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From One Family To Another

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Summary: Harry Potter moved to the Elemental Countries after adopting Teddy Lupin and settled in Konoha. Tedi grew up to be a shinobi and when Hatake Sakumo is suddenly a father, he can't help but take the bewildered man to his father to help. Slash.

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Title: From One Family to Another

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Naruto. JK Rowling owns HP and Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto.

Summary: Harry Potter (Tōkō Hari) moved to the Elemental Countries after adopting Teddy Lupin (Tōkō Tedi) and settled in Konoha. Tedi grew up to be a shinobi and when Hatake Sakumo is suddenly a father, he can't help but take the bewildered man to his father to help. After all, even the legendary White Fang needs a teacher when something new pops into his life. (Sakumo/Tedi slash)

Warnings: Slash, kissing heavy petting, swearing, crossover pairing, no beta

Author Note: Slightly edited (but still no beta) since I posted on FF.Net


"Tou-san?" Twenty-six year old Tōkō Tedi's baritone rang out into the apartment and a short brunet man popped his head out from the kitchen.

"Tedi?" The man came out into the hallway, wiping his flour covered hands on his apron, "Who's this?"

Standing behind Tedi was a tall young man, similar in age to Tedi, with silver hair and he was holding a baby wrapped in a blue blanket. From what Tedi's father could see, the baby had silver hair to match the unknown visitor.

"Tou-san, this is Hatake Sakumo and Hatake Kakashi. Sakumo-kun, this is my Otou-san, Tōkō Hari." Tedi took Kakashi from Sakumo gently, "Tou-san, I'd like to have Sakumo-kun stay for dinner, is that alright?"

"Of course Tedi," Hari gestured to the living room that was attached to the kitchen, "If you'd like to make yourself comfortable Sakumo-san. May I get you something to drink?"

Sakumo smiled tightly, "Thank you Tōkō-san..." He'd been on edge ever since Kakashi had been thrust into his arms at the Tower. The fact that Tedi-senpai had started to call him 'Sakumo-kun' without reason or even asking only made it worse. Tedi and Sakumo didn't even know each other that well.

"Oh please, call me Hari;" Hari washed his hands while Sakumo shed his Jounin vest, "Tōkō-san is far too formal for my tastes."

The baby gurgled in Tedi's hands and Hari, without a second though, took Kakashi from his son and swayed a bit, back and forth, making tiny noises at him. Kakashi quickly quieted. Sakumo sighed in relief. And bit back a small protective growl. Not even a full day around the baby and he already felt parental. It may have had to do with his white chakra that Kakashi's own chakra had latched onto almost as soon as the baby had seen him.

"Tou-san," Tedi sighed and rubbed his jaw tiredly, "Sakumo-kun was on a mission a while ago that involved a bit of seduction and Kakashi's mother just dropped him off at the Hokage Tower before leaving. Fuck, Tou-san, she didn't even name him."

"I take it that you don't have any other children and you really have no clue what you're doing, ne?" Hari smiled at the White Fang, his green eyes bright. "And so Tedi just up and kidnapped you to bring you home with him so I can mother Kakashi and teach you how to care for him."

"That... sounds about right Hari-san." Sakumo winced, "I don't want to intrude..."

"Nonsense." There wasn't much more then Hari loved then taking care of people, "Besides, I love children." Hari smiled down at the baby and Kakashi grinned toothlessly back, reaching out to grasp at Hari's long black hair that had escaped from his braid and had fallen over his shoulders.

Nodding towards the kitchen, Tedi took Hari's hint to watch the food while Hari sat on the couch with Kakashi.

"Hari-san, I don't really understand..." Sakumo paused. He wasn't sure what he was trying to say, but this was the first time that he'd ever really associated with Tōkō Tedi outside of shinobi work and he didn't want to insult his host or embarrass himself, "I haven't interacted with Tedi-san outside of missions and I don't even really know him. I don't know why he brought me to your home or why you are being so accommodating..."

