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Snippets of Insanity, or Xander's revenge

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Summary: Short snippets of dialogue, may the insanity ensue. Now free for all, feeling insane? Just add your own. 100+ Words please. Oh, and thanks for all the positve feedback so far. Participation welcome.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredTheNoNameBody + 2 othersFR15197,71827343,68221 Mar 106 Sep 10No

Hammond's costume (4th part of costumes) by Genuka

A/n: Now they've got me thinking about everyone's costumes. *pout* It's taking on a life of it's own! And yes as soon as you told me that Teal'c would look good Dressed as who he is it got stuck in my head and I couldn't give him another costume... Curse You NoNameBody! And Thank you for giving us Teal'c's lovely costume ensemble.

Hammond's costume

>Hey, didn't we see the General in his dress blues? Isn't that cheating? Besides he lost that bet. He has to have a costume!

~Now that you mention it, yeah he is cheating. Airmen! Go get the general. We wouldn't want him missing out now would we?

>Did you see what Teal'c dressed up as?

~Yeah. Mace Windu. He got one of the scientists to buy him a toy lightsaber and make it purple. He didn't think to get them to make him a real one like we did!

>Yeah. Here comes the general.

-What's this about gentlemen?

~You came in your dress blues.


>Well that's kinda cheating and you're the one who ordered that anyone who didn't come in a costume got to be dressed by us! Besides wasn't there a bet concerning you and a Klingon costume and us possibly dressing you in one?

-I don't know what you're talking about.

~Sure you don't.

>Don't worry. As much as we'd love to dress you up as a Klingon warrior we'd rather avoid the KP duty more. So, how does a Medieval knight sound to you?

-Sounds fine and I'll ignore the fact that you two are blatantly holding on to the Alice costume for one of the marines.

>Sounds good to us!

-I've authorized a few family and friends of base personal and some of the SG teams to come on to base for the party. As one of the precautions the blast doors are down and everything is locked down tight. Don't tell anyone it's a surprise aside from the ones on duty at the entrances no one else knows. Clear?

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