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You are not prepared!

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Summary: YAHF - Angelus is about to learn that he is not the only Betrayer in Sunnydale...

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Games > Fantasy > WarcraftMicahFR131300122,14621 Mar 1021 Mar 10Yes
Angelus smirked as he left the Watcher's apartment. The little surprise he left Giles was only the beginning. Soon he'd bring Buffy down by leaving her friends eviscerated on her porch, one-by-one. It was too bad that waste Harris had disappeared around Halloween, he might have made a good first message.

He stopped and looked around, he'd felt eyes on him. Angelus was not one to be skittish, but he hadn't lived so long without developing an impending sense of danger. Besides, the rumors said there was some winged creature hunting other demons and Angelus was on the lookout. Suddenly he heard the flapping of wings and saw a shadow flit by him. A loud thump on the roof of a nearby building had Angelus spinning to see what was stalking him.

"Pitiful vampire," a dark, sibilant voice said. "You think you rule this place, that your reputation as the Scourge of Europe means anything now."

"Who's there? Show yourself so I can rip your heart out and show you how I earned that rep," Angelus shouted, without betraying the tendril of fear working its way through his body.

"A challenge? And I thought you were a coward," the voice said. "Very well. But I warn you, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!"

The shout came from behind him and Angelus turned quickly. The last thing he saw was a glowing green blade and a bandage where the thing's eyes would be.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Angelus and Giles and stuff belong to Joss. And for those of you who didn't recognize him, Illidan the Betrayer belongs to Blizzard entertainment. I recently visited ole Illy in the Black Temple and kinda felt bad for him, so this one shot is my way for apologizing for the axe to the spleen.

The End

You have reached the end of "You are not prepared!". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking