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Harry Gibbs?

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Summary: What would happen if harry was adopted by Special Agent Gibbs from NCIS? How would the wizarding world cope with a prepared wizard?

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
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Chapter One


AN: I am reposting this, please if you have any problems with this story please contact me on my profile on FanFiction. Net. Not in a review. Thank you. Please take note that some points in this story are NOT going to be possible in the real world, but honestly do you think that if Gibbs wanted something he wouldn’t find some way to get it.

Title: Harry gibbs?

Chapter 1

The Dursley family was as normal as any could be. A father with a good job that provided for his family, though he did look like a giant whale, a mother who doted on her only child and took care of the house, never mind that she looked like a stick with legs, and finally a son who was a carbon copy of his father, though he did like to beat up the other children.

So for all appearances the Dursley family was very normal, but they had one secret. A nephew who, at the age of one, had been left on their doorstep after having watched his parents being murdered in front of him. While the child normally wouldn't have caused a stir, the fact that he was not as 'normal' as the Dursley's led them to distrust and hate the small babe.

Their nephews name was Harry Potter and he was an orphaned wizard. After watching his parents die at the hands of a madman, he was left with his aunt and uncle. His room was a cupboard under the stairs, he was never allowed toys, not even the ones his cousin broke and through away. The only clothing he had was his cousins' hand-me-downs much to big for him. But that was all about to change.

Harry watched as his relatives hurried to pack all the stuff they were taking with them to the states. Harry was all packed, all his stuff crammed into a small duffle bag. He was happy he was allowed to go, even though he knew he would have to stay in the hotel room and would probably have to carry most of the luggage, he found he didn't really care.

The Dursleys weren't happy at having to take their freak of a nephew, but they couldn't see any other chose. All their babysitters had canceled on them and they couldn't allow him to destroy the house by leaving him there so they had to quickly get him the cheapest ticket they could on such short notice. It still cost them three hundred pounds. Oh well, they would just take it out of his food rations, a week should do it.

Harry watched excitedly as he and the Dursleys prepared to board the plane. They headed for first class while he tried to find the gate for his third class seat. It didn't take long before he got lost.
Chapter 2

After the brief scare at the airport Harry sat in his seat at the back of the big plane. It didn't take long for him to get bored as the plane took off from the airport. The mother sitting next to him noticed and handed him a book to read. Harry just looked wide-eyed at her as he took the book reverently. He read the rest of the flight.

When the plane landed Harry hurried to meet up with his relatives at the baggage claim. His Uncle growled at him to get the bags and hurry it up, they didn't want to be late for there hotel reservations, or they would have to pay for their own room, heaven forbid.

Harry just nodded, having been taught young that asking questions, or talking at all, would result in a beating. So he grabbed the bags and started dragging them towards the waiting cab, never noticing the silver eyes following him.


Gibbs was about to catch the next flight to Mexico when something caught his eye. There was a little black haired boy, struggling with luggage twice his size while his family just stood back and watched disgusted plain on their faces. Gibb's expression hardened as he turned and bought another ticket to Mexico. After making the purchase he made his way over to the family and struck up a conversation.


Harry had almost made it to the car when the bags he had been dragging where forcefully taken from him. He looked up in surprise to see a tall man with silver hair and clear blue eyes staring down at him, he looked behind the man to see his relatives leaving. He looked up at the man fearfully.

Gibbs looked the young boy up and down, though he wasn't to sure why had decided to take in the boy, he knew was that he had to protect the little elfin child. The boy had black hair to the waist that contracted with the extremely pale skin that seemed to bring out his vivid green eyes perfectly. He smiled slightly, hoping to put the poor boy at ease. It couldn't be easy to see your family leave without you, no matter how bad they treated you.

"What's your name?" He asked softly, trying not to startle the boy, who still jumped at the question.
"H…Harry, Sir" came the stuttered reply.

Gibbs smiled, "Well Harry, how would you like to go to Mexico with me?"
Chapter 3

Harry looked fearfully up at the strange man, he knew his relatives where gone and weren't coming back, they had always threatened to. But he was scared that the man was going to hurt him like his Uncle did, after all isn't that the only thing he was good for.

Gibbs watched as emotions played across the young boys face, each one more desperate then the last. He smiled gently and started playing with the long black hair, hoping to sooth the distraught boy. He ignored the flinch that resulted in his actions. "Well would you like to go with me?" He asked again his eyes never leaving the boys face. His smile widened when the boy nodded. "Alright then lets go catch that plan."

A few hours later found an amazed Harry looking around at everything, he couldn't believe it. He was in another country with a strange man who had taken him from his relatives and had given him a book on the plane, a book on how to build boats! He liked it so much he hadn't even noticed they had touched down until he was brought back to the real world by the mans chuckle. Harry looked up at the man and blushed before handing the book back and looking down.

