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Xander Harris Time Cop

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Summary: The year 2011, time travel is a reality and it's fallen into criminal hands.

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Movies > Time CopTheNoNameBodyFR1885,9750206,20021 Mar 101 May 10No

Prologue: Twinkies and rookies

Xander Harris Timecop

Inspired by Methos’ adoption centre
Disclaimer: anything you recognise is obviously not mine. Crossover Buffy/Time Cop (the movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme

From Methos’ original text: Imagine spending the morning sailing to the New World with Christopher Columbus, the afternoon witnessing JFK's assassination, and the evening coming back home to the year 2011. It's all in a day's work for Xander Harris, whose job is to police the time continuum for criminals looking to change the course of history. His latest assignment hits a little too close to home though; someone from his past, from Sunnydale's past has acquired the use of a TimeSled... And there's no telling what chaos might erupt if he's allowed to tailor history to his own warped sense of reality...

Stepping back into the past, Xander is brought face to face with the mistakes of Sunnydale, of The Scoobies... His mission: protect the past preserve the future...

Now, on to the story.


Max Walker, head of the Time Enforcement Commission for nigh on 7 years now, walked slowly down to see off a new recruit on her first sled-ride. She had been paired with his best student, Xander Harris.

“Hey, Xander, everything locked and ready?”

Max walked closer to the open time-sled, with Xander at the helm and Sarah Wattkins in the passenger seat.

“Hey, Max. The sled seems to be ready and the rookie is shaking in her boots.”

“So, situation normal then?” Max asked.

Xander grinned impishly at Max, suddenly his grin turned into a frown.

“What’s wrong Xander?”

“Where’s my twinkie, I forgot my twinkie, I can’t go without my twinkie.”

“Here, I found it in front of your locker.” Max said and handed Xander the coveted concoction of possibly harmful chemicals.

“Thanks Max you’re a godsend.” With that Xander hastily unwrapped the Twinkie, but before he could stuff it into his mouth, Sarah piped up from the backseat, “I don’t really care about your eating habits, Harris, but is it wise to eat while on a timesled, I have seen the orientation videos; some people have even taken to wearing a mouth-guard.”

“Ah, don’t worry, Wattkins, you should try one, it keeps you from swallowing your tongue.” Xander looked up at Max. “Is there anything else before we go splat?”

In the back seat Sarah began to shake.

“Oh, don’t worry, Wattkins,” Max said ”he’s doing this to all the rookies.”

“No, it’s just a standard recon mission, but as per standard operation procedure I have to reinforce the fact, that under no circumstances are you to interfere in the timeline. The museum just wants to know who really populated the east-Asian region during the 5th century.”

“Yeah, Max I know, you trained me remember?”

Max lifted an eyebrow to that. “I remember also telling you that this fact will someday come back to bite me.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now go back to your paperwork,” Xander said with a grin.

The preparations ready, Xander put the Twinkie in his mouth; Sarah grabbed the front-seat until her knuckles turned white. The sled sped off and disappeared in a loud “gluuuob”- sound.

Max ruefully shook his head and meandered back to his office, he really didn’t want to do paperwork, with his son’s birthday coming up he was far more concerned with what he was going to give him as a present, it was his eleventh birthday after all.

AN just a little teaser, I am not sure if I got the timeline right on this one, haven't watch Time Cop in years. Remember it as being one of the better Van Damme movies, though. and please read and review, flames welcome as usual. ::Cheers::
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