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Life is but an Illusion

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Summary: If life is just an illusion, then why are we waking up every single day, searching for a reason to go on? Buffy/Faith NEW REVISED CHAPTER FOUR UP!

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
Highlander > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other
TheNoNameBodyFR1854,0091114,22121 Mar 1014 Apr 10No

Chapter Four: Thoughts and shirts

Disclaimer: see Prologue trying something new here, this is the new chapter 4, gonna deleted the old version due to its crappiness, maybe pov-style works better. Tell me what you think, please. Erratic pattern due to thought pattern, if this makes any sense.

2003, Christmas Time

'We won, we fucking won. Even now, months after we closed the freakin' Hellmouth, I still can't get it into my head. I know, I know, I'm talking to myself, sitting all alone in the dark kitchen, nursing a beer. Faith, all alone? Yeah, who'd thought, eh? Okay, I guess you wanna know what happened in the last few months? Well, let's see, we got outta Sunnyhell, only minimal casualties, went to L.A., checked the wounded into a hospital.

Wanted to check up with big A, got vetoed. Apparently, being the CEO of an inter-dimensional demon law firm, makes you persona non-grata with these folks. Yeah, I know big words, right? I'm smarter than B, when she's staring into a fire, anyway. Shoulda seen her eyes, all glazed over. G found out that there really is another hellmouth in Cleveland, he was joking when he said it, at least that's his version of the story.

Found some of his old contacts, got into the old Council funds somehow, bought some houses here in Cleveland, trying to get the new council up and running. I'm sitting in the kitchen of the house that got dubbed "Scooby-Central", me and X, G, B, little D, Red and Ken are living here. Well, for now anyway.

Me and Robin? Didn't work out. If I want to be honest with myself, he was just a convenience fuck in a pretty hairy situation, didn't want to go out without a good lay, I guess. Anyway, there's only one person I could imagine the whole shebang with, ya know? I'm not talking about all the "white picket fence, dogs and kids" shit, but a real relationship. No more "get some, get gone". But that's all just in my head anyway, would never be real.

Sorry, got distracted there, back to the situation at hand. B is wanting to take a time out, ya know, be a person for once, not a slayer. Little D doesn't seem to care one way or another, she got back to school, trying to make up for time lost. Wants to be a watcher some day, find out more about herself, the usual shit, right? There's a big but, of course, heh big butt, sorry, in her case it's more about that weird key thing in her.

The others don't really seem to take to B's idea, especially G and Red, I don't get them, ya know? B saved their asses so many times and they still want to control her. I just know they are going to regret this one fine day, there's only so much B can take, even from her friends.

X got back into construction, he's opened his own construction company, specializing in "what goes bump in the night"-proof buildings, got some of the slayers working with him.

Red and Ken are still going strong with the horizontal lesbo-tango, Ken even proposed to Red, yesterday. Don't know what the answer was.

And little old me? Well, I'm still a wanted fugitive with the cops still on my tail. Maybe Red or G could do something about it, but I'm not gonna ask, they are going to laugh in my face anyway, saying I don't deserve this, I'm just a no-good hoe, not worth the shit under their shoes. I mentioned to B once that I was gonna leave, she just got this weird glint in her eyes and a smile on her lips, looked like she was glad I was leaving.

Everybody's asleep now I guess, got all my things neatly packed up in a duffel. Isn't that sad? My whole life fits in one fucking bag.

Don't know yet where I'm going, Miami should be nice, even have some vamps, or maybe New Orleans. I'll see where the roads take me.

I guess I owe it to B at least, to leave something behind, not a letter of course, I'm not a wuss, thank you.

I silently close the door behind me, farewell.'

The next day

Buffy barged into Giles' room, a big smile on her face, "Hey, Giles, merry Christmas, did you get it, did you get it?"

Giles rolled his eyes at Buffy's childish behavior, but couldn't suppress a smile breaking out on his face, "Merry Christmas, Buffy, and yes, I got it."

He handed a manila envelope to Buffy, "Faith is a free woman now, all her charges have been cleared."

Buffy snatched the envelope out of his hand, "Thank you, Giles. After all this years, I can finally mend the bridges between her and me for real."

She ran out of the room, in search for Faith. She only found Xander in the kitchen, sitting at the kitchen island, an old well-worn shirt in front of him.

"Hey, Xander, have you seen Faith, I have a present for her."

Xander looked at her with a sad look in his eye, picked up the shirt and held it up, so Buffy could read the message scribbled on the front with a sharpie.

'Goodbye, B! Gotta jet, still wanted, ya know? Don't let them keep you from your dream. F.'

AN: this is a new chapter four, the other one was way too crappy, so what do you think? Read and review, please, flames welcome.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Life is but an Illusion" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Apr 10.

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