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Summary: [WIP] Willow meets Teal’c, but under several unusual circumstances. Now expanded from the original oneshot response to Jinni’s Odd Couple 200 word Challenge.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Teal'cBoosterFR1355,14216220,56323 Nov 034 Jan 04No

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Chapter 4 : Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

The subsequent fight lasted about three or four minutes all told. Teal’c and Daniel had immediately thrown themselves behind the nearest stack of crates, popping out only to fire off shots with their zats at the cultists. In turn, the cultists had thrown themselves behind the row of crates on their side, and were indiscriminately firing with their zats.

That left the two women standing in the middle. Not running for cover, not collapsing to the floor. In fact, from the brief flashes of the battleground that Teal’c could get from his viewpoint, they looked almost bored. Teal’c’s brow furrowed as he observed a glimmer around the two of them. It looked similar to a Goa’uld energy shield, but it did not have the same feel to him as the naquadha based shields did. Most peculiar.

However as the zat shots bounced off, it seemed most effective, and in a battle situation that was all that was required. Teal’c returned his thoughts to the more immediate danger, and indicated to Daniel Jackson the count of three. On three, the two of them leant round their specific sides of the crate stack and fired several zat shots. Teal’c noticed with a grim pleasure that his cultist dropped like a stone. Quickly returning to his safe position, he risked another look at the two women.

They appeared to be arguing among themselves. Teal’c noticed absently that the redhead (no.. Willow was her name) appeared to be no longer blushing, but was concentrating on generating the shield. Teal’c’s eyes narrowed. Strange. He could not see her using any of the amulets that the Goa’uld System Lords used to perform their miracles. The discussion between the women ceased and Teal’c blinked in pure astonishment.

The blonde woman sprung straight through the energy shield and ran straight towards the cultists. What had made Teal’c so surprised were the zat shots from the cultists. At least two of them had hit her directly. Not only was she not dead, she was still going. She swung herself easily up and over the crates and into the group of cultists there, one trailing foot clipping a cultist’s jaw.

Teal’c decided to ponder on this apparent disregard of the laws of physics later, and to take advantage of the current situation. As the cries of the cultists being hit by someone’s fist grew, he and Daniel moved out from their refuge and advanced on the disorganized cultists who had made the error of taking their eyes off one set of enemies. Those not sent flying by the tiny blonde were hit by Teal’c and Daniel’s carefully aimed shots. Within 30 seconds of the blonde’s entry into the battle, it was over.

Teal’c quirked one eyebrow at the blonde as she turned to face them, and promptly shot her in the chest. Nothing happened, apart from a glare directly straight at him. “You will, of course, understand that I had to attempt it,” he said matter of factly. She continued glaring at him for a moment before snorting in amusement and relaxing. Teal’c had the distinct feeling he’d just gotten away with something.

Lowering his weapon, he turned to regard Willow once more. She had dropped the energy shield and appeared to be almost talking to herself now. She broke off as the others approached and opened her eyes. For a moment, Teal’c thought he observed her eyes to be completely white, similar to the eyes of the System Lords. He shook the thought off quickly, not seeing the characteristic glow in her eyes.

She turned to face the blonde woman. “Faith’s getting Robin and Andrew out now. Andrew’s been hit by one of those taser thingies, but they’re okay otherwise.”

The blonde shrugged, and smiled tightly. “Well, if anyone was going to get knocked out..” Willow smiled too, and the two chorused together “It would be Giles!”

“Seriously,” continued the blonde, “If that’s all the current trouble in River City, then we’re rolling down Easy Avenue. Any sign of the Orb?”

Teal’c turned his head from one to the other, lost in bemusement. A quick look at Daniel Jackson had conveyed the expression that he too was having trouble following the conversation. This came as a slight relief to Teal’c as he was still not too conversant with all the little subtleties of the Tauri language. From the corner of his eye, he could see Daniel Jackson drawing back and using his communicator to speak to O’Neill.

Willow continued on, very much business orientated, but Teal’c did notice her avoiding any look in his direction. “No sign in their half, but I can feel it building up near here.” She waved a hand in the direction of the now open door that the cultists had come from. “That way feels like the way to go.”

The two women turned and moved reasonably quickly across the room, carefully stepping over any unconscious cultists in their way. After a quick moment’s consideration, Teal’c followed. He caught up with them at the doorway and spoke “You will require assistance.”

The blonde snorted. Willow, on the other hand, jumped as she realized just how close Teal’c was to her and practically scurried round behind the blonde. Teal’c could barely hear the “Eeep” she gave out.

He looked again at the now suddenly timid redhead, and wondered at the various facets of her. The incredibly talkative woman of their first meeting. The almost bored fighter. And now the shy timid girl. Idly wondering which of them was the real one, he spoke directly to Willow. “There are obviously a great number of people still in the vicinity. It is only logical for us to join forces, Willow.”

Willow gulped, and shot a pleading look at the blonde woman. She stepped forward and placed herself firmly between Teal’c and Willow. From the side of his eye, Teal’c was aware of Daniel Jackson moving up to the side of himself. He had an unhappy look on his face. Obviously O’Neill had not been pleased to hear of their discoveries.

