, we might get other people killed when the bad guys react.  I want to wait until Willow, Faith and I are a couple of security levels higher so we can cover for them.”


Giles nodded, he had not realized this could be a problem. He glanced over at Azuria and she nodded that she would explain city politics to him next.


Buffy turned Azuria and smiled, “Where you able to find any missions for us?”


Azuria nodded, “Yes, I found two, they are only patrol missions I’m afraid, but they should get you some influence, plus you should go up a Security Level or so.” She went over to her desk and picking up a post-it note she told Buffy, “Buffy, I received information that there are some Hellions hanging around the train station that are harassing pedestrians, if you can take care of that the city would be appreciative.”


“Faith, you are to patrol the southwest corner of Atlas Park.  Investigate any suspicious activity.  We’ve been hearing rumors of a new gang starting to deal drugs down there so keep your ears and eyes open for that.”


Buffy and Faith’s PDA’s pinged as they were assigned their missions. They took them out and looked at them; both had an arrow pointing at the door of MAGI instead of their normal screen.

”Just follow the arrows ladies, they’ll lead you were you need to be,” Azuria said as she waived goodbye to them.”


G. Angel decided he would wait here and talk to Giles some.


Buffy and Faith headed out of the courthouse, pausing to take in the huge statue that dominated the plaza that was in front of the doors.


“Damn,” Dark Slayer murmured, “Atlas had a great ass”.  Buffy shook her head, different dimension or no, Faith never changed.


Checking their PDA’s Buffy pointed, “I’m supposed to go that way.”


“And I’m going the other.  Good luck B,” Faith said as she took off jogging.


After making sure the bus was all right, and making sure the girls understood why they weren’t registering the rest of them immediately, much to Kennedy’s disgust, she thought she at least should be allowed to register. Buffy then climbed the hill back up to the train station.


Other than the two police drones, the area seemed to be deserted.  Walking back out onto the street Buffy looked around.  Down the street she saw three familiar figures, the shotgun wielding Hellion that she had punted into the lake, and two of his goons.  The shotgun guy was yanking on a woman’s purse that she didn’t seem to want to give up.  Buffy smiled and started ambling that way.


Faith was ambling too; well slinking might be a more accurate description. She was looking around at her new town and, hey! They even had a blimp cruising the skies.  She frowned as she spotted some guys, and after squinting, she realized some girls, in white and read body suits, flying around with some kind of jetpack. Nice, she had to get one of those.  Spotting a couple of guys loitering on a corner looking a little strung out Faith decided this might be a good place to get a line on the drug dealers she was supposed to watch out for. So, she found a bench and waited to see if any pushers came by.


Noise in a nearby alley way attracted her attention, and peering in she saw a couple of what looked like wind up robots taking apart a trash can.  “What the…?” Faith muttered.


One of the windup bots spotted her, and pointing its arm at her a bolt of electricity shot out.  Faith screamed as electricity coursed through her body.  “Okay, that’s it, you’re spare parts.”  She reached forward and grabbed the thing by an arm and slammed it against the wall.  Before she could smash it again another one came around the corner and shot her too.  “This is getting old!” Dark Slayer yelled and threw her first victim at the second.  That was too much for her projectile and it shattered into a dozen pieces as the second one was bowled over.  Dark Slayer didn’t give it time to get back up, she picked up the garbage can that the thing had been taking apart and proceeded to beat the second bot into little, tiny pieces.  When she finished she heard her PDA ping again.  Taking it out she saw that she had been awarded 120 influence for the two little robots. 


“Cool, this city is going to be fun!”


Faith turned to leave the alley and found four figures dressed in grey blocking it.  Since they all wore white masks that gave their faces the appearance of skulls, Faith figured they weren’t good guys, in fact they might just be the gang she was looking for.


Their leader spoke up and confirmed it by saying, “We saw you watching our customers, we’re going to show you why that ain’t healthy.”


Faith smiled, this place was turning into a whole lot of fun.


As Buffy got close she heard the purse-snatching victim scream in frustration, “This is the third time this week someone has tried to steal my purse!”


The gang-banger was getting frustrated, purse-snatching was supposed to be easy!  But, first that bitch had kicked him into the lake, now this one was giving him a hard time, “Give it to me, I don’t want to have to kill you, and you don’t want to be dead!”


“Or, you can stop trying to grab the nice lady’s purse, and then I won’t have to give you another bath,” Buffy remarked dryly from behind him.


The Fallen Buckshot snarled as he dropped the purse and reached for the shotgun he had strapped across his back.  He never made it.  He felt steel hard fingers grip his wrist as he tried to grab the shotgun stock and then someone kicked him in the back of his right knee, forcing him down. Buffy then spun him around with the captured arm and kneed him in the chin. As he fell his two goons drew weapons, a fire axe for one and a baseball bat for the other.  Everyone ignored the victim, who had taken off running as soon as the Fallen had released her purse. Buffy went after the axe wielder first, she blocked the downward blow of the axe with her forearm on the haft, then punched the Hellion in the stomach with her other fist. As his head came down as he folded over she kneed him in the forehead to knock him out.