Gibbs looked through the book and stared at the boy, a question popping out of his mouth before he could stop it. "Harry, can you read this?" His eyes got wide when Harry nodded, still not looking up from the floor. Gibbs just smiled, "Well, we'll just have to get you into a school soon, now wont we." He chuckled at the look on the boys face; it seemed his new charge like the idea.


A few weeks later found Harry and his new guardian, in both Mexico and the US, working on the roof of Gibbs's friends house with Gibbs asking a bunch of questions and Harry, now more open, answering them as best as he could.

"You know Harry," Gibbs was saying as they listened to his friend complain about how they hadn't built him a hot tub. "Your rather smart for your age," Gibbs smacked his forehead as he remembered something. "Did you ever actually tell me your age?"

Harry just smirked as he 'accidentally' dropped a piece of unusable lumber off the side of the roof, chuckling at the resulting 'OUCH' that came. "No, I think I'm 4, but I might be wrong." He didn't see the darkening expression on Gibbs's face when he was reminded of the family Gibbs had just gotten him away from. "I think my birthday is July 31st," Harry continued, as he continued to drop lumber off the roof, "It was the only day I didn't have to do chores."

Gibbs nodded and stood up, ruffling Harry's hair as he past, chuckling at the indignant sound that followed him down the ladder as he went to check on his friend who now had wood sticking out of his hair. "Well, at least he has good aim."
Chapter 4

It was a few months after the 'Flying Wood' incident, that Gibbs got a call from an old friend. Harry just watched as his guardians face took on an angry and worried look. Harry jumped when he was addressed. "Harry, I'm going away for a little bit."

Harry looked down sadly and nodded, barely reacting when Gibbs ruffled his hair. He didn't notice the look that crossed his guardians face.

"I'll come back Harry; I won't be gone for long." Harry looked up and watched as Gibbs went into the house to start to pack. It looked like it was just him, Franks, and Franks's girlfriend.

The next day, Franks drove Gibbs to the airport, an unusually quiet Harry riding in the back seat. Harry hadn't spoken a word since finding out that Gibbs was leaving, and it was really starting to worry both the men in the car. After all, he hadn't been this quiet since arriving in Mexico.

It didn't take long before they reached the airport, though Harry wished it had been longer. They got out of the car and made their way to the gate that would take Gibbs back to Washington. Gibbs turned knelt down to give the still silent Harry a hug before leaving for the gate. "Don't worry Harry, I will be back."

Franks held Harry's hand as they watched the plane leave the airport. Franks jumped when Harry spoke, "He isn't coming back, is he?"

Franks smiled down at the sad boy, "If he doesn't, he'll send for ya," he said trying to reassure the boy who had wormed his way into his heart. His heart nearly broke when Harry just nodded, his face resigned. "Well, come on, my girls probably waiting for us." He said gruffly, hoping to change the expression on the young boys face. It didn't work.

Over the next few days Harry stayed silent, thinking that the man who had saved him from the Dursleys had abandoned him. He had just gotten back from the school Franks had temporarily enrolled him at when he stopped short at the door. There was Franks smirking like a mad man, Harry didn't know what scared him more, the smile, or the weird look in his eye, it was only then that he noticed the letter in his hand.

Franks couldn't help but be happy; Probie had finally sent word for Harry to come join him.
Chapter 5

Harry didn't know what to expect when he got off the plane but it certainly wasn't a strange girl dressed in all black with a sign that read 'Harry Gibbs?' He didn't know where the Gibbs had come from, he hadn't been adopted. Gibbs had just bullied someone to sign the papers to make him his legal guardian. He shook himself out of his thoughts as he approached the girl.

Abby cooed when she saw the cute little boy heading her way. She hoped it was Harry, he was just too cute! Her smile widened when he stopped in front of her. "Hi ya Harry, I'm Abby, Gibbs sent me to pick you up!" She babbled as she picked him up, ignoring it when he stiffened in her arms.

Harry wasn't used to being picked up; the only one who ever bothered was Frankss's girlfriend. After a few minutes he calmed down enough to listen to what the strange lady, Abby was saying.

"… He's really missed you, you know." She said, bouncing slightly, her smile widening when she heard the chuckle that escaped the cute kid. "So, how old are you kid?" She asked looking curiously at him.

"Um, I think I'm five now… and my name is Harry not kid."

Abby's eyes widened, the humor shining in them, "And you can already Read such grown up books?!?!"

Harry smirked, "Yep." He decided he really liked this new girl, though the ice cream she bought for him helped quite a bit.

Harry and Abby talked and talked all the way to NCIS Headquarters where, once again, Abby picked the pouting boy up and carried him inside where the rest of the team was waiting.

