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Snippets of Insanity, or Xander's revenge

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Summary: Short snippets of dialogue, may the insanity ensue. Now free for all, feeling insane? Just add your own. 100+ Words please. Oh, and thanks for all the positve feedback so far. Participation welcome.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredTheNoNameBody + 2 othersFR15197,71827343,66221 Mar 106 Sep 10No

Ethan, Giles, and Dawn turn up (costumes part 5) by Genuka

A/n: Yes I'm being evilly sneaky! and Evil! Mwahahahaha!!!! Oh and the cousin Janet bit I got from FireWolfe's Inheriting Family that I'm betaing I just sorta switched it around a bit. *smirk*

Ethan, Giles, and Dawn turn up

=I can't wait to for cousin Janet to see me at this party. She'll love the joke with my costume. She'll think it's hilarious that I dressed up as a Master Sorcerer. I knew she worked on a military base but I still have no idea what she does aside from patching idiots back together. What's Ripper doing here? Can't let him or his children see me. I hope nothing goes wrong. Ripper will just blame me for it.

#Ethan! What are you doing here?!

=I happen to be visiting my cousin Janet. You remember her? And before you ask I have done nothing for this night. It's enough chaos just to get in and see my cousin peacefully! I have no need of more. So don't blame me if anything happens tonight. Or hadn't you noticed that I dressed up as well? I wouldn't be stupid enough to be caught in my own spell now would I?

#No you wouldn't. No trouble Ethan or the beating that I gave you the last time will be nothing compared to the one I'll give you this time!

=I hear you Ripper. No tricks. No magic. Not from me. And I don't want my baby cousin caught up in something like that in the first place as you've clearly forgotten.

@Giles, lets just go inside and see Xander. We'll watch Ethan while we enjoy the party. Besides you wore you're old coat with that Indiana Jones costume and I'm super girl. Even with Ethan dressed as an uber powerful sorcerer we can deal with him if we have to.

#Alright Dawn. Lets all go inside to the party then. These old glasses of mine are giving me a bit of a headache.

=Those aren't your old glasses mate. You never had a pair with frames like that.

#Bugger. They must be the man's who sent me that latest package of books I'm checking. A Doctor Daniel Jackson. Oh, well. They're part of the costume now. I should get a nice bonus if we do have another dose of costume chaos this Halloween at least.

@Why do you think I dressed up as super girl?

=I dressed as a Master sorcerer as a bit of a joke though it could be seen as a safety against what I did that Halloween too. I hadn't thought of that.

#Yes, well. Lets go in.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Snippets of Insanity, or Xander's revenge" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 10.

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