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Growing Pains

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hermocrates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Scoobies didn't like growing up the first time around...what makes you think they'll like it now?

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Author: Jaded
Story: Growing Pains
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Summary: The Scoobies didn't like growing up the first time around...what makes you think they'll like it now?
Pairings: John/Rodney, Evan/Cam, others to be determined/revealed
Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to immortalbliss, velara, Drix, lothlorien, TouchoftheWind, RevDorothyL, shinysolace, Seagul, KWJordan, Morgomir, serenityselena, Toniboo, kayron, Luckie, DarkFaerieYumi, Jaylynn, mendenbar, burmafrdnow, dreameralways, & Angelskuuipo for the reviews!
Warning: Non-explicit slash. Character deaths...kinda. You will want to have read Second Verse, Same as the First before reading this otherwise its not going to make much sense.
A/N 1: Growing Pains is officially done.
A/N 2: Before you ask, yes, I'm aware we're missing some people. I never intended to bring in Buffy until the final fic. Any comments complaining or pointing it out will be ignored. Thank you. :)



Pegasus Galaxy, Earth Year 2020, Year Nine of the Lantean Alliance

The planet was in absolute chaos. Darts were everywhere, scooping up as they went. The people of Sineya had had no warning, no time to prepare. The wraith had simply appeared above the planet and begun the biggest culling most had seen in years.

Since the formation of the Lantean Alliance, cullings had gone down. The destruction of what the Lanteans had dubbed the “Super Hive” had done more than saved Earth—it had made the remaining wraith leery about taking on the Lantean people again. If they could defend themselves by destroying the biggest, most protected ship the wraith had ever built, what chance did they possibly have in defeating them with numbers so low?

So the attack had been a surprise, not just to the people in the Lantean Alliance but also to the wraith themselves. Some had heard rumors of the formation of a new hive faction, under a new, young, queen, but that's all they had been—rumors. Until the attack on Sineya, none had actually thought the new Queen and her supposed following would do much in the way of taking back what had long since been theirs. Many wraith, in fact, had started thinking perhaps the wraith “king,” known to the Lanteans as “Todd,” was on the right path. They'd changed themselves so they didn't need humans to feed, they'd formed a loose alliance with the Lanteans and were relatively happy, to all who saw them. Todd had been adding more and more wraith to his “empire” as time went on and they were happy and, most importantly, alive. Those who were stupid enough to try and go against the Lantean people died horrible deaths.

The culling of almost six thousand human lives, however, changed the balance. Those wraith who hadn't chosen found their was someone else they could pledge themselves to. Someone who wanted full control of Pegasus again. Someone who promised vengeance for the genocide of their species.

Someone who claimed to have a plan to bring the Lantean Alliance down, once and for all.


As always, I'm flattered and awed by the response I've gotten for my little fic. Almost three hundred reviews, 14 reccs; it makes for one pleased little writer. :D

To everyone who reviewed: Aille, AlecMcDowell, Angeleus, Ansku, AriaDragoncrest, banner, BerserkerNW, betascud, Bluejello, burmafrdnow, Cailleigh, Caliadragon, CarmenLindsay, Celticchick, Cmiller, DarkFaerieYumi, DesitaniaF, dreameralways, Drix, EmruasCat, eriktheviking, faithdeanlove, fanrei, Gingiecat, GundumM, GypsyDruid, HebiR, hottmess, IcemanII, immortalbliss, isabelwoods, Jaylynn, jessie, jgoodman, Jovenena, jupitersdaughter, kayron, KWJordan, kyzhart, KzintiKiller, liability, liit, lilyoftheval. Lorwen, lothlorien, Luckie, mendenbar, Millaros, Morgomir, Mwhahahaha, Neverwillmini, nicjphill, nightshadowlife, Prometeus, RevDorothyL, ridert, RowanFalar, sabriel, sapphire, SassyFrass, ScreamingFlamingos, Seagul, serenityselena, Shanna, shinysolace, Shulik, sistercity, slmncpm, smee, smolder, Sol, SpacedCadet, spacey, spk, sunraye, Toniboo, TouchoftheWind, twlight, TwoBlackDragons, valdimarian, valkyriecain, velara, VillageOrchid, windeetree, WolfWriter, & Xocoatldreams. Thank you. Your words kept me going and, in many ways, brought me back. :D

To everyone who recc'd: amberrhianon, EmergencySeventytwo, fluffybunny, GundumM, hearacand, isabelwoods, jessie, josephineforever, lizard, shinysolace, smee, Snowdove, Terrenus, & TouchoftheWind. Thank you for having such faith in me.

End Note: I know, Buffy and the final champions' never appeared. I never really intended for them to come to Atlantis until Champions' Legacy. I apologize if I ever let you think otherwise but that's just what the bunny demanded. However, rest assured, those who are missing will arrive in Atlantis within the first couple chapters of Champions' Legacy and possibly not in the way you imagined. :D

I will TRY to get the first chapter or so up within this next week but I make no promises as I will be going on Spring Break the 11th to England and I still have a ton to do in the next week. Normally, when on vacation, I'd update but I will not be taking the laptop. I'll be taking notebooks, pens, and pencils to write out stuff on the TEN HOUR FLIGHT (OMG), just no laptop. :) At the very least, the first couple chapters will be posted the week of the 21st.

The End

You have reached the end of "Growing Pains". This story is complete.

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