"Sakumo-kun," Hari smiled softly at the Jounin and Sakumo was struck by how young his senpai's father looked. Hari had to be at least forty and he didn't look much more than thirty. He was also wearing his kimono in a rather feminine manner. "Tedi is a very friendly person. I've tried my best to teach him to help someone in need as much as possible. I think I've done a fairly good job with how he keeps bringing his friends home for me to feed them," Hari laughed lightly, bouncing Kakashi a little in his arms, "Tedi took my words to heart. He likes to help people and he knows that I enjoy helping. If he brought you here then he knew that you needed help. It doesn't matter if you don't know him well or not. You are Tedi's comrade. That is enough."

"Tou-san," Tedi whipped into the living room, "The food is done."

"Set the table Tedi, and get the crib from the basement for Shi-chan."

Tedi looked at Hari with wide eyes, "Why is my old crib in the basement? Didn't you store it in the attic?"

Grinning impishly at his son, Hari cocked his head to the side, "Oh I was just getting it ready for grandchildren."

"Tou-san!" Tedi gasped, "Grandkids? Seriously?" While being vocally dramatic, Tedi was already almost done setting the table.

"What?" Hari stood, "It's about time that you started to look into fathering some children for me to spoil," He looked at Sakumo, "Come on Sakumo-kun, we'll let the brat do all the work and we'll coo over the cute little baby."

With an inarticulate grunt of fake annoyance Tedi headed to the stairs.

Sakumo stared, wide eyed, "Sir?"

"Let's start with how much you know about babies." Hari pulled out a seat at the table, "I need to know how much I'm going to be teaching you about kids."

"Ano... They're very fragile? And they cry." Sakumo grimaced, "I have to feed them and change them and bathe them. I don't know the details."

"Okay, one: Emphasise on fragile. Do you know how to hold a baby? Pick a baby up, put him down? You didn't look very comfortable holding Kakashi and from what I saw, Tedi took Kakashi from you, you didn't pass him over; so do you know how to do that without breaking Kakashi's neck?"

Sakumo resisted the urge to cover his face with his hands, "I'm twenty-five Hari-san. I have never thought about children before. This is very sudden and I have never even held a child before Kakashi."

"Okay then. Do you have some items acquired at your apartment for Kakashi? Anything at all?"


"Got it Tou-san," Tedi interrupted Sakumo and fitted what was basically a box on legs, though a very nicely hand carved and home-made out of cedar one, next to Hari and the table, "What are we talking about?"

"Just a few introductory questions to baby care," Hari nodded at Sakumo, "Sakumo-kun, first lesson," Sakumo watched carefully, "When moving a baby you have to support the head because Shi-chan's neck isn't strong enough for him to support his head on his own yet," Hari shifted Kakashi in his arms, "One hand at the neck, cradling his head and the other at his bottom," He lay Kakashi in the crib, "Make sure the blanket isn't bunched up under him and cover his body, making sure that you keep his face free of any material."

Throughout their meal, Sakumo kept a close eye on both his hosts and his child. He'd never expected children. Never thought about it, never conceived an idea of children. The silver haired baby in the cradle that was giggling at Hari was like an unexpected punch from Tsunade in the face for him.

It wasn't that he wouldn't do anything to get the information he needed for Konohagakure, but he really wasn't interested in sex. Women, civilian or kunoichi, neither of them interested him. He'd had sex, he'd initiated sex, he'd tried to enjoy it but there was nothing 'wonderful' or 'spectacular' or any other adjective people used in conversation with it.

Glancing at Hari, Sakumo tried to figure the man out. Hari-san was short, barely coming up to either Tedi-senpai's or his own shoulders. He had long black hair and pale skin, and though these were traits of the Uchiha clan, there was nothing Uchiha about Tōkō Hari. His green eyes were too wide and too bright with life and laughter for there to be any relation to the Uchiha's. He was also very, he didn't want to say girly, but feminine and it wasn't just his clothes. Hari seemed to be reserved and quiet and he fussed over Tedi and Sakumo and Kakashi like a mother.

