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This story is No. 3 in the series "Succour". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Life happens to Ryan and Xander. Things start to get complicated. BTVS and The OC crossover. Non-explicit slash.

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Television > OC, ThechurkeyFR1553,167142,59121 Mar 1025 Mar 10Yes


AN: The third part of Succour. Which, probably could have been a continuous story, but oh well. I'm not really sure, when asked, how to classify this story. It doesn't exactly take place in either Buffy-verse or OC-verse, and includes Charmed. I'm guessing, AU?

Anyway. apparently I still have a lot left to write as I'm already 3/5's done this part.

In any case, I still don't own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The OC. I also don't make money off of these humble stories of mine.


Ryan’s fights with Xander had become a regular thing. About once a month they would enter the ring, fight, and then have explosive (but satisfying) sex. They had been in the ring enough times for Ryan to know that Xander had let him win that first round. That Xander had purposefully pushed Ryan into losing control. Ryan still usually won, mainly because he had full use of his entire body. Xander did win, though, because even though he was half blind and had a limp, his reflexes were sharp and his punches heavy. Xander also had no reservations about fighting dirty. It surprised Ryan but he didn’t care if he won or lost, since the outcome was the same. The winner would dress the loser’s wounds, and then fuck him. Ryan smiled ruefully, to the victor went the spoils.

He knew that Sandy and Kirsten were worried about him, though, since they had obviously seen the bruising. Ryan had told them that he had joined a boxing gym and that it was just sparring. Unfortunately, they had known him long enough to know when he was lying (something he wasn’t very good at anyway). They didn’t push him too much, because they had both noticed that he was lighter and happier. In a way that he hadn’t been since Seth had moved to Providence.

All this was turning over his mind as he sat alone in his apartment. He wasn’t doing anything in particular, just sitting and brooding, as Seth would say. It was getting late and he’d head off to bed soon.

There was a knock at the door. Ryan was suddenly worried that something bad had happened. Maybe Sophie had hurt herself. His heart was pounding as he opened the door.

It was Xander. He was bruised and bloody.

“Hey. I know I probably shouldn’t have come here, but I’ve gotten used to you dressing my wounds. I also think I might have a concussion, since I normally wouldn’t have thought to bother you. I’m just gonna go now,” Xander turned to leave. Ryan reached out and placed a hand on his arm.

“Stay. I don’t mind,” Ryan was surprised to find that he really didn’t mind, “I didn’t think you’d still be fighting outside of our matches.” Ryan was strangely jealous. He’d thought fighting was their thing.

“Oh, don’t worry about this. This is just a hobby. What we do is. . .” Xander trailed off, since how exactly did you label their particular relationship? “Different. Special. You make me feel alive, feel happy to be alive, this is a backwards attempt at dying. Don’t know why it never seems to work, though. It should’ve happened years ago. Other, better people have died. And here is the Zeppo, still alive after all this time.”

Ryan was surprised. While Xander could talk a lot, he almost never talked about his feelings. For all that he babbled, he communicated less of his feelings than Ryan did. Ryan thought that Xander might really have a concussion: otherwise he probably wouldn’t have shared so much. Or come over. They didn’t see each other outside of their monthly fight, since Ryan had finished his part of the job and been sent back to the office.

“Ugh, you should ignore me. I didn’t just say what I think I did, did I? I’m not rational right now, not making any sense at all. Please ignore the babbling idiot you see before you,” Xander shut his eye tightly, as if this would make Ryan not see him. A blush crept up his face.

“I’ll leave it for now, but you are going to tell me what you’re doing that you think will get you killed,” Xander looked up into Ryan’s eyes. He could tell Ryan was serious.

“Fine. I’ll tell you, but only if you don’t try to stop me. I’m not looking to be saved here. And if you are so inclined, there is a long line of girls who want to save me ahead of you.”

Ryan nodded in agreement.
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