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Crossed Circuit

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Summary: Ted isn't the only robot to visit the Hellmouth.

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Movies > Short CircuitxandersgirlFR713200794121 Mar 1021 Mar 10Yes
Crossed circuit

I don't own BtVS or Short Circuit.

A plot bunny that wouldn't go away until I wrote it.

Giles came out of his office into the library when he heard the puzzling sound of whirring and stopped dead at what he saw. It was during class so none of the Scoobies where in the library, But there by the table was a robot, a gold plated robot, with tracts and arms and eyes, and it was reading one of the many book that were on the table. It finished the book it was reading and threw it over it's shoulder, nearly giving Giles a heart attack at the careless treatment of the book.

"Ahh, input!" it said as started to read another book. Before Giles had a chance to say anything the doors to library burst open and an Indian man almost ran in, and looked relieved when he saw the robot.

"There you are, Johnny 5, what you be doing here?" he asked with a Indian accent the robot.

"Input! Benjamin!" Benjamin took the robot by the arm and tried to guide the robot away from the books.

"We got to be going Johnny," Benjamin said. Johnny 5 looked longingly at the books but does follow Benjamin. Who turned to Giles and gave a short bob of his head. "I be sorry about this," he told Giles. Giles just nods not quite able to form words yet. Johnny looks at Giles.

"Bye," it said, Giles just stared at it.

"What did I said about running off?" Benjamin asked the robot as they left.

"But Benjamin, input!" Johnny 5 said as if that were the best excuse.

"I not be telling you again!" Benjamin said sternly as they left earshot. In the library Giles blinked, sighed and took his glasses off to clean them, before going to pick up the thrown books. Sometime the Hellmouth was too weird even for him.

The End

You have reached the end of "Crossed Circuit". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking