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Destiny can be weird at times

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Summary: Sometimes you have to be careful when opening doors. (Warning: Xander/Carlisle slash)

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredJacobPhoenixFR2126,3831205,15020 Mar 1022 Mar 10Yes

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BtVS or the Twilight series. Also I am not sure how this story will turn out so if there is any problems let me know and I will fix it.

Also if any of the characters seem familiar to you it is because they are the ancestors of the current Watchers Council.

Chapter 1


The demonic lord Kalek’cor was busy watching over his city when he felt a door opening into his realm; he rushed towards where the door opened and saw a confused young man with dark hair walk through. He looked down at him and said, “Welcome, young man, to the city of gates. My name is Kalek’cor and you are?”

“Uhh, Xander Harris,” the young man replied and tried to back away through the door only find it gone.

“Well,” Kalek smiled, “come and sit next to me and I’ll tell you all about where you are Mr Harris,” he noted the boy’s face and how frightened it was. He smiled and said, “Come boy, else we shall never find your way home.”

Xander hesitantly sat down next to the demon and asked, “Where is this place?”

“You must be new to interdimensional travel not to have heard of the City of Gates,” Kalek said happily and then looked at Xander’s even more confused look, Kalek said, “center of the Omniverse?” ‘Wow,’ he thought.

“No,” Xander trailed off getting worried and confused, how was he going to get home?

Kalek looked a bit concerned, the City of Gates was a mystery even to him and if it brought Xander here then there was a good reason. He looked gently at Xander and said, “Tell me, what is your last memory before coming here?”

Xander gulped out, “I was getting doughnuts for the group I work with and as I walked through the door I felt something and here I am.”

“Well, you must be here for a reason. The City of Gates brought you here for a reason but I don’t know what it is.” Kalek said, “The city has a mind of its own.”

“Why the hell did it bring me here!!?” Xander screamed.

“Oh yes yell at me, that is going to make everything come up roses and daisies,” Kalek snarked.

Xander glared at Kalek, who had a smile on his face, and said, “It’s time for you to find your destiny,” and pulled Xander up and said, “Chin up boyo, you’ll be fine.”

As Xander followed Kalek through the twisting halls of the city he saw a door and was about to open it when he felt a shock hit him, like the city was chastising him for not going the way it wanted. He heard Kalek laugh and say, “Should’ve warned you; the city doesn’t like people trying to open doors that their not supposed to.”

Kalek smiled softly and said, “Xander, you must understand that this city is the place that connects all places and times and it is sentient in its own way, it brought you here because it sensed you are needed to be somewhere else right now.”

Xander grumbled about the city and felt himself being drawn to a certain door, as he opened it he was suddenly pulled into it. He saw Kalek smile and say, “Hey, I’m getting a feeling that you’ll be back soon so have a nice visit to wherever you going to end up.”

Carlisle was going over his medical texts when he suddenly saw a bright flash of light appear and a young dark haired man fall out of a glowing portal, he look around and then collapsed in a heap. He picked the boy up and wondered what just landed in his home.

Xander woke up a couple of hours later and was looking around confused, he was in a bed and he didn’t know where he was. He began to panic when he saw a youngish man come in with a plate of food and he remembered that the City of Gates brought him here for a reason.

“Uhh, who are you?” Xander asked, “And this might be a funny question but where am I?”

“Well, you’re in my home in London and I’m Carlisle,” he said as placed the food in front of Xander.

Xander coughed out, “L-L-London? Like in London, England?”

“Sorry,” Xander said, “just a bit of shock, I really still have no idea how I’ve gotten here.” And he thought, ‘That stupid demon wasn’t much help with me, why did the city bring me here to this place?’

“Don’t worry about that for now,” Carlisle said, “eat and then after you eat we can talk.”

Xander looked at the eggs and bacon and felt incredibly hungry; he began to devour the food eagerly. He saw Carlisle look at him in shock as he ate and Xander realized that he was eating a bit messily; he quickly apologized to Carlisle for his behaviour.

