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The meeting.

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Summary: When God made his first children. So many siblings! The introduction of Zachariah, Uriel, and Castiel to (mainly) Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel.

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Title: The Meeting
Summary: When God made his first children.
Warning: AU. (Implied) Violence, spanking
Age: 15
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Supernatural doesn't belong to me. It belongs to its creators and the CW. I am simply borrowing it for this story. The story line, however, is mine.
Author's Note: This idea came to me when reading some Supernatural fic over at .net
Author's Note Two: Sorry I haven't updated my other stories. Right now, everything is crazy. I don't have a whole lot of time to write them. I have assessments due in (again) soon, I'm trying to get the leak in my studio room fixed, I'm in the middle of sorting out the legalities for my new place, and I've become and ambassador for my class so I'm working odd days, plus I took on the role of treasurer for out CW society. So yeah, crazy. I'll update when I can then. Hopefully next year won't be as hectic.


First came Michael. Then Lucifer. Then Gabriel. They were The First Three. Years separated them from being too close, but they were close enough. Michael practically raised Lucifer. Together, they basically raised Gabriel.

Then the others came. More and more came. The First Female, Anael. Her companion Rafael. More after that, so many that it was almost impossible to remember all their names. They were family, siblings. They were warriors of their father. They thought he loved them.

And maybe he did. In his own way. But not as much as the humans he was creating. A world of blue and green, first filled with dinosaurs. When a meteor exterminated them, he made humans.

He seemed to have forgotten about them...but then he made them. The Angels of Thursday, as they would come to be known. The last three.

Zachariah, Uriel, and Castiel.

He sat them in front of the three eldest and allowed them to pick. Angels taught other Angels. And the Three Last would go to the Three First.

"I want that one. Uriel." Gabriel decided.

"I shall take Zachariah." Lucifer announced.

"Tough. I am eldest; I shall take Uriel."

Lucifer sighed and looked at the three small ones in front of them. They seemed aware enough. Castiel seemed coherent enough to realise that it meant Michael didn't want him; his eyes had filled with tears. He cast his eyes to the floor and didn't even react to his brothers' hands on his shoulders.

"Cas is good." Uriel informed.

"I will take Castiel." Lucifer rectified. "Gabriel can have Uriel."

Michael sighed. "Either will be a good choice."

The three little ones seemed to have lost interest in them. Uriel and Castiel were tussling, their white wings fluttering nervously. Zachariah stood over them, a disapproving frown on his face. "You two stop. This is not the way of things." He was ignored. The other Angels, who were watching in amusement and curiosity, didn't make a move until a sharp piercing scream was uttered. During their tussling, Castiel had managed to fall onto Uriel and break one his wings. "I knew this would happen. You should listen."

"Castiel!" Michael thundered, standing from his seat and approaching them.

Afraid, Castiel took a few steps back. His eyes were once more filled with tears. Surprisingly, though obviously in deep pain, Uriel stepped in front of him. "No," he began. "Cas is good."

"Castiel is mine, now, brother." Lucifer reminded, observing the little ones with a curious gaze. "Uriel is Gabriel's. He'll heal his wing."

Gabriel pushed himself up from his seat and lifted Uriel into his arms. The injured cherub waved to his brothers as he was carried away. Zachariah had already grabbed Castiel's arm and had led him to Michael.

"If you are going to play, you must be careful." he chastised as he placed Castiel over his lap. The little cherub shook in his grasp, upset both because he'd hurt his brother and because he'd angered Michael. "You wouldn't like it if your wing was broken, would you?"

"Castiel needs a firm hand; he's the youngest." Zachariah decided, scrambling to sit in Lucifer's seat to watch the show. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at his brother with a disappointed frown.

Michael didn't comment as he brought his hand down on Castiel's bare backside. The little cherub let out a little yelp, which soon turned to sobs as Michael continued. Once the oldest decided he'd learnt his lesson, he stopped striking and set the youngest on his feet. "Off you go, little one," he said, "but remember to be careful."

Castiel nodded seriously, his small face red and wet with tears. He turned and headed away, wings fluttering. Lucifer reached down and picked him up, stroking those wings to calm him.

"Come. We'll go visit Uriel."

The other cherub was fine; smiling and laughing as Gabriel entertained him. His wing was better; not completely healed but not as broken as it had been. Lucifer placed Castiel down next to his brother.

" sorry." Castiel announced, staring down at his hands which he'd placed on his lap.

"Gabriel healed me. Why did you cry?"

"I hurt."


" unsure." He tilted his head to one side to really consider the question. "Michael hurt me."

"Why?" Uriel asked again, this time turning back to Gabriel to get his answer.