On the other hand, Tedi-senpai looked almost nothing like his father. Tedi-senpai was as tall as Sakumo, both standing taller than average at six foot one; he had dirty blond hair, pale hazel eyes and a boisterous disposition. His facial structure had almost nothing of Hari-san in it. It was possible that Tedi took after his mother, but Sakumo was almost sure that Hari had adopted Tedi. It wasn't hard to see that Hari was the kind of person to adopt a child in need after hearing Hari-san talk about helping out whenever the occasion arose.

Sakumo wasn't someone that would take things lightly or make a decision in a single moment. If he had time to assess things, he damn well assessed things. He was assessing the Tōkō's and what he saw, he liked. Tedi and Hari-san were familiar with each other and they joked and laughed together. They loved each other and there was an energy to them and around them that was wonderful. Something that he hoped he could have with his own son. Something he wanted with Kakashi when the boy grew up.

"Sakumo-kun?" Hari disturbed Sakumo from his thoughts and the shinobi looked up at his host, startled for a moment, "Would you like to join us for tea in the living room?"

"I would love to." And he did. He wanted to stay around these people, these happy people. They had a life to them that he had all but forgotten as the White Fang of Konoha. He had killed so many people, destroyed so many lives that he wasn't sure that he was worthy of basking in this life giving energy.

The tea was hot and the room was comfortable and now that he thought about it, as he learned from Hari-san how to hold and carry and pass Shi-chan, he'd never been this comfortable before. He'd even taken to calling his son 'Shi-chan' on occasion like Hari-san did. He'd never called anyone by a nickname before.

What surprised Sakumo the most though, was that Hari-san didn't seem to care that he was the legendary White Fang, didn't seem to think that such a killer would be a bad father. Hari didn't ask about his abilities or make a fuss about his name which was nice in a weird way because that had never happened before.

When it was time for Sakumo to leave, Hari pulled him to the side a bit, kind eyes still on Kakashi and Tedi, "Sakumo-kun, I just want to let you know that if you ever need a baby-sitter I am most certainly available for the task. If fact, I might consider it an insult if you didn't ask me first." Hari grinned, "Drop of a hat an all that."

"Thank you Hari-san." Sakumo smiled back. There wasn't a single thing that he could think of that would make him not take Hari up on his offer, though there was one concern. There was just something about the man that cried out 'protective' and Sakumo knew that as his son, Kakashi would be in danger from outside forced and he didn't want to put Hari-san into a position of danger. "I should warn you that there could be problems..."

"Assassins. Yes, I know your reputation. I tested as a tokubetsu jounin when I first came to Konoha twenty-three years ago. I haven't let my skills go Sakumo-kun, Kaka-chan will be safe with me." Hari seemed very certain that even someone strong enough to think they could kill the White Fang's son wouldn't be a problem for him. Tokubetsu Jounin may have bridged the gap between chuunin and Jounin, but it was a long way from Tokubetsu level to Sannin level.

It was a surprise to hear that Hari was a shinobi as well. Given how relaxed Hari had been the whole evening, Sakumo hadn't really thought of Hari as a shinobi, "Are you active?" Sakumo hadn't heard of a Tokubetsu Jounin by the name Tōkō Hari and he knew the names of all the shinobi chuunin and above.

It all made him just a little bit curious.

"Oh, no," Hari waved a hand negligently, "I fought my war already. I refused the offer Tobirama-san gave me when he asked. I wanted to be a civilian." Hari scratched the back of his neck with a bit of a blush over his cheeks in embarrassment, "I guess you could say that I'm retired."

Any shinobi that was good enough to retire was a very good shinobi. Sakumo was willing to extend some trust to Tōkō Hari to a point.

Heading back to Tedi and Kakashi, Sakumo made a mental note to ask Sarutobi-sama about Hari and if he'd ever heard of the man. If there was a file on Hari-san somewhere, Sakumo really wanted to read it; he was damn curious and he'd never let morals get in the way of his curiosity. Besides, apparently even things like intruding in someone's past was acceptable if it was in regards to a child's safety.