“It’s alright,” Carlisle smiled and then added, “Might I know your name?”

“Ohh sorry, it’s Xander Harris.”

Carlisle thought, ‘Xander, that’s an odd name, I wonder where it comes from?’ he looked at Xander and said, “That name it’s kind of odd, is it short for something?”

“Yeah, it’s short for Alexander.” he said as he looked closely at Carlisle’s eyes and thought, ‘That’s a beautiful colour and I have never seen that colour before.’

Carlisle noted Xander staring at his face and asked, “Is there a reason you’re staring at my face?”

“Those eyes,” Xander said, “they’re, Uhh, beautiful. I’ve never seen that colour before, are they contacts?”

“Oh,” Carlisle said quietly hoping that Xander wouldn’t be able to tell that he was a vampire, he had been alone for so long and he didn’t want to scare the young man away when his mind suddenly reeled, he looked at Xander and asked, “What did you mean contacts?”

“Uhh, they help you see. I know some people wear them instead of glasses to help them see better,” Xander said confused.

Carlisle froze at the implications and he had to be sure as it was just too fantastic to be true, he asked, “Xander, what’s the year for you?”

“Uhh 1999, why did you ask that?” Xander asked when suddenly it hit him, he groaned out, “Oh god no, god no!! What’s the goddamned year for you?”

“The year is 1770,” Carlisle said wincing at Xander’s scream of anguish; he went over to try to comfort Xander. He felt the man sob uncontrollably and his heart went out to the lost man as he had no idea how to help him. He let Xander fall asleep like that; he would have to find a way to help Xander.

As Xander fell asleep he heard a whisper, ‘The City of Gates connects all times and places and it took you to where you were needed to be.’

A couple of hours later Xander woke up praying to God that it was just a bad dream, but it was crushed when he saw that he was still there in the bed with Carlisle holding him. ‘Oh god!!” Xander though, ‘I gotta remember the rules of time travel; can’t tell him too much about the future and try not to do anything that would fuck up the future.’

Carlisle let him go and said, “Xander, I want to help you but you’re going to have be honest with me, okay?”

Xander said, “I won’t tell you anything about the future, I’ve probably screw things enough already.”

“I don’t want you to tell me about the future,” Carlisle laughed, “I just want you to be safe here, dress appropriately and try not to draw attention to yourself.”

Xander noticed that the clothes he was wearing were kind of a fashion statement for the day and nodded as Carlisle brought out some clothes for him to wear.

Meanwhile at the Watchers Council, Joseph Travers was discussing something with one of his mystics. She had detected something incredibly powerful magic recently and the council would have to find out where it was and take it into their custody.

Back at Carlisle’s house, a couple of days had passed and Xander was getting restless, he didn’t want to stay in all the time but Carlisle was sure that Xander shouldn’t leave. They had decided to talk and Carlisle decided to talk about their lives, trying not to reveal much about each other. One day Xander decided to ask Carlisle a question, he said, “I haven’t seen you eat in, like, ever, why not?”

Carlisle was flustered, he knew he had to tell Xander what he really was and sighed. He said, “Xander, I’m what they call a vampire and he sat back waiting for Xander to panic and run away in terror

“What the hell do you mean vampire? You aren’t a vampire.” Xander said, “I mean where are the ridges and I’ve seen your reflection in the mirror.”

Carlisle said, “I assure you that I am a vampire,” and to prove it he took Xander out hunting that night where Xander saw Carlisle run after a deer, take it down and sink his teeth into its neck and drain the blood. He gulped when he saw Carlisle come towards him and say, “Do you believe me now?”

“Uhh, yes,” Xander gulped out and then added, “Why haven’t you drained me dry?”

“Because I only feed on animals and when I saw you I’ve been alone for so long, I just wanted someone to talk too,” Carlisle said sadly, “but now you’re probably going to run away.”

“No,” Xander said, “I’ve way too many questions for you. I think you’re stuck with me until I find a way home.”