"Michael did it to punish. Castiel broke your wing. Though by accident, it was...bad." Lucifer replied, before Gabriel could. It was true, in a sense, but any punishment to Castiel should have been handed out by Lucifer as the cherub's Guardian. But Michael was the oldest and could do that sort of thing. But right now, the dynamics of the family would be too confusing for the little ones.

"I hurt you. Michael hurt me. Does that make Michael bad?" Castiel asked.

"No. He did it to correct you; to make sure you wouldn't do it again."

Castiel nodded seriously. He was newly made, but who he was going to be was already there in the making; sombre, ready to undertake his responsibilities seriously. It was a little sad.

"It's ok. I'm fine. My wing will be healed fully by tomorrow." Uriel assured.

"Come," Lucifer held his hand out to Castiel, "I will bring you back to visit tomorrow. There are things we must discuss."

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

Wing fully healed, Uriel grabbed Castiel's hand and led him to the room where their older siblings were sitting. Zachariah was sitting by Anael, watching her as she conferred with Rafael. Gabriel was talking with Lucifer as Michael conferred with a group over at a far corner.

"What are we doing?" Castiel asked.

"Gabriel told me it was making mischief." Uriel replied. "It sounds like fun."

"We might hurt someone." He'd begun to take things seriously more and more as time went on. His punishment at Michael's hand had certainly effected him an awful lot. "Then we will be punished."

"No, we won't."

Following his brother's lead, Castiel soon learned about 'making mischief.' He had to admit, if only to himself, that Uriel was correct about it being fun. The two moved around their older siblings, disturbing them enough to almost-but-not-quite angering them. They moved from to the other, careful not to get caught. Zachariah knew what they were up to, but remained silent. They weren't too sure why, but they thought it was because they would get into trouble. When his back was turned, they stuck their tongues out at him. He wasn't any fun. He had been the same when they were with their father - before they had met the Angels - and he'd only gotten worse since being paired with Michael.

"Is this what Gabriel taught you?"

"Some. Didn't Lucifer teach you?"

"Yes. I think so. He did not teach me making mischief. He was telling me of these humans that were created. They came before us."

"Yes, Gabriel has told me of them, also. They do not seem fun. They are stupid."

"I find them...fascinating. If Father made them, they must be worthy."

Uriel shrugged but let the matter drop. Castiel would soon see the truth. Their Father had obviously made a mistake. Still, he turned to his younger brother and took his hand. "We haven't finished yet."

And they continued their mischief. Until Michael caught them. Or, more specifically, caught Uriel. Castiel was already hiding.

"Uriel. What are you doing?"


"You've disrupted everyone. They were busy; you've made everyone fall behind schedule."

Castiel, seeing what Michael was leading to, stepped out of his hiding place. He stood in front of Uriel, remembering the cherub's defense of him, with his arms crossed. "No." He informed. "It wasn't Uriel. It was me."

"I appreciate your loyalty, but I saw him."

"I helped," he insisted, "and it was my idea."

"I doubt that. I know Gabriel's influence. This was Uriel. And I'll be speaking with Gabriel later."

Lucifer picked Castiel up, leaving Uriel to his fate. "Gabriel will heal him after."

"Like you did me?"

"Yes. But you can pass along a message when you next see him; don't prank everyone at once. It'll be harder to get caught that way."

"I will tell him."

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

The two cherubs often found themselves in trouble after that. Zachariah maintained his 'maturity,' tattling on them when he caught them. Uriel and Castiel remained close for the majority of the time, but began to separate from each other as they grew. Uriel found himself interested in Lucifer more than Gabriel. Zachariah was a mix of the two eldest. Castiel deferred often to Michael. Until Lucifer was struck down. Disheartened, Castiel grew further apart from Uriel. Uriel believed it was the humans' fault. Castiel, still in awe of them from their Father, believed it was just a misunderstanding. Castiel was used to taking orders; Zachariah had always tried to boss him and Uriel about, then he was paired with Lucifer. He'd always had to answer to Michael, as he was the eldest and often spoke for their Father. With the absence of Lucifer he became despondent and was later put into Anael's care. He became a warrior soon after. Uriel, however, began to disobey without it being obvious. Gabriel's teachings had helped in this, as had Lucifer's advice. Zachariah maintained his 'snobbish' ways, believing he was better than them despite being made at the same time. He was in management.

And they grew further and further apart.

But Uriel would always regret that distance that formed between him and his brother; he would always regret when their chosen paths led him to betray his brother. But he would always blame the mud-monkey's for the whole disturbance within his family.


The End

You have reached the end of "The meeting.". This story is complete.

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