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I only have eyes for you

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Light in the Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Buffy episode with a Supernatural twist...Minor edits

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterAstridWinchesterFR131931,19414818,80517 Mar 1010 Apr 10Yes


I do not own any of these marvelous characters, they belong to their creators: Joss Whedon (BtVS) and Kripke (Supernatural). With that said, enjoy! Again, reviews are appreciated!

Chapter 1: Sunnydale

It was a warm day as the first bell rang, students filed animatedly into the school. Dean Winchester watched the many girls pass by, a broad grin on his handsome face.

"Ah Sammy, I'm getting a sugar rush from all the eye candy!" he said delightedly, his eyes fixed on a cheerleader's behind. "Why didn't we come here sooner?"

Sam huffed and rolled his eyes at his brother, but privately agreed, as he too was watching some of the young women pass their bench.

They were supposed to be enrolling in Sunnydale High for a few weeks, maybe less he thought. He also knew their father was tense because of all the demonic activity in the small California town. Sam had done some research on the ride up from Wyoming, where they'd had a case with a typical vengeful spirit. He'd brought his findings to his father's attention, but surmised that the man was already aware of the town's notorious history. Now they just had to get into the school without causing too many eyebrows to rise.

The sound of the door opening and their father's rumbled voice made both boys snap to attention, Dean straightening from his relaxed pose against the wall next to the bench Sam sat on, Sam's bag on the floor by his feet.

"I assure you, Mr. Snyder," John Winchester said as he stepped out of the small office. "My boys will be on their best behavior." His gaze landed on said brothers, and both nodded politely. Sam gave the man his patented 'kicked-puppy-look' as Dean called it, which always worked like a charm. Dean tried not to look too smug, and attempted being respectful, something that Sam knew must have been difficult.

"I'll see you at home boys," John said, nodding one last time at the school principal.

"Yes sir," Both answered, as expected. John gave Dean one last brief warning look then headed towards the exit, seemingly satisfied. He had to stop and wait as three students entered, turning to one side as they walked past, one of them giving him a quick smile. Dean's gaze fixed on the short blonde girl, barely noticing the redhead or the guy that were with her. Something about her drew his interest, and he didn't stop to contemplate why, merely studied her.

She was petite with shoulder-length honey colored hair, a simple barrette securing one section above her ear. He noticed she only wore what looked to be a silver cross for jewelry, and wondered vaguely for a moment if she was religious. His gaze traveled appreciatively over her tan shirt, paired with slacks. She carried only a few books in her arms, which were crossed in front of her, hugging them close to her chest. She seemed to be talking a mile a minute to her companions, so she hadn't yet realized she was being watched.

His focus on the hot blonde was interrupted by the annoying man their dad had referred to as 'Mr. Snyder' calling him and his brother into his office.

They complied, Dean reluctantly dragging his gaze from the girl who'd caught his attention, and took a seat in one of the small uncomfortable chairs. A beat of silence passed before the man leaned forward onto his desk, glaring at them.

"Now," he began. "Some principals like you to think of them as your friend, Me, I'm your judge, jury, and executioner. This is my school and I do not tolerate...” he trailed off then focused on Dean, "delinquents."

Dean tried to pull off an innocent look, but failed as he replied, "I have no idea what you mean sir. Why, Sammy and I aren’t delinquents at all, are we Sam?"

"Uh, no sir," Sam answered, giving Mr. Snyder an earnest look.

He huffed and stood, then handed them both a piece of paper, still looking stern and scowling. "Better not be, but you just remember that I'm watching you boys for any discrepancies. Now get to class."

Dean and Sam stood, grabbing their bags and Dean's jacket, which he'd draped over the arm of his chair. He gave the guy a mock salute and moved towards the door, knowing his brother was behind him.

Once back in the hall Dean shook his head, and looked at Sam, seeing that he was studying the paper he'd been given. He didn't spare a glance at his own, instead snatched Sam's out of his hand, curious what classes his brain of a brother had. Sam protested, trying to get it back, but Dean held it above his head, grinning devilishly.

Finally he gave it back, then laughed at Sam's annoyed mutter, "You're such a jerk sometimes, Dean."

"Bitch," he retorted, steering his little brother towards his first class. "Now play nice with the other children Sammy or I'll download something on your laptop again." He teased gleefully, not missing the look on his brother's face, nor his grumbled, "It's Sam, not Sammy." But he went anyway, shutting the door behind him.

Oh yeah, Dean thought as he headed towards his own, Today was going to be interesting!
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