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10 Slayers that haven't Been Called

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Summary: Slayers are called across the multi-verse. This is the story of each of their callings and how they learn about the orgin of their new found strength.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsThExMaDxHaTtErFR733,2180132,93217 Mar 101 Apr 10No

Calling Jade Chan

AN: Here I am, a person with a lot of schoolwork to do, starting off on my own challenge fic-collection. Here’s how it works in this short story Jackie Chan Adventures and Buffy are in the same universe.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor do I own Jackie Chan Adventures.

Slayer Called: Jade Chan

And it’s because she remembers that it hurts so much. The dreams every night, worse than Shendu, worse than anything else her adventures with her Uncle Jackie could come up with.

It hurt because she remembered too much. When she woke up, crying and in a sweat with the need to kill something, it hurt beyond belief. She couldn’t believe the pain that those girls had went through, night after night, protecting the world by their own day after day.

None of her complaining seemed to matter much anymore.

She understood now that she had something that would help her protect people but she didn’t know who to turn to. Uncle Jackie would probably think she was imagining it all, Uncle would be Uncle, and Torhu…well Torhu might believe her but then he’d tell Uncle and Jackie and everything would be a mess.

Jade sighed as she looked at her room in Section Thirteen-a mess it was, her clothes strewn every which way, and her toys on the ground. Toys didn’t seem to matter that much anymore.

She was thirteen a few weeks ago and that was when news of a crater about an hour away from LA showed up, which used to be a town called Sunnydale. The news report said the death rates were always unnaturally high in that area but about six years ago there was a significant drop.

That’s when the dreams had begun.

“Jade, if you do not hurry up we will be late…” Jackie called to her as she placed some objects within her knapsack. She shouldered it and made a face in the mirror.

“Coming Uncle Jackie!” She yelled back, forcing her voice to hold the normal amount of cheer it did. She knew she was in a funk and would pull herself out of it soon, but dreams about girls dying every night did not do a spirit good. The young girl pulled on the doorknob wincing as it came off in her hand. “Whoops! I guess slamming the door does result in a bad reaction!”

She ran up to the exit of Section Thirteen as her Uncle waited impatiently for her, though he smiled as she came running towards him. “And here I was thinking you were going to oversleep.”

Jade just shrugged as they stepped into the phone booth to take them up to the surface. “And miss going to Mooseworld?”


She pouted and stuck out her tongue. “I know we have to meet up with an old collogue of yours. What’s his name again?”

“Mister Rupert Giles.”

“Bleh. He sounds British and old.”

“Jade,” His tone was admonishing with a dash of scolding. “You know better to judge people by their names. Besides he is bringing his adopted daughter who’s only a couple years older then you and a good friend of his.”

“Fine…let’s get this over with.”

Jackie ruffled her hair good naturedly. They stayed in a companionable silence for a good amount of the ride towards the restaurant where they were meeting up with Giles.

Jackie had been noticing something odd about his niece for the past couple of weeks. She had seemed less energetic and willful. Almost as if she was contemplating something. When he had asked her if she was feeling okay, she would merely shoot him a bright mischievous Jade smile, and brush it off. He knew her better though. Torhu merely remarked that she was acting like that one time with the wind demon.

“Are you okay Jade?” He couldn’t but help asking as the car stopped in front of the restaurant.

“Yeah, I’ve just not been sleeping well lately.” Her voice was tired and Jackie frowned.

“You know you can tell me anything, Jade.”

“I know Uncle Jackie. It’s just-”

“We’re there.” The driver’s voice sounded smooth and professional.

“Thank you.” Jackie looked at his niece seriously. “We can talk later, okay?”

Jade almost looked nervous under his gaze, something that was very rare, and nodded slowly. “Alright…later.”

They both exited the car and walked into the restaurant where they saw three people sitting at a table. They were an odd assortment of people, yet they looked liked they fit together like a puzzle, a young girl with blue eyes and long chocolate hair, a red-head who looked peaceful and slightly sad, and an older man with graying hair and glasses.

“Ah, Mister Chan! How are you today?” Giles asked his voice almost as tired as his eyes looked.

“I am quite good Mister Giles. May I introduce you to my niece, Jade?”