That was just one of the many lessons that Hari-san had managed to teach him in the few hours that he'd been in Hari-san's house.

"Tedi, give Sakumo-kun back his son and go seal the crib for him to take home."

"What?" Sakumo blinked as Tedi gave him his son, "No. I mean, I can't take something that's been in your family for..."

"Sakumo-kun," Hari patted his elbow with a pleased look on his face, "I am giving you the crib whether I have to sneak it into your apartment or not. I'd rather you just take it now and save me the trouble of having to break the seals on your apartment and then set them back up again."

Hari was very confident for a 'retired' shinobi, but Sakumo had seen some of the work that Tedi had done on missions involving seals and it wouldn't be unimaginable for Hari to have been the one to teach seals to Tedi. And if Hari was good enough to fight a war and retire, maybe he was that good.

"Hey, yeah," Tedi stuffed a seal scroll into Sakumo's vest, "Is Hiruzen-ji-san bringing Minato-kun over tomorrow?"

Sakumo was confused as to why Sarutobi-sama would be doing anything with a genin. He didn't ask, but waited for Hari to speak.

"Jiraiya-kun is out on a mission with the other Sannin, Uchiha-san and Hyuga-san are going to be working with their families for the duration of their mission," Hari shrugged, directing his explanation towards his guest, "I told Jiraiya that I would take Minato-kun under my wing while he was gone and give him an introduction to seals to see if it was something that he wanted to pursue as a shinobi."

"Is he ever going to just claim the guest room for himself?" Tedi interrupted. Hari scowled at him but nodded.

"Yes he is. Minato-kun hasn't gotten an apartment yet and the orphanage tossed him out as soon as he made genin and he's been switching up between Jiraiya's apartment and here until he saves enough for a down payment." Hari smiled then, lighting his green eyes brilliantly, "I'm proud that he's saving for a house instead of staying in an apartment and I'm more then glad that he just agreed to spend most of his time here."

There was an undertone of sadness to Hari that Sakumo didn't want to press so he changed the subject, "So you teach sealing?"

"Only to people interested. Jiraiya was actually my first student and he's come a long way." Sakumo almost sighed. For all his abilities and perceptiveness he had thought Hari a civilian when Hari was far more integrated into the shinobi world then even most shinobi. "Are you interested?"

"I think I've got a bit much in my hands at the moment Hari-san," Sakumo hefted Kakashi a bit with a wiry grin, "But if you're free when I've got my head around caring for Shi-chan, I'd be most intrigued to see what you could teach me."

"I'd enjoy that Sakumo-kun. Now, remember, keep Shi-chan's face free of blankets, lay him on his back and keep him warm. He'll probably wake up every four or so hours to be fed, burped and changed then he'll quiet down again. If you have any trouble at all, send me a message bird and I'll come right over."

Sakumo gave Hari his thanks again and left the house, Tedi by his side.

"So," Tedi tried to be nonchalant, "Where do you live?"

"Sakura Ave." Sakumo felt awkward talking to Tedi without Hari to mediate. There was no logical reason for his apprehension either.

"Ah." Tedi nodded, "I'm still housed in the ANBU quarters." They continued walking for a bit. Sakumo found that walking down the streets of Konoha was tedious and pretty boring. He knew however that he couldn't be jumping over the rooftops with Kakashi in his arms. He was suddenly grateful for Tedi by his side, even if it was only for a distraction from the tedious monotony of the streets.

"I would like to ask you something, but it's very rude." Sakumo murmured under his breath and Tedi only shrugged at him.

"You can ask. Doesn't mean I'll answer, but you can ask."

"Is Hari-san your real father?"

