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Not Alone

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Adopted". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Adopted. Harry's eleven and Dumbledore's time is up. A huge fight begins over the future of the Boy Who Lived between those who want to use him and those who love him.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
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KrysstiniaFR1525,6494429,27515 Mar 1013 Jun 10No


A/N: I'm real sorry for the long delay in getting this out. I got stuck on a plot point and started fighting with myself whether to continue this version or to start again from the beginning with another. Then this afternoon an idea struck and stuck, and here is the next chapter. I hope I didn't loose anything in the long absence from this story, and thank you for waiting patiently for the next chapter.

Buffy cocked her head, her mouth opened to ask a question that got stuck in her throat. “The President, sent you. To do what exactly?” Buffy asked.

Buffy had an idea. Since she met Faith, she had been sharing dreams with her, exchanging information, and what not. When Faith was killed by a demon/Borg crossbreed, those dreams jumped to her successor. Buffy didn’t know if Bella knew that Buffy had lived her life through her eyes moments after she had been activated.

Buffy had been there when Bella was violently kidnapped from her home at the age of five by a Council wetworks team. She was there with Bella as the younger woman was handed from watcher to watcher because she refused to do as she was told. She was there with Bella when she escaped.

“The President received money from Dumbledore to deliver Potter to him so that the boy would attend Hogwarts. As far as I know, that’s the only reason he wants the boy.” Bella looked Buffy in the eyes.

“Why were you chosen for this mission?” Dean asked.

“I possessed skills that others didn’t have,” Bella answered cryptically. “That and I was the best thief that the CIA had in custody.”

“I heard something about that. It was a relief to hear that you were taking a break,” Sam smirked.

“You just don’t like being shone up by a girl,” Bella taunted.

Sirius had heard enough. “This house had been made unplottable. How did you manage to get here?”

“That’s part of those skills I told you about,” Bella answered.

“I don’t care what it’s a part of. I want to know how you got here,” Sirius growled. He stormed towards Bella, backing her up against the wall. He grabbed her bun in his hand and forced her to look up.

Buffy, who had been on the phone, hung up. Her stance was defeated, but she held her head high as she turned to face Bella and Sirius. “Let her go, Sirius. I just got off the phone with Giles. He told me a few things. Apparently this situation isn’t uncommon, the two Slayers I mean. The Counsel was able to do some tests, find out a few things. The only way to find a Slayer who doesn’t wish to be found, is to have another Slayer find her.”

Buffy looked Bella up and down. “You were gang pressed into this. Promised your freedom. But then again, your contract’s up in a few months, isn’t it? There’s a price for everything, and you know it. You wanted out, you got it, in a fashion. Was becoming a Slayer a part of your deal? I doubt it. You never wanted that life, so they sprang it on you.”

Dean and Sam were looking at each other, confused. Had Bella made a deal with a demon? How had she managed to do that? Why would she? What had she wanted?

“You’re right. I never wanted that life. It’s the main reason I’ve not lived it!” Bella hissed.

“Believe me, you can’t deny those urges. You may not have lived that traditional life of a Slayer, but you have been out there, killing those that needed to be killed. A Slayer is a killer, a hunter. I should know,” Buffy whispered.

Buffy turned to look at the companions Bella had brought. They were demons that could be mistaken for humans. She bent over them, one at a time, and broke their necks. “Bury them,” she told Dean and Sam. “Sirius, I want you to place a charm on Bella, here. She’s going to be staying in Remus’s cage for a while. I don’t want her to be able to get out of it unless I say so.”

Sirius nodded, pulling Bella into the basement. It was time to form a plan.


Dean pulled Buffy off to the side. “What are you planning on doing with Bella?” he demanded.

“I’m not sure. You have no idea what she went through, Dean. Her parents were killed in front of her when she was a kid as the Council took her. She lived through something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Funnily enough, she might just be that now.” Buffy gave a dry chuckle.

“What good will locking her up do? If she’s like you, won’t she be able to get out?” Dean asked.

“No. She’s in Remus’s cage, the werewolf I told you about. The AMA made those bars indestructible, even to me. She’s not going anywhere for the time being.” Buffy answered.

Her reassurance made Dean feel better. He pulled Buffy into a hug and kissed the top of her head. “What’s next?” he asked.

“We need to find a safe place to go to next. One where no one would think we would go. There are several houses that Harry owns that we might be able to gain access to. Sirius owns a few as well, thanks to his grand uncle. One of those might work. I’d have to talk to the AMA and Sirius to see how it would work. Then ask all of you if you want to join us in hiding.” Buffy said, pulling away slightly.

