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The Meeting

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Succour". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A BTVS and The OC crossover. Ryan and Xander pairing. Two damaged men meet and find succour. Non-explicit slash.

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The Meeting

AN: Kinda crazy to start another story while I still have another unfinished one. But I really wanted to write this. I've been inspired by M.F. Luder's OC fanfiction. Simply awesome.

This is basic Xander. No frills or gimmicks, but definitely slightly worse for wear. Most chapters will be short vignettes, since that format seems to keep me writing.

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The OC. I also don't make any money off of this story (and I won't).

The Meeting

It was Ryan’s first day on the site, working to fix the structural problems left behind by the previous, and seriously incompetent, architect. He was still very junior employee at the firm he had joined after graduating at Berkeley. It was a San Francisco company, which allowed him to stay close to the Cohens.

Today he was meeting with the foreman of the construction crew, to get up to speed on what had been done so far and what could be done to fix the mess they were in. He knew from his construction days that a good foreman would have enough experience to have some good, solid suggestions. Suggestions that were practical, unlike the feelings of some of the higher ups at the firm who wanted to knock everything down and start over.

He paused when he saw the foreman. It was a man taller than him by a few inches and certainly broader in the shoulders. What made him pause was the fact that the guy was wearing an eye patch and limped. The limp wasn’t pronounced but it was definitely there. You didn’t tend to see a lot of guys in the construction business with quite so many physical handicaps. Ryan was willing to bet that the guy could do his job, though, since the foreman was more of a supervisor than an actual labourer. The guy wouldn’t be climbing any rafters or doing any serious lifting. The pause only lasted a brief moment, but it was long enough that the foreman sensed his perusal and turned towards him.

“Hey, you must the be new architect. I’m so glad that you are here and I hope that you are more open to suggestion than the last guy, who just wouldn’t listen to any sort of reason. Now, I know that I’ve been told that I’ve got my own special Xander-logic, but that guy was totally not of the good. Who doesn’t know that ceilings without proper support fall? Seriously?” Ryan quirked a brow in response to the stream of words, none of which included a proper introduction. It was also his standard response to another babbling brunette, “Ugh, I’m mean, my name is Xander and I’ll be your foreman today.”

“I’m Ryan, the new architect,” Xander beamed at him and stuck out his hand to be shook. Ryan’s breathe quickened, ‘cause that man’s smile was devastating, as Ryan shook his hand he couldn’t resist adding, “and I’m definitely open to suggestions.”

Xander promptly blushed and, if possible, smiled even wider. Ryan was utterly charmed, “Um, yeah, that is good to hear, ‘cause I’m definitely full of suggestions guy.” Ryan gave Xander a quick, half grin in response – something that had the curious effect of the making the guy blush even more.

“Good, lets get to work, then.” And so they did.
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