“Look,” the blonde said, “Obviously, thanks for the offer and all, but no way in hell am I going to let you soldier boys screw this up again.” She paused, and smiled up at him. Teal’c was vaguely disconcerted being addressed so dismissively by someone who came up to the top of his chest. “We’re quite capable of looking after ourselves, and though I’d love to stay and debate feminist theories with you, there’s a ticking clock situation here. Willow?”

Willow gestured with her arm and the same shield that he had seen during the fight appeared and cut off the women from Teal’c and Daniel. It stretched across the doorway totally and shimmered with an orange glow in the air. The blonde turned and looked closely, hands on her hips and tilted her head. “Nice one, Will.” She looked up at Teal’c and Daniel. “Now, run along boys and play.” Willow muttered something inaudible and still refused to look directly at Teal’c.

They walked off down the corner and turned a corner out of sight behind more crates. Teal’c watched the shimmering field carefully. Distance from its creator did not seem to matter in the slightest. Beside him, Daniel Jackson prodded it with one finger and quickly jumped back as a spark leapt from it and stung his hand. Teal simply raised a brow and Daniel flushed.

Their communicators buzzed, and O’Neill’s voice came over it. “Hey Teal’c, old buddy, old pal. We’re back in the beautiful outside now, and this nice little NID gentleman here wishes for you to depart pronto.” He paused and spat. The noise came clearly over the communicator. “Sorry about that. So, Teal’c, if you would care to vamoose, move along, get your butt out of the premises, I’m sure these fine and lovely people would appreciate it.”

Teal’c shared a look with Daniel Jackson. NID involvement had never been particularly helpful for Stargate Command operations in the past, and O’Neill had spoken of his thoughts regarding these matters before. At great length and volume. He toggled his communicator and replied “Acknowledged, O’Neill. We are withdrawing now.”

With very little other choice, Teal’c and Daniel quickly moved back through the corridors, and exited as they had come in. This had been one of the more odd days Teal’c had seen since he had first met the Tauri.

Once they reached the safety of the command section, it became clear where Colonel O’Neill was. Simply by following the enraged bellows, Teal’c and Daniel found their way to the back of the commandeered building. Jack was busy yelling at a man in a dark suit, white shirt and sunglasses on inside a darkened room. Daniel shook his head, muttered something about films and pop culture in an aggrieved tone of voice and headed off to talk to Sam.

"I don’t freaking care even if you have a hand written personal note from the President of the United States!” roared Colonel O’Neill. “That is a bloody snake head problem over there, and that means that the SGC have complete authority over the situation! Not some freaking NID crud that probably is your own fault in the first place!” He paused thoughtfully for a moment. “Maybourne? I bet it was that little sod’s fault!”

Teal’c waited patiently for a moment, but O’Neill seemed in fine flow and didn’t notice Teal’c’s return. He moved and studied the surveillance screens. On the main screen, the car that had brought the visitors to the warehouse stood in stark relief in the summer sunshine. Three people were now visible next to it. Teal’c studied the picture intensely, seeking more information on this latest conundrum.

One of them, a brunette haired woman wearing a denim jacket and leather pants paced back and forth by the side of the car. Her movements denoted an almost cat like grace and restrained violence at the same time. This must be the Faith that Willow had mentioned in the warehouse.

Besides the car, propped up against the side was a younger man who Teal’c estimated to be about the same age as the others or a bit younger. His body had the relaxed boneless slump that Teal’c associated with being stunned by a zat gun. Probably the Andrew also mentioned.

That meant the tall black man attending him must be Robin. He seemed to have some kind of medical training, Teal’c noticed, checking out Andrew’s pulse and examining his eyes. Settling Andrew down into a safe position, he stood up and crossed over to the pacing brunette. Placing an arm around her, he stopped her from pacing and succeeded eventually in calming her down slightly. Finally, the brunette just stood there, arms folded, staring at the entrance. Her foot was tapping in impatience, Teal’c noticed, but definitely calmer.

Major Samantha Carter moved up next to Teal’c and also studied the screen intently. Behind them, the sound of Colonel O’Neill rose in volume for a moment before settling back down to the normal volume of an O’Neill row. Teal’c turned towards her. “This is most peculiar, Major Carter. I am not aware of this happening in any previous co-operations with other branches of the government.”

Sam grimaced. “This is all new to me too, Teal’c. Usually we have priority over all other branches due to our unique circumstances. This time however, it looks almost as though we’ve run straight into someone with a higher clearance priority than us.”

Teal’c frowned. “That is most disturbing. I was under the impression that there was not a higher level than that given to us.”

Suddenly, there was a flurry of activity around several machines that had not been present when Teal’c had entered the cultists warehouse. The NID representative, with an almost relieved expression, fled from Colonel O’Neill and rushed over. The main screen quickly changed to a view of the suspect three storied warehouse from what appeared to be the top of their warehouse.

And with a large ball of orange flame, the entire top storey of that warehouse exploded skywards, throwing debris high in the air.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Splashdown" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 04.

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