Jade looked up at the three people and smiled. “Hi, I’m Jade Chan! It’s nice to meet you all.” A weird sense of déjà vu enveloped the small girl, causing her to raise her eyebrow slightly. Where had she seen these people before?

“…Oh dear.” The redhead’s voice escaped her lips quietly and Giles’ glasses were suddenly in his hand, as he was polishing them. It seemed Jackie didn’t catch the interaction but Jade did. “It’s nice to meet you too, Jade and Jackie. I’m Willow and the girl next to me is Dawn.”

Dawn who also caught the interaction but managed to keep down a reaction waved shyly. “Heya.”

“Mister Chan. I was hoping to ask you a favor.”

“Well I do owe you one from that time in the Alps. Whatever it is I’m your man, Mr. Giles.” The younger man responded cheerfully.

“Ah yes…well, please, let’s sit down and enjoy breakfast first.”

Breakfast went on without much of a hitch; the two Chan’s feeling quite welcome within this small group of people. They talked about interesting normal things, which for one relieved Jackie and made Jade feel more comfortable about her issue.
Yet after the breakfast dishes were cleared they moved on to a more serious topic.

“Mister Chan…are you familiar with the legend of the vampire?”

Jackie shifted slightly uncomfortable, remembering his last encounter with the Chi vampire. “Uh…yes, I am. Those are the things that suck blood to survive right?”

“Yes, they are.” Giles looked at him with a sad look and sighed. “Now, there is another legend that you might not be familiar with…The Legend of the Vampire Slayer.”

“Vampire Slayer?” The young Asian man asked raising an eyebrow. “A Slayer of Vampires?”

“Precisely. The legend goes as thus,” Giles cleared his throat and looked at Jackie seriously. “Into each generation a Slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer.”

“And you’re telling me this because?” Jackie had a bad feeling about this in the pit of his stomach. Almost like when Section Thirteen had asked for his help and that led to a couple years of adventure fighting the forces of darkness.

“Because, that one girl was my sister.” Dawn interjected finally speaking up. “Buffy Summers was one of the two Vampire Slayers for six years. She almost died once which was what resulted the calling of a second, so there were two. The world, until a couple of weeks ago, was under the threat of being a demon paradise….Well, more so then usual.”

Jackie shook his head and sighed. He knew that most people wouldn’t accept this and perhaps he shouldn’t accept what this group of people was saying at face value. However, he had too much knowledge within the world of magic to immediately dismiss them. Plus, Giles had once saved his life, which at least meant he owed the Former Curator of the British Museum his ear. “When is it never under the threat of becoming a demon paradise?” He joked weakly looking at the group of people with a small smile.

Dawn smiled, seeing as the man had already accepted their story and did not mark them off as crazy yet. “Well, my sister decided that if there are so many demons and such around the world why should she be the only one? Couldn’t all those who had the potential to be Slayers, be slayers? They already were in danger of getting hurt from just being potentials.”
Jade’s eyes were widening. She recognized these people…they were people from her dreams. People that she didn’t think were real until now. Dawn was still talking, “From now on, every girl in the world who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer, now answer my question…”

“Are you ready to be strong?” Jade whispered hoarsely as the four older people at the table turned and looked at her.

“Oh dear…” An unmistakable British voice exclaimed, followed by the sound of glass being polished again.

Her uncle looked at her quizzically, looking at her for an answer, as if it was a joke that everyone got but him. “Jade?”

Willow looked at the young girl with compassion and saw that she was at a loss for words. Her aura didn’t seem sad, it just seemed like she was very contemplative. Yet she didn’t seem to want to answer her Uncle’s puzzled look.
“Mister Chan, Jade seems to be…” Willow started her voice soft.

“What does Jade seem to be?” Jackie asked uneasily, looking at his niece protectively. He shifted his body towards her, almost as if to protect her from some unseen danger.

“…A Vampire Slayer, right?” The young Chinese girl asked quietly. “That’s what all those dreams are about. All those girls…dying, fighting, those…vampires.”


Suddenly a smile came to her slowly, as if something had clicked into place. “Cool. Count me in for some vampire booty kicking!”

And as Giles polished his glasses furiously, Jackie shook his head with one thought running through his mind,

‘Bad day!’

AN: So how was it? Anyone inspired to call another unsuspecting young girl?
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