“That sounds like a plan,” Dean said.

“It’s just the bare bones of a plan. If Kinsey found us here, then my houses in the US are most likely being watched. Uncle Mac called me the other day asking if I was in town because the door to the apartment was open and he could hear voices.

“I’m going to have to leave the country, Dean. Sirius and Harry too. You, Sam, and Tyler, you’re going to have decide if you want to leave with us, or stay behind to keep people off our tail.” Buffy looked into Dean’s face.

“We made a promise, we all did. Harry’s more important. We’re with you, and I think I can say with confidence that I speak for all of us.” Dean said.

“Good. That’s good. I need to call Uncle Jack.” Buffy extracted herself from Dean and walked into the kitchen.

Sam looked from Dean to Buffy and back with a questioning look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Dean sighed, taking out the ring he kept in his back pocket. Quietly he opened the box. He’d never find the right moment to give it to her.

Sirius trudged up the stairs. “I swear, she’s a wild cat. I pity anyone who goes up against her, except, perhaps, Buffy.” After seeing the annoyed looks on Dean and Sam’s faces, Sirius laughed. “I forgot! She already gave you two a run for your money, didn’t she? Olde Bella’s not as good as she thinks she is, though.” Shaking his head, still laughing, Sirius walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on.


Diane Chambers arrived at the house soon after Buffy called her. She didn’t have time to raise her hand to knock. Dean pulled the door open, then pulled her in.

“Hello to you too, Dean,” Diane muttered, allowing him to place her in a chair in the kitchen.

“I have some questions regarding Harry’s property,” Buffy began.

“Harry currently has no property. According to wizard law, all property belongs to the child’s guardian until they reach seventeen. His property and his titles belong to you, Dorea.” Diane answered.

Buffy blinked. “Oh. Okay then. How do I gain access to them, then?”

“You call the head of the Potter house elves. She should be able to help you,” Diane replied.

“Thank you. Now, onto something a bit more pressing. Kinsey ordered an attack on this house a few hours ago. He had a Slayer working for him. What leverage does he have on her?” Buffy asked.

“I’m not sure. You know that she ran away from the Council when she was thirteen, don’t you? She was very through in covering her tracks. Since it was unlikely that she would be a Slayer, there wasn’t a very long search for her.” Diane started. “Eventually, she found out that she was the heir to her parents’ fortune. She claimed it, then went into business stealing occult objects.”

“Did the US government have something that she was paid to steal? And she got caught?” Buffy asked.

“More or less. But she was supposed to steal it for the government, not from it. She failed to acquire the object. With her failure, she was put in prison for her previous crimes,” Diane concluded.

Diane glanced at Buffy’s face. “You already knew that didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Buffy agreed. “I wanted confirmation, though. I’ve been getting visions of her life. I didn’t want to believe that someone could live through what she did.”


Buffy and the boys didn’t get much more sleep. After Diane left, the five of them debated over where to go. Sirius brought up his uncle’s house in Manchester, while Buffy mentioned the houses that the Potters had, in Scotland, England, the States and France.

Each of the houses had their pros and cons, but it was decided that they would stay in the States. Houdini’s had an arrangement where the families of the students could live in an attached apartment complex. The students could then go home after school. The headmistress, Helen Yates, was a kind old woman who had been there for a while. She was the woman Lindsey had learned from when he was a child.

Salem, on the other hand was across the country on a hidden island in the Charles River. Buffy only knew of it through Bobby, whose wife had graduated from there when she was a young girl. After she looked into it, she realized that James Vent was one of the best people she could hope for. He had been on the very edge of the first war in England, because of the tactics that Dumbledore used. He tried to start his own front in the war, but was drastically under supported.

She had started sending him letters two years ago when Bobby mentioned him to her, and the two had been writing since. James had already expressed support for both her and Harry, and offered Harry a permanent spot in his school, something she was grateful for.

Sirius agreed with Buffy that Harry should go to a school. He could learn a lot more from people who were specialized in their fields. Sirius could work with him more on physical defense when he was home.
Tyler decided to stay and finish his medical degree. Dean and Sam, however, were glad that Buffy had decided to stay in the States. They didn’t want to leave North America, but they also didn’t want to leave Buffy and Harry, and were happy that they now didn’t need to.

After several hours debating, Buffy decided to call it a night and left for bed. Everyone else followed one at a time, each deep in their thoughts.


