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This story is No. 2 in the series "Succour". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ryan and Xander get rough. BTVS and The OC cross. Non-explicit slash.

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In the ring

AN: I still don't own nothing. But I most especially don't own BTVS or The OC.

Warning: Some violence. Of the sorta disturbing kind.

In the ring

It gave Xander a thrill to see Ryan decked up and ready for a fight. So far, he had only really seen Ryan in work clothes, and naked that one time, but Ryan looked good. Sure he had a great body, when naked, but he looked powerful and strong in this moment. Xander had almost no experience fighting in a ring: most of his fighting had been done on the streets. He wasn’t worried, though, ‘cause, compared to vamps, Ryan just wasn’t scary. Exciting and hot? Yes. Scary? No.

They touched gloves and the round began. While this was supposed to be a simple sparring match, Xander wanted it to be more. There was something reckless and dangerous in Ryan’s eyes. Xander knew that he’d probably get his ass kicked, but that wouldn’t be anything new for him. He was actually looking forward to it.

It had been a few moments of them circling each other when Ryan suddenly went on the offensive. His first jab was exploratory, testing Xander’s reflexes and speed. Xander easily dodged and gave Ryan a quick punch to the stomach. It made Ryan smile and they began to ‘spar’ in earnest. In reality, they were fighting. Really fighting.

Soon all semblance of training and finesse had been thrown out the window. Xander didn’t know how to fight properly but he knew how to fight dirty. He knew that he had surprised Ryan, because for all that he was missing an eye and had a lame foot, he was holding his own.

Xander was actually egging Ryan on, wanting him to lose his composure, to free the rage and other emotions that still hadn’t quite made it to the surface. Smiling widely he landed a heavy blow to Ryan’s head (hoping to disorient him enough to forget that this fight wasn’t for real) and followed it by tripping Ryan. He quickly jumped on Ryan to land a few more blows to the head.

This, apparently, was exactly the right thing to do. Xander could tell the moment that Ryan stopped remembering who his opponent was and where they were. Ryan’s eyes lost focus for a moment and suddenly he was attacking with all his rage fueling his blows. The fight degenerated into Ryan kicking the shit out of Xander.

Moments later, when Xander’s face was a gory mess and Ryan was panting heavily but still hitting hard, the fight suddenly stopped when Xander started laughing. The discordant laugher jarred Ryan out of his rage and snapped him back into the present. His fist raised, and seated on Xander’s chest, he looked down at the mess he’d made of Xander’s faced. He was confused at the gleeful smile on Xander’s face. What the hell had just happened?

Xander continued laughing, but was slowly winding down. He looked at Ryan with one dark eye, quickly swelling shut.

“Fuck me,” he rasped out and Ryan was instantly hard.
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