Tedi stopped in the middle of the street and Sakumo paused a second later, looking back at him. "Tōkō Hari is the only father I've ever know. He is my 'real' father." Tedi's voice was curt and Sakumo took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"No," Tedi waved a hand at him and started walking again, "You didn't mean it the way I took it, I know. No, Tou-san isn't my biological father. Remus-tou-san was my biological father and he was best friends with Tou-san's father. Tou-san was made my god-father by Remus-tou-san and when Remus-tou-san and Kaa-san died a few months after I was born, Tou-san adopted me."

"The war that Hari-san talked about? The one that he fought in?" Sakumo asked. He wondered where Hari and Tedi were from, but really, it could be anywhere at all. The first great Shinobi War took far too many lives and left far too many orphans.

"Yes. Tou-san doesn't talk about it, but he does tell me about Remus-tou-san and Kaa-san whenever I ask."

"Is Hari-san married? Or was he married?" Sakumo was interested in Hari's past so logically the best place to get information would be his son. He did feel a little weird to be interrogating Hari's son though, after everything that the Tōkō's had done for him in a single evening.

"I think that Tou-san had a serious girlfriend when he was seventeen, but I don't know what happened between them or why they didn't get married. Other than that, he's never really showed an interest in dating or even sex really." Tedi shrugged, "I never asked him if he liked someone."

Leading Tedi up a set of stairs to his apartment door, Sakumo fiddled with Kakashi, trying to free a hand to get to his pocket for his keys. Tedi's hand snaked around his waist and dug into his front pocket for him. Sakumo refused to blush when Tedi brushed up against something that was definitely not his keys.

"There is a motion seal..." Tedi grinned impishly at him and waved him into his own place.

"Got them all already," Tedi rolled his eyes, "Pretty paranoid though. Seriously, the seal that requires your white chakra? Inventive, but easily bypassed. You might want to take Tou-san up on his offer to teach you more about seals. I studied seals like you have when I was nine. Seriously."

"Here," Sakumo passed Kakashi to Tedi and busied himself with unsealing the crib that Hari had given him against his protests. When it was set up by his bed Tedi carefully arranged Kakashi in it and they left the bedroom. Moving out to the living room, Sakumo gestured for Tedi to have a seat at the kotatsu, "Would you like to join me for a cup of sake before you leave?"

"Sure," Tedi flopped gracefully to the floor and Sakumo heated the sake before bringing it into the living room. He studied Tedi intensely for a moment as he sat down across from the rugged ANBU.

"So why exactly did you take me to your father?" No matter what someone did, there were always agendas. No one was kind without expecting something back.

Tedi sipped at the warm sake and leaned back against the base of the couch, "I want to get to know you." He smiled and Sakumo felt something in his chest constrict a little.


"Yes. Simple as that."

"That’s not exactly simple," Sakumo shook his head. "Why do you want to get to know me?"

Taking a moment, Tedi finally looked Sakumo in the eyes, "I like you."

The admission wasn’t what Sakumo expected, "Excuse me?"

"I like you." Tedi blushed, the tiniest bit of pink staining his cheeks, "I had a long time to think about this and I had a conversation with Tou-san about these feelings that I have. When that woman practically threw Kakashi at me, I hate to say it, but I was happy. I suddenly had a reason to talk to you. I had a reason to be around you."

"You... like me." Sakumo couldn't really get that through his head. He'd been told things like that before by multiple women. It had never made him think like Tedi made him think. Never made his heart flutter and his breath quicken.

"I like you. I want you," Tedi chuckled low in the back of his throat and Sakumo felt a throbbing heat stir up just under his stomach, "Hell; I want to be had by you."

Sakumo choked on his sake and he sputtered. He had no idea what to do with the information that had been given to him. "I don't..."

"Don't what?" Tedi lowered his voice and asked his question gently. He didn't want to drive Sakumo away, but he wanted an answer, either a yes, no, or maybe. Something. Anything.

"I've never," Sakumo paused. "I've never thought about a man like that." He'd never felt like this either. This feeling that he had, it was new. It was interesting. He could feel his skin growing warm and his mouth getting dry and his pupils dilating.

Was this what everyone was talking about when they talked about sex? This burning that he felt?