“Trust me Xander I have questions for you too,” Carlisle said as he went to grab Xander and he thought, ‘Especially about this type of vampire that Xander seemed to know about.’

Carlisle smiled brightly and picked up Xander and ran back to their home. He hoped secretly that Xander didn’t have to leave so soon, he wanted the company and someone to talk to.

Meanwhile, the Watchers Council was still searching for that magical signal; they had sent one of their more loyal watchers and the Slayer to come look for it to. It was frustratingly hard to pinpoint, it was like it kept moving.

Xander was hopeful that the gang would find him soon but as the weeks passed he was becoming increasingly despondent about his situation, ’I’m stuck here,’ he thought, ‘and my only friend was Carlisle,’ who in his own opinion was far too overprotective. One night as Carlisle was studying his medical texts he decided to tell Carlisle that he was going to find a job for himself.

“So Carlisle, I’m going to have to find a job for myself. I’m just a bit uncomfortable and staying here is a bit boring for me,” Xander said but quickly noting Carlisle’s hurt look he quickly said, “you’re not boring it’s just that I can’t stand being in one place for so long.”

Carlisle smiled sadly and said, “It’s alright, I understand and you’re still welcome to stay here even with a job you know.”

Xander regarded Carlisle oddly and said, “You’re sure I’m not going to have you go nuts, I mean it must be hard for you to have a healthy red blooded guy here.”

“It’s not, I’ve never been tempted to drink your blood,” Carlisle said softly.

“Well,” Xander said, “you have my trust and I gotta add that you’re like the first vampire I’ve ever trusted and I wanna keep you as a friend.”

Carlisle watched Xander walk out the door and groaned, he wanted Xander stay so much it hurt and he didn’t even quite know why he was so attached to the boy. He wondered if they had been destined mates and if it could’ve been the loneliness he was feeling but he felt a strong attraction and feeling of protectiveness towards Xander, who he was pretty much felt was his and his alone. He would have to keep an eye on Xander while he worked at a local pub, he had also become aware of a search going on as some people were looking for something and was unsure about what they were looking for.

Xander was walking home one night when he felt like something was following him, he assumed it was Carlisle who he had seen following him several nights. It was a bit annoying to have someone think that he needed to be protected but at least Carlisle kept his distance and didn’t hover close to him.

“Hey Carlisle,” Xander called, “if you want you can walk home with me,” and laughed as he continued to walk home when suddenly he was grabbed and roughly pushed against the wall. “Hey,” Xander growled, “what the fuck Carlisle!!?” when he looked at who grabbed him, he saw that it was one of the vampires that he was used to.

The vampire regarded the fear coming off the boy in front of him, it was delicious. He smiled revealing his fangs, he pushed Xander’s head back to reveal his neck and he licked at the pulse point. He said quietly, “I’m going to enjoy this and maybe, since you’re such a good lad, I’m gonna turn you.”

‘No,’ Xander chanted quietly in his mind, ‘not this, not this, please god not this!!’ as he felt the vampire about to bite him, when the vampire was pushed off and Xander saw Carlisle looking at him worried.

Carlisle looked at the demonic vampire, he really didn’t get that angry often but he was really angry as he saw the vampire look at Xander hungrily. The vampire looked at Carlisle and said, “Oh, did you want a taste too? Well I can share if you don’t mind waiting your turn.”

“No,” Carlisle said, “the boy is MINE and I will protect him,” and moved in front of Xander and growled at the demonic vampire who backed away nervously, not sure what the creature was but if he considered the human his who was he to argue and ran off.

Xander thought angrily for a minute, ‘Who did Carlisle think he was calling me his?’

In the shadows of a nearby alley, the Slayer of the time and her Watcher had heard the commotion and saw a vampire run away and saw two young men in the alley and thought to themselves, ‘What would cause a vampire to run like that?’


This was going to be a one shot but I have to separate it between two chapters and I’ll finish it tomorrow keep in mind this is going to be Carlisle/Xander slash and so please rate and it’s going to be a prequel to a much longer story which will be explained in the next and last chapter so please rate and review
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