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Too Wong Foo, Thank's for Xander. The ficlets

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This story is No. 2 in the series "To Wong Foo. Thanks for Everything, Xander Harris". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The ficlets of Xander's life with his Aunties. Now open to other Authors

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Movies > To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie NewmarBigredTheBallCrusherFR1553,6062419,15219 Mar 109 Jan 14No

The Date

Prompt: The Date

Xander was used to his aunts bustling about with more energy than was humanly possible. Tonight however it was different, there was a certain air to the apartment that had Xander keeping his eyes on the door.
He was all for his aunts finding love and a happily ever after, he encouraged it. He wanted them to be happy, to find that ever illusive love and happy ending. They all deserved to have that and more, each and every one of them.

He got off the plush pale cream sofa that matched the warm cosy coffee themed sitting room as a soft knock came from the front door. He padded across the room to the door, opening it a crack to look at the man stood nervously. He held a bouquet of lush red roses in his hand as he nervously waited.

“You must be Frank.” Xander stated flatly when the mans blue eyes landed on him.

“I…Yes, I’m here for Miss Vida.” He stuttered, frowning down at him. Xander arched a brow but stepped back, wordlessly waiting for him to enter.

Once Frank had stepped inside, Xander led him to the couch, eyeing the tall man as he sat practically clutching the roses now. Xander crossed his arms as he remained standing, now eyelevel with the man interested in dating his aunt.

“Here are the rules.” Xander stated softly, keeping an ear out for his aunts as Frank waited. Frank frowned a little in confusion, but Xander didn’t wait to let him start speaking. “Rule number one, You keep Aunt Vida Safe. Rule two, You are polite and well mannered at all times, don’t go putting your grubby hands all over her just because you want to get your leg over. Rule three, no sex until the third date.” Xander listed the rules from memory, his eyes still locked with Franks. He kept his tone calm and reasonable as he went through the list.
“Rule four, don’t upset Vida. Rule five, do not involve my aunt in any and all illegal activities you may get up to in your spare time. Rule six, respect her wishes; if she says no to anything, don’t go pushing her into it. Rule seven, Keep any and all insults to your self.” Xander listed, he paused giving Frank a small charming smile. “Rule eight, DO NOT ever hurt my aunt. This means you don’t make her cry, you don’t get her upset, you don’t assault her extra.” Xander warned solemnly.
“Should you brake any one of these rules, I will find you, and I will stick a cherry bomb so far up your ass, your guts will be painting the floor. If you hurt her, I will track you down, and I will bludgeon you with a shovel until I think you’ve learnt how to treat women with the respect and dignity the deserve, Comprende?” Xander arched a brow as Frank gaped at him like a fish. He tapped his foot, waiting for an answer.
“Well?” He kissed his teeth impatiently.

“I…uh…understand.” Frank nodded, looking at him with wide eyes, shutting his mouth with an audible click.

“if you follow those eight rules for dating my drag queen aunt, we’ll get along just fine.” Xander smiled.

Frank stared at him, lost for words until Noxeema and Chi-Chi escorted a very statuesque Vida into the sitting room.

“Xander, thank you for keeping Frank company.” Vida moved over and hugged him.

“No problem Auntie Vida.” Xander beamed at her, kissing her cheek. “You look killer tonight.” He complimented happily.

“Shall we?” Vida smiled at Frank who stood, offering her the roses.

“Er…Yes. These are for you.” Frank cleared his throat.

“How wonderful.” Vida beamed beautifully.

“We’ll stick them in some water for you Chica.” Chi-Chi promised.

“Thank you.” Vida waved as she and frank moved to the door.

“Have a nice time Auntie Vida. “ Xander waved as watched them go passed. “Take care Frank.” Xander eyed the man, still smiling charmingly. Frank swallowed, paling as he looked at Xander.

“Uh, thanks.” Frank almost ran from the apartment, still holding Vida’s elbow.

Now Frank wasn’t one to be easily scared, but looking into that kid’s eyes…Frank didn’t doubt that if he broke one of the rules, he would be regretting it for as long as he lived.
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