Buffy was the first in the kitchen the next morning. After careful thought, she had decided what to do with the extra Slayer she had in her basement. Since Bella’s deal was almost up, Buffy had decided to be lenient. She decided that Bella was going to be knocked out, then Sirius would modify her memory, so Bella wouldn’t know where the house was, nor what their plans were. Giles would then pick her up and take care of her for the next month or so until the hell hounds came for her.

It was a simple, if a tad brutal, but it worked. The only bad thing was that someone new would be called, someone who might be just as messed up and crazy as her predecessor, or one by the book.

“Something’s got you smilin’,” Dean said, leaning on the doorframe, arms crossed.

Buffy spun around to face him, smiling brightly and pulled him into a deep kiss. “I got things to be excited about,” Buffy said, giving Dean another kiss. “I know what I’m gonna do with Bella, I’m not leaving the country, Harry’s beginning his journey with his magical education, and you’re here,” she ended with a sigh.
Dean released Buffy and she flitted back to the kitchen counter and finished making breakfast. Something good must be about to happen to get her in this mood. He hoped it lasted. Good things happened way to seldom to him.


After everyone was up, fed, and everything was put away, Buffy sat Harry down and explained to him what had happened the night before while he was sleeping. “What are you going to do with her?” Harry asked.

“We’re going to send her to Giles, after she goes through a few. . . modifications,” Buffy said trying to think of the best word.

“She won’t come after us again?” Harry asked.

“Nope. She’s going to stay with Giles, and he’s more than prepared to handle her,” Buffy assured him.

“What about where we’re living?” Tyler asked, for Harry’s benefit.

“Well, we decided to stay in the States, which means that your school choices have been limited to those here,” Buffy answered.

“I wanted to go to Salem anyway,” Harry said, shyly, glancing briefly at Sirius.

“I’m not too surprised. When Vent visited in May, you two got along great,” Sirius said, nodding his head. “I’m not upset, Bear, so don’t worry about me being disappointed.”

“Through you, I own property in Boston. I was hoping that we could call up the head of the house elves and move up there within the week,” Buffy said. “I’ll send James a note telling him of your decision and asking for some additional wards for the house, depending on what’s already on it.”

“What about everyone else?” Harry asked.

“I’m graduating in December, Harry, so I’m staying in Utah until then. I’ll be with you again by Christmas,” Tyler said, pulling Harry across the couch they both were sitting on and messing up his hair.

“Sam and I will be doing what we always do,” Dean said. “Trying to find the bastard who killed our mother. We’ll stay for a while though. At least until you get settled into your new home.”

“I’ll be staying with your Mum at the house, Harry. You’ve still got us,” Sirius assured him.



Bella’s move went more smoothly then Buffy had anticipated. After stunning her, Sirius had given her a dreamless sleep potion, then Obliviated her. He was careful to take only the memories that pertained to finding Buffy and her getting caught by the Feds. Giles was in Wyoming by that evening and on his way back to California by the next afternoon.

Buffy explained what she had done to Bella, as well as what she was planning to do with Harry after she and Giles caught up. He approved her plan, not that he needed to, and was told her that he was proud of her.

After Giles left, Buffy took a deep breath and called out a name. “Posy!”

A sharp crack sounded throughout the living room and a tiny creature wearing a toga appeared. “Mistress called, ma’am?” the elf asked, bowing to the floor.

“You are the highest ranking elf that serves the Potter family, is that correct?” Buffy asked, wanting to make sure that she had the correct elf.

“Yes, ma’am,” Posy confirmed.

“When I was eighteen I was adopted into the Potter Family as the sister to James Potter,who died ten years ago. I was told by the AMA that all I had to do to gain access to the houses in the Potter family was to contact you. Is there anything else I need to do that the AMA didn’t tell me?” Buffy asked.

“May Posy ask Mistress’s name?” Posy asked.

“I was adopted as Dorea Potter.”

“Is young Master Harry with you?” Posy asked.

“He is in my custody, if that’s what you mean,” Buffy confirmed.

“It is, Mistress. And you is needing to do no more to gain access to the houses. Is there one you is needing elves in?” Posy asked.

“We are getting ready to move into the one in Boston. What shape is it in?” Buffy asked.

“Adams House isn’t been lived in for a long time, Mistress. I shall have a team in there at once to clean it up and have it ready for you. When is you moving in?” Posy asked.

“As soon as you can have it ready. There is no rush,” Buffy assured the elf.

“As you wish, Mistress,” Posy said, bowing again. She disappeared with a sharp crack.

A/N: This was my first time writing a house elf. How did I do?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Not Alone" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jun 10.

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