Making a decision, Sakumo raised his eyes to Tedi's and licked his dry lips, "I'd like to try kissing you."

Tedi got to his knees and crawled counter-clock wise around the kotatsu, "You should calm down," His right hand reached out and curled around his neck where it met his shoulder. Tedi's warm fingers lingered against his skin and Sakumo's breathing grew heavy. Tedi leaned in and tilted his head a little off center, gently pressing their lips together.

The first thought that Sakumo had was that Tedi's lips were dry. Then Tedi's tongue lathed across his lips and Sakumo gasped, his jaw dropping open. He stopped thinking. Tedi teased their tongues together and Sakumo felt his eyes close as his arms wrapped around Tedi's neck, fingers digging into Tedi's hair, getting lost in the hot wetness of Tedi's mouth as he kissed back, exploring Tedi's mouth, running his tongue over Tedi's teeth and over the roof of his mouth. A hand curled around Sakumo's waist and then someone moaned and Sakumo was startled to find himself laid back on the floor, staring up at Tedi, lost in his dark golden eyes.

"My god. That... That was..."

"Fucking amazing." Tedi leaned down and pecked his lips affectionately. "Are you okay with this?"

"Yes. Oh my god, yes." Sakumo ran his hand over Tedi's neck, "I am so okay with this I don't know what to do."

"I don't think we should go any further then what you're comfortable with right now Sakumo-kun," One of Tedi's hands smoothed its way over Sakumo's stomach, the other running over his jaw to cup his face, his thumb stroking his cheek, "I don't want to rush you and lose you. You've never been with a man and I've never wanted anyone like this before."

"Neither have I," Sakumo breathed softly. "I'll do what I need to complete a mission and I've tried sex because everyone seems to like it, but I've never felt this way, never felt this... this lust." He pulled Tedi down to kiss him again, mouth open from the get-go. He teased Tedi's tongue into his mouth and Tedi moaned. Sakumo could feel a hand at his belt and he couldn't help but hesitate.

Tedi knew immediately and ran his hand up higher, though under his shirt, hot and dry against his quivering skin. Sakumo arched into the touch and when Tedi reached high enough to tweak his nipple sending a lightning burst of pleasure through his nerves; Sakumo's head flew back and his neck strained, "Oh god, oh god, Tedi, what... what was..."

"Sakumo, my god..." Tedi crawled over Sakumo's body, straddling his waist, "You, when you arch... your neck," Tedi's teeth grazed over Sakumo's neck and then Tedi latched on, biting down on his trapezius, sucking hard, pulling the blood up to the skin, making a large hickey that would take days to disappear.

Sakumo groaned and tilted his head to the side to allow Tedi more space. A finger rubbed over his nipple again and he arched, his breath stuttering. His hips gave a small thrust unconsciously and Tedi thrust back. The feel of a muscled thigh between his legs against his erection and his own thigh grinding hard up against Tedi was wonderful, fucking spectacular.

Eyes rolling back in his head, Sakumo continued to thrust against Tedi's thigh as Tedi placed hot, opened kisses on his neck and jaw, capturing his mouth with his, their tongues weaving together. Tedi's hips thrust against his leg and Sakumo could feel the hard erection digging into his femoris muscle. He thrust back with equal force and Tedi moaned his name into his mouth.

Sakumo dragged his hands from Tedi's thick hair, down his neck, raking his fingers over his back. He grasped at the black shirt and pulled it from Tedi's pants, fumbling a bit as he pressed his palms into the scorching heat of Tedi's skin at the small of the shinobi's back. His fingers played with the edge of Tedi's pants and Tedi whimpered unsteadily, pressing his body tight against Sakumo.

"...'Kumo... I'm going... I can't last..." Tedi grasped Sakumo into a tight embrace and the silver haired man grunted, encouraging his lover.

"Come Tedi. God, I'm going to..." Sakumo leaned down and bit Tedi's straining neck hard, his hips totally uncoordinated as he felt his release come, felt his lover come, his vision whiting out for a moment as his muscles seized in his orgasm.

