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Snippets of Insanity, or Xander's revenge

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Summary: Short snippets of dialogue, may the insanity ensue. Now free for all, feeling insane? Just add your own. 100+ Words please. Oh, and thanks for all the positve feedback so far. Participation welcome.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredTheNoNameBody + 2 othersFR15197,71827343,64821 Mar 106 Sep 10No

Revenge of Sister D, or The Second Contribution! by Pardryll

Welcome to my second, and hopefully "remaining-in-the-chapter-I-made", donation to Snippets of Insanity! I might add more later...

#43: Homely Disaster

- "...And another thing, Xander, what's with the haircut? I mean, it TOTALLY dosen't work anymore."

~ "Cordy, why are you still hanging around? Don't you have some... ascendedy thing to do?"

- "Nope! One of them, a lady named Homely Disaster or something, has been 'assigned' to making sure I follow the rules. Ooh, hey, there's that cute language-guy!"

# "Hey, Xander, Cordy. I couldn't help but overhear... Did you mean 'Oma Desala'?"

~ "Yeah, that's her name! Really, she ought to get a more normal name."

# "Er... right..."

_ "Xander, do you know why Daniel seems to be in shock about something?"

~ "Um, I think Cordy blew his mind with being in close contact with someone named Oma Desala..."

_ "... That would do it..."
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