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Snippets of Insanity, or Xander's revenge

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Summary: Short snippets of dialogue, may the insanity ensue. Now free for all, feeling insane? Just add your own. 100+ Words please. Oh, and thanks for all the positve feedback so far. Participation welcome.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredTheNoNameBody + 2 othersFR15197,71827343,68221 Mar 106 Sep 10No

Chapter Four

Disclaimer:see Chapter one



#"Major Harris, do you know anything about the "unfortunate" mishap with Senator Kinsey's car and the two tons of play-doh?"
~"No, sir, I really don't."
#"Amazingly enough, I believe you. Very well, continue."
~"Yes, sir."

~"Sam, what the hell? You promised not to strike before I could watch, it was my idea."
-"I'm sorry, Xander, but Thor only had time this morning, and you weren't here."

+"Hey, Sam, Xander, I've got the tape, it should probably be classified though."
-"Hello, Colonel, why?"
+"Oh, no reason really, just the obvious use of an Asgard transporter-beam."



~"I didn't do it, sir, honestly, whatever it was."
#"Calm down, son, I just wanted to see you squirm."



#"Major Harris , what is it this time?"
~"Um, if you hear from Dr. Fraiser about some missing equipment, that wasn't me, really."
#"Missing equipment? Major, I want an answer this instant."
~"Sir, just a few stethoscopes, Thor and Freya wanted to go as doctors for Halloween on Othala."



-"Hey, Xander did you hear, the Nox invited us to some sort of handfasting ceremony."
~"It's not going to be me is it?"
-"No, not this time, I promise."
~"Maybe it's your turn, this time... Hey watch where you spit your coffee, it's too valuable to be wasted."

#Ah, Gaia, trees, trees and more trees."
+"With all due respect, sir, that joke is getting old.
-"Hey look, it's Antaeus with the happy couple."

~"Principal Snyder? Dawnie? Faith?"

#"We should really stock up on smelling salts."

AN: Unfortunately this has to suffice for today as I'm pressed for time at the moment. Sodding real life. *grin* When I have the time again, I'm going to just add to this chapter, rather than doing a completely new one. read and review, flames welcome. Participation as alway welcome. just add your own.
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