When Sakumo was coherent again, he sneered in disgust at the cold, sticky mess that coated the inside of his pants. Tedi kissed his sneer away and Sakumo's face relaxed into the smile as he sighed into his lover.

"So. That was good." Tedi laid his head on Sakumo's chest, listening to his heart beat. "I'd like to take you to lunch sometime."


"As in a date," Tedi traced lazy patterns over Sakumo's abdomen. "And I should introduce you properly to Tou-san."

Sakumo blinked and then chuckled, "I think Hari-san already knows Tedi." He nuzzled Tedi's hair and breathed in Tedi's scent.


"Do you really think that he'd give a hand carved crib to just anyone?" Sakumo raised an eyebrow at Tedi and Tedi groaned.

"Oh my god. He totally knew that I was going to talk to you tonight. I only told him that I liked a guy, I didn't say who." Tedi pressed his face fiercely into Sakumo's shirt.

"He's shinobi. You were pretty accommodating at supper towards me."

Tedi frowned then, "But how did he know that you would agree to date me? You weren't any different than you usually are."

"But he's never met me before and he had an outside perspective. Plus," Sakumo grinned with a little laugh, "Shinobi."

Tedi rolled his eyes and cuddled further into Sakumo's arms, "Well he could have at least told me that he knew. I mean, he was perfectly fine when I told him that I liked a man and he even encouraged me to explore men as an option in my love-life and then he goes and makes that comment about kids tonight..."

"I assume that you didn't want me for a one night stand," Sakumo said lazily, "This is going to be an ongoing thing, correct?"

"Of course," Tedi shifted and sat up, "I like you. I like your humour and your personality and I like Kakashi..." His eyes widened, "Oh."

"Yes, 'oh'," Sakumo sat up as well, rubbing Tedi's shoulder, "If this," He waved a hand between them, "is serious, then Kakashi is practically yours as well as mine." Sakumo sighed again, running a hand through his silver hair, "Oh he very well knew what he was doing when he asked you to seal the crib for me."

"That sneaky bastard," Tedi muttered before giving Sakumo a gentle kiss at the side of his mouth, "So I think I should go. You'll need some sleep before Shi-chan wakes up in a few hours. I'll talk to Hiruzen-ji-san tomorrow to get you some time off to set things up for Shi-chan."

"Thank you, Tedi."

"Hey, if this," He copied Sakumo by waving a hand between them, "is serious, then I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that it lasts." Standing, Tedi reached down to help Sakumo to his feet and they moved together towards the door of Sakumo's very clean apartment. "Humh," Tedi snorted, "I can't wait to see what Shi-chan manages to do to your nice little obsessively organized place."

Sakumo laughed softly and gathered Tedi into his arms, kissing him on the nose, "It's not obsessive; I'm just not here long enough to make it dirty. I'll be more than happy to be cleaning up after a baby, after my family."

They traded conservative kisses for a few minutes before Tedi pulled away, light headed, "Okay, I really have to go now."

"I'll see you later, right?"

"Of course. We have plans for lunch." Tedi couldn't resist and gave him one more kiss before leaving the apartment.

Sakumo rested his back against the closed door and touched his lips gently. He couldn't believe that he'd just made out with another man, with Tedi, and they had both come. He'd never before thought of men like that.

But then again, there was a lot of things that were going on right now that he'd never thought of before. Shi-chan. Tedi and sex. Hari-san and Tedi. Hari-san and seals.

He had enjoyed himself and he...

The almost noiseless cry of Shi-chan reached his ears and Sakumo cleared his mind of everything but his son. He'd think more of what was going on with his life after taking care of Shi-chan. Shi-chan was his first priority from this point on.

Sakumo felt an unconscious smile grace his face as he looked down at Shi-chan, "Hey there kiddo." Kakashi looked up at him with dark grey eyes and smiled back.

He had a family. And nothing was going to take that away.


The End?

You have reached the end of "From One Family To Another" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Mar 10.

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