This gave the bat wielding Hellion a chance for one good swing on Buffy.  He brought the bat around like he was swinging for the fence and hit her across the shoulder blades.  Buffy skipped forward a couple paces from the force of the blow, But then turned and glared at the gang-banger.  He gulped, she did not look happy.  He smiled, in sort of a apology, then took off running. Buffy reached down and casually broke the head off of the axe with her foot, and then threw what was left of the haft overhand at the fleeing criminal.  It caught him right between the shoulder blades and down he went.  He was on the opposite sidewalk, so he was in no danger of being run over.


Buffy turned back to the leader, just in time to see him vanish and her PDA to ping.  Sighing, she was going to have to find out if there was someway to delay that, she might want to question someone she had just knocked out, and if they disappeared after twenty seconds or so, it would make it difficult.  As Buffy was turning to head back to Azuira she noticed an envelope on the ground where the boss had lain.  Picking it up she saw that it was addressed, in some of the worse hand writing she had ever seen, to someone named Tommy, and the note said to take it to their HQ near the Circle.


Buffy frowned, well it wasn’t like it was the US Mail.  She tore open the envelope and saw that it was a description of what had happened when their bus had arrived, and a good description of her.  It also asked for instructions, because the bus was still parked in the City Hall Parking Lot. Buffy frowned, her mission had been to clean up the area around the train station, she’d done that, but this directly impacted them.  Buffy wanted to check it out before she headed back in. Taking out her PDA again, she saw she’d made almost 700 influence out of the last fight, but, more importantly, she saw there was a map function on the device.  Tapping it she found there was only one circle in Atlas Park, so figuring she could discover the location of the hideout once she got there, she took off at an easy jog in that direction. 


Faith exploded into action, she leapt and bounced six feet off the wall, right at the spokesman for the gang.  Usually this moved surprised the heck out of whoever she was fighting, but in this case the bad guys seemed to be expecting it. The leader drew a gun and the other three knifes.  They didn’t quite have time to get them into action before Faith’s foot landed in the gun-wielder’s chest, but two of the others managed to get slashes in.  Faith grunted from the impact but her armor held.


Seeing the guy she’d landed on was still trying to get his revolver into play she stomped on his wrist, making him drop it.  She blocked another knife swing with her forearm and then kicked the guy she was still standing on in the chin to knock him out.  She then leapt between two of the knife wielders and did a spinning roundhouse kick to take them both out. The remaining knife user took off running.  Faith decided not to give chase. Her PDA dinged, announcing a further addition to her bank account, and also informing her she was now Security Clearance Three and instructed her to report to the nearest authorized person to confirm it.  Faith looked at her PDA and realized she still had three check-ins to do before she finished her patrol. She decided she would finish that up before heading back.


Buffy was jogging toward where the map said the circle was when she spotted a figure in a green uniform run out from between two buildings and start looking around. Figuring that the uniform meant that he was some kind of official person Buffy started running up to him.  Seeing her coming the guy reached into his uniform blouse and pulled out some kind of pistol and started shooting!


Buffy dodged the first two shots and screamed, “I’m one of the good guys!”


The guy kept shooting and sneered back, “Well, I’m one of the bad guys.”


Buffy straightened up for a second, and replied, “Oh,” then proceeded to take him down with two punches and a kick.  Her PDA pinged with her award and announcement of promotion.  She looked across from where she was standing and realized that she could stop by and see Ms. Liberty, the Atlas Park version of Valkyre, and get her promotion confirmed, and it wouldn’t cost her much time.  Deciding to do it she jogged back toward City Hall.


Buffy was somewhat put out after her promotion to Security Clearance Three was confirmed.  Ms. Liberty was indeed at City Hall, right in front of the Atlas Statue.  She was standing on a slight pedestal so Buffy wasn’t sure, but she thought the other hero might actually be shorter than her, built a lot better, and judging from the vibes she was getting off of her, could probably take her in a straight up fight.  Finding someone who might be able to out Buffy her, Buffy was in a state of shock.


Ms. Liberty smiled and introduced herself.  It turned out she was the daughter of Statesman, the Superman wannabe they had met right after they had arrived.  Of course Buffy didn’t use exactly those words to Ms. Liberty.  Buffy explained about the letter and Ms. Liberty actually knew where the hideout in question was.  She gave Buffy directions to it and smiled as the other hero took off jogging.  She didn’t have long to think about the new hero in town as another hero was coming up to her, PDA in hand.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finding Home" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Nov 10.

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