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Life is but an Illusion

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Summary: If life is just an illusion, then why are we waking up every single day, searching for a reason to go on? Buffy/Faith NEW REVISED CHAPTER FOUR UP!

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other
Highlander > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other
TheNoNameBodyFR1854,0091114,21921 Mar 1014 Apr 10No

Prologue: death of an alarm clock

Disclaimer: All that you may recognise is not mine, the crossover is Buffy/Highlander.

350 years in the future finds our favourite Slayers on the end of a journey which began the day a Bostonian and a girl from L.A. met each other again, both lonely, both desperate. This is their story.

If life is just an illusion, then why are we waking up every single day, searching for a reason to go on?


2360, 5 am GMT

On a rainy day, in London, an alarm clock went off, it was silenced a second later by a violent slap, which broke the nightstand it was sitting on. The hand wandered back under the covers and to the other side off the bed and began to tickle the other occupant of the bed mercilessly.

“Faith! Stop,” Buffy got out between giggles. Faith grabbed Buffy around the waist and pull her on top off herself. “Good morning, baby.” Faith began to heatedly kiss her girlfriend, which Buffy reciprocated with equal fervour.

“We don’t have time for this, Faith, we have a meeting with the general section of the Watchers in 20 minutes,” Buffy managed to get out, her suddenly raging libido notwithstanding.

“Ruin my fun,” Faith pouted.

“Hey, no low blows, you know I’m lots of fun,” Buffy began to kiss Faith again.

“You know what, fuck the Watchers, they can’t start without us anyway,” Faith mumbled into Buffy’s neck.

“Oh no you will not do that to the Watchers, but you do can do it to me,” Buffy winked at Faith, the meeting forgotten.

50 minutes later Faith and Buffy stumbled into the meeting chambers in an old decrepit warehouse on the Thames riverbanks, which garnered them annoyed glances from most of those present; only a few smiling faces greeted the two slayers.

Jack Markings, a man in his late fifties approached the slayers with a big grin on his face. “Buffy, Faith, I thought you got lost again.”

“Suck it Jackieboy,” Faith admonished him, “you know you are not supposed to talk like this to people who practically changed your diapers.” Buffy poked her non-too gently in the side. “Ow, stop that.”


“Ow, stop that,” Faith whined.

“Sometimes you can be such a baby,” Buffy admonished” you can take being flung 50 feet by a pissed off Sha’amal demon but you start crying when I’m stitching you up. Maybe you should find someone to kiss it better.”

“Why don’t you, B?” Faith started to grin. Buffy began to frown “Can’t you ever stop? I don’t swing your way, as I’ve told you a million times before.”

Present time

Both slayers had to shake off the sudden onslaught of this memory, they turned their heads, looked at each other and began to grin. “See,” said Faith” I’ve always been right about you, B.”

The meeting went as usual, just the typical drivel, until Jack stood, coughed and without looking at the other people in the room stared at the papers he held in his hand. “I fear we might have a situation on our hands.”

“How bad is it Jack?” Buffy asked, looking at Jack with a mix of boredom and anxiety.

“Well, it’s bad enough to warrant your and Faith’s attention.” Jack slipped the papers over to Buffy, who began to read, Faith got up to stand behind Buffy and read over her shoulder.

“Oh my god, this can’t be true, he died 300 years ago, I saw it myself, I was there.” Buffy turned to Faith who looked at her with big eyes. “Faith, it’s Xander.”

AN: really short, I know. This is just a teaser. So hang in there. Please tell me, if you like it so far. Flames welcome.
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