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Bright Star

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Summary: Weekly Poetry Quote #3 - Faith has an admirer, and things will change for her in ways she never expected.

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Highlander > Faith-Centered > Pairing: MethosLucindaFR152034,36068932,37323 Nov 037 Mar 14No

Stars in His Eyes

Author: Lucinda
main characters: Faith, Adam Peirson(Methos)
sequel to 'Bright Star'
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to any characters from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (creation of Joss Whedon & a whole lot of other people who aren't me). I hold no legal rights to Adam Peirson(Methos), the creation of… umm… whoever owns the rights to Highlander: the Series, which isn’t me.
distribution: Jinni's Quickfics, Paula, anyone else please ask.
notes: Set post season 4, AU

Faith had figured it would be a bad idea from the moment that Adam had invited her to get a drink. She was a Slayer, she didn't have the time to devote to a serious relationship, and now that she was a little older and wiser, she didn't just want someone to go off with for a quick night of sex. Or even a long night of sex.

But there had been something about him, in the way that he'd been looking at her that had made her accept. It wasn't the way that he'd quoted poetry at her. It wasn't his nice smile or good muscles, or the way that he'd kept his head when the vampire had attacked him. It wasn't the way his voice made a part of her want to pounce on him and eat him up. It was... well, maybe all of them, maybe something else. Maybe she was just lonely.

They'd had a couple drinks, and talked a little. Adam had definitely been flirting with her, but not the sort of thing that said 'I want you right now', it was more like... well, like he was interested, but willing to be patient. They'd just had drinks and talked about music for a while before she'd left to go back to her hotel room. Alone.

She'd bumped into him again a week later. Literally. There had been this vamp that she'd been fighting, and he'd thrown her towards the end of the alley when she'd just about melted his eye with her cross. Her fall had been broken by a body. Adam's body.

"glmmmph!" The muffled and unhappy noise was a clear sign that he was still alive.

A half glance had identified him. "Adam... good to see you, can't chat right now. I have to kill this guy."

Springing up, she'd dodged the vampire's next blow, and kicked at his knee, popping the knee out of joint and dropping him to the floor of the alley. She pulled a smaller stake, plunging it into his chest before he could recover.

It was a rule of slaying - kill the vamp first, then look for your favorite stake. That way, the bad guy doesn't get back up and hurt you. Finally, she found it, and gently wiped the dirt from it. Glancing over, she saw that Adam was standing up now, leaning against the brick wall beside the alley, wheezing a bit.

"You alright over there?" She couldn't help but worry a little bit.

One hand sort of waved. "I'll live. Slightly squished, but I'll live."

Walking closer, she'd touched the side of his face, her hand sliding to cup his cheek. "Feel up to going with me to find some dinner? A hard night of slaying gets me hungry."

He smiled, his eyes flickering over her, darkening just a little. "Hungry, hmmm?" There was a pause, just long enough to make her wonder if he was going to say something else or not. "I think I'd like that."

"Yeah, hungry." Faith smiled, flirting just a little. Slaying did make her hungry, although that wasn't all it did. But if she mentioned that, he'd think that she.... well, actually, she was coming on to him. Just not quite that blatantly.

Wincing a bit, Adam straightened, stepping away from the wall. "I know this place that has excellent Chinese. And an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Are you interested?"

"Sounds pretty good to me." She licked her lips a little, noticing that he seemed to be pretty affected by her, at least, judging by the flicker of his eyes and the not so small bulge in his pants. Looked like Adam might be hiding quite a bit under that loose jacket.

Offering her his arm, he grinned. "Well, shall we go then? Preferably before anyone else crashes into me? I doubt they'd be as pretty as you."

Faith slipped her arm into his. "Did I land on a gentleman?"

Adam just chuckled, his hand catching her fingers, lacing through them. "Only on occasion. But the little bit of good manners can be very helpful in some situations."

"Should I ask what situations those might be?" She was definitely flirting now. And there was a little flicker of what might have been jealousy. Was Adam one of those guys who'd figured out that women liked a guy who'd open doors for them and do the little gentlemanly things like offering his arm?

"Research departments, looking up old acquaintances... making you smile." He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand, the subtle motion sending delightful shivers down her spine.

"And how's my smile?" She asked, wondering what he'd say.

"Radiant." He looked at her, his eyes darkening as he leaned closer, the tip of his tongue flickering over his lips. "Faith, I..."

Lifting just a bit onto her tip toes, Faith kissed him, her tongue sliding in, trying to catch his. He tasted a bit like coffee, and a hint of blood from what felt like his lip. He must had hurt it when she'd landed on him. Her hands slid around him, pulling their bodies together.

Eventually, the kiss broke, and he was pressed against her, clearly very interested. He was gasping a bit for breath, and one hand reached out, running through her hair. "That was unexpected. But I liked it. Feel free to kiss me again any time."

Her chuckle sounded almost wicked. "You promised me dinner."

"Would now be a good time to mention that I can cook?" There was a hopeful and suggestive look in his eyes.

For a moment, Faith considered saying no. But then... she was a Slayer, it wasn't as if she's be having to explain to her kids why they shouldn't do like Mommy had. She'd probably be dead in less than five years. Why not go for it?

"Will you make me breakfast in the morning?" Her hand was playing with the hair on the back of his head, just over his neck.

Adam made this little noise, almost a purring. "Of course."

They walked off into the night, and Faith just knew that while this probably wasn't the wisest thing to do, it was going to be fun. Anyhow, she was a Slayer, why not seize the moment? She'd only have so many of them anyhow...

end Bright Star 2: Stars in His Eyes
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