Chapter 6

Harry couldn't help but be nervous as Abby carried him through the building. He hadn't seen Gibbs in so long; Harry couldn't help the thoughts that entered his mind unbidden. 'What if he realizes that no one could ever really want a freak like me,' he thought, shaking in Abby's arms. He had been so lost in thought that he never noticed when they had reached Gibbs' floor. At least until he felt himself changing hands.

Harry blinked slightly and smiled when he met the blue eyes of his guardian. "Hi ya," he said softly as he tightened his grip on the man he missed so much.

Gibbs smiled at the black haired pixie in his arms. "Thank you for picking him up Abby," he said, kissing his favorite girl on the cheek. Abby just smiled and bounced over to the shell shocked team.

Anthony DiNozzo just stared at the soft expression on his bosses face. He turned wide-eyes to the smirking girl, "Who the hell is that Abby?" he asked in a whisper as he watched Gibbs running his hands through the black hair.

Ziva David blinked and shook her head. 'He will tell us sooner or later,' she thought as she went back to her work. She smiled when she snuck a peak to see Gibbs kissing the still chattering boy on the forehead.

Timothy McGee watched with wide-eyes and a confused look as his boss turned to show them the young boy.

"This is Harry," Gibbs said with a warning look at DiNozzo, "my adopted son." He rolled his eyes when he heard a soft gasp from behind him. He turned to see the Director. "Hello Jenny," he said as he set his charge down.

Jenny raised an eyebrow and motioned Gibbs up to her office. She smiled at the boy who was looking at her before following Gibbs.

Harry watched in confusion as Gibbs and the weird lady went up the stairs only to start when he felt arms' picking him up, it was Abby again.

She smiled at the confused kid before facing everyone. "Well everyone," she said sternly, "introduce yourselves!"

Harry giggled slightly at the reaction of the other people. The strange lady smirked and stood, walking over to them.

"My name is Ziva David," she said in accented English. Harry blinked at her and replied in Arabic, the language Frankss had been teaching him since his guardian left. *Pleasure to meet you, I'm Harry,* He laughed at the looks he got from everyone assembled.

"How…" one of the men said, the tall skinny one, only to shake his head. "I'm Anthony DiNozzo. The greatest man here," he said with a humorous voice. Harry just blinked and rolled his eyes before looking expectantly at the last man here. 'He looks nervous,' Harry thought and smiled at the man.

"I'm ah…I'm Timothy McGee," he said in a slightly nervous voice. Harry just smiled at the man before wiggling out of Abby's grasp to walk over to him, holding out his hand. "I'm Harry Gibbs," he said chuckling at the indignant "Hey," coming from behind him.
Chapter 7

Gibbs followed Jenny up to her office, sneaking quick glances to make sure his son was doing ok. He smirked when he heard the Arabic, 'I knew my son was smart,' he thought proudly as the door shut behind him. His smile melted away when he turned to look at his former partner.

"So is that the reason you had me running around before," she asked as she sat behind her desk, her face set in a frown.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow before nodding. "I didn't exactly take him legally so I needed some help in gaining custody of him."

"So you had the Dursley's arrested, and Harry officially place in Foster Care with you as the Guardian?" Jenny asked; a thread of amusement in her voice. Gibbs just smirked at her. He knew what he was doing. Now all he had to do was, wait until the confirmation for him to adopt went through, then Harry would legally be his.

Jenny shook her head at her friend. "You never stop surprising me Jethro," She commented as she dug out a folder from her desk and handed it the man standing in front of her desk. "These are the papers you will need to become his adopted father." Gibbs looked at Jenny in surprise, she just smirked and stood. "I pulled a few more strings to speed up the process of the adoption."

Gibbs smirked and held the folder tighter. "Thank you Jenny," was all he said before leaving the room, a smug director following closely behind. He stopped short and smiled when he saw what was going on in the bull pen. Harry was on McGee's lap as the youngest agent explained something on the computer with Abby standing behind them adding something every now and then. Ziva was watching from her desk with a smug look on her face as DiNozzo just pouted at the fact that Harry liked McGee more.

Jenny chuckled and went to stand next to Gibbs. "He seems like a really bright kid," she said as they leaned against the railing that over looked the office.

Gibbs smirked, "He's five and he can already read regular books, but he seems to be best at picking up languages, he already knows Spanish and apparently he is working on Arabic."

Jenny stared wide-eyed at her friend. "Have you gotten him tested yet?" She asked as she watched Harry grab a piece of paper, wad it up and throw it at a still sulking DiNozzo.

Gibbs grunted out a short 'No' and made his way down the stairs. He smiled slightly when Harry jumped up and ran to him, talking all the while about the computer McGee had been talking to him about. "If you like it so much, how about I get you one?" He asked as he started leaving, he had been given a week of vacation so he could get everything settled with his new son.
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