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Xander Harris Time Cop

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Summary: The year 2011, time travel is a reality and it's fallen into criminal hands.

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Movies > Time CopTheNoNameBodyFR1885,9750206,20021 Mar 101 May 10No

Chapter Seven: Phone call I don't want to make

Disclaimer:see Prologue

In the great unknown a figure sat, a figure with two faces, looking at his scrying pool watching the work of his last and greatest disciple. He was one of the last remaining old gods, his brethren long having succumbed to the lack of worship, or whoreship when it came to Aphrodite, he thought with a chuckle.

He reveled in chaos and destruction, for chaos opened new doors, opened up a never-ending stream of possibilities a serene life never could.

His disciple had alway targeted one individual in particular, an ordinary boy, man, white knight to his friends. How far can you push a mortal, before they start pushing back; a question even Ianus wanted to know the answer to.

Xander Harris had always been a wild-card, fighting when he didn't have to, standing back up again, not matter how many times he had been pushed down, by enemies and friends equally. This confused the god of doors and gates; he focused on this wild-card, looking through the doors of time, watching the defining moments of the white knight's life, a day at the zoo, Halloween, which his favourite disciple was directly responsible for, all the nightmares he had, the near breakdowns he had suffered, the betrayal by his friends, him getting up again, fighting his own fight, saving the world, even bedding a slayer, him being a general in an impossible battle, taking of his clothes for money, his dead-end jobs, boinking a former vengeance demon, leaving her at the altar, saving the world again and again.

The god influenced his disciple, he had an idea how to heighten the chaos in the mortal's life.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C.

Max had managed to get a, by now, shivering Xander onto his living room couch, his wife had offered some chocolate to Xander, which he declined.

Suddenly Xander bolted upright, stood up and let out a howl like a wounded wolf. Max could feel the hairs on his neck stand upright.

Creepily calm now, Xander sat back down and, in a cold voice, said: "Max, I don't care who you have to wake up, who you have to annoy, for twinkies sake, call the freaking president for all I care, but I need to know who did this."

Max just nodded, knowing full well what his friend was going through, having lost his wife in an alternate time-line, already calculating who owed him a favour and had enough pull to get him the information he needed.

"And I need to make a phone-call I really don't want to make," Xander laid his head back and got out his mobile, scrolling through his contact list until he found the person he needed to call. The call took a while to connect, it rang five times before the phone on the other side was picked up.

"Hello, Dawnie, do you have moment?...Sit down...I have bad news."

AN: I know, I know for all the time this took me to get out it really isn't good, but it's all I can manage right now, I'm being swamped with work. Admittedly this chapter is far from my standards, even really bad and crappy. I will persevere and continue writing, please read and review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Harris Time Cop" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 May 10.

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