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High Seas Adventure

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Summary: The fight with Glory takes a bit longer and the portal opens fully, merging two worlds. The Grand Line will never know what hit it! No pairing yet.

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Anime > One PieceCameronYoungFR1822,262061,60924 Mar 104 Apr 10No

The Beast of Hermery Island

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don’t own it.

Hermery Island: A Dark Forest

A young man ran as hard as he could, tears streaming down his face. His breath came in ragged gasps as he fumbled his way through the underbrush.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I don’t want to die! Not as a Virgin! Give me That at least!”

He knew that his breath was better used to fuel his escape but terror does things to the rational thought process. The point was proven moot when a tendril from the darkness behind him darted out and impaled his calf, causing him to scream in pain and fear as he collapsed to the forest floor. He couldn’t run. He turned to face his doom.


A brown mop of hair was the last part of the pudgy young man to disappear into the darkness.

Buffy dropped off the side of her sloop and began to wade the small ship towards the crescent shaped shore. No sooner had she landed her boat than a teenager with unruly, spiky gray hair came barreling out of the nearby tree line, tripped over his own feet and went tumbling until he managed to a stop. Unfortunately, his method left something to be desired in that his head stopped him by colliding with Buffy’s boat, rendering him unconscious.

Buffy smirked with a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she quietly judged the boy.

“Hello salty goodness!”

Pike woke as he always wakes; slowly. He groaned and reached up to touch the tender part of his head.

“That stings…” He trailed off as he winced at the pain that seemed to infuse his entire body.

“Well that’s what happens when you use your skull to fight a boat, the boat tends to win.”

In an instant, he was up in a crouching position with one of his many hidden knives in his hand which was, itself, cocked back, ready to throw with deadly accuracy.

Then, the blood in his injured head caught up with the rest of him and, as liquid tends to do, kept flowing, giving him a horrendous sense of vertigo. Disoriented, he fell to the ground once again and heard his companion giggle at him for falling face first into the sand.

“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh but it’s funny!” She managed to get out between giggles. When she managed to calm herself enough to introduce herself, she held out her hand and said, “I’m Buffy D. Summers. What’s your name?”

The gray haired youth threw a speculative glance at the pretty blond and muttered as he took the helping hand, “Pike. Treasure Hunter.”

“Neat! I’m a pirate myself!”

Pike snorted and nearly fell over again with laughter as he took another look at the short, spindly blond.

“It’s not that unbelievable!” she protested.

“Hahahahahahehehe… yes it is. Hehehe.”

“Fine. Don’t believe me.” She crossed her thin arms across her chest. As his laughter died down, she remembered a question she had meant to ask. “Why were you in such a hurry anyway?”

His light mood visibly darkened as memories came flooding back. He scowled as he simply stated, “I was running from a monster.”

“A monster? You know, all fangs and ‘grr’itude?”

Pike glared at her for the infantilization of the situation. “Yea. Our crew was here searching for the lost treasure of the great pirate Lothos. We found the treasure in a cave at the center of the island. Turns out that it’s not called ‘the lost treasure’ because no one knows where it is. It’s lost because the monster that guards it is unkillable. Bullets, swords, nothing worked and everyone died. I barely got away with my life. It even sunk the damned ship. We need to get out of here! Quickly, before that… Thing finds us here! We might be able to make the next island if”

“So the treasure’s still there?” The petite girl had a slightly manic smile over her face.

“That’s… No. You can’t! That’s… crazy! Suicide! Don’t even think… Buffy? Get back here! Don’t!” As Buffy got up and began jogging towards the trees, Pike was faced with a dilemma. Follow the obviously insane woman towards certain and messy doom or steal her ship and book it as quickly as possible with the gold he had managed to pocket before the disaster. After a moment’s indecision, he made the only really smart choice.

“Stupid pretty girls. Stupid libido. Stupid unfathomable horrors.” Pike complained as he made his way towards that awful cave with his senses on full alert.

“Decided to stop being a coward then?”

Pike jumped when he heard the mocking voice. “How the hell did you get behind me?”

“I’m sneaky.” Buffy whispered conspiratorially.

“I’ll bet.” Pike said sourly. “You’re really set on this?”

“Yup.” Buffy replied cheerily.

“Fine. Maybe I can use you as a distraction to steal more gold while the creature is eating you.”

“Aww, such gallantry!”

“Whatever. Just try not to die immediately. I’ll have better chances if you struggle a little bit before you die.” Buffy just smiled.

They walked on in silence after that.

After an hour of walking, the pair came to a clearing and Pike ducked down and pushed his back against a fallen log. He grasped his throwing knife desperately as he peered over his cover at the cave lest than thirty feet away, scouting for danger. Buffy stood and looked at him with a small smirk

“Get down!” He whispered urgently. Buffy squatted down to his level and looked out over the log to see a medium sized house cat sleeping in front of the cave.

“So, where’s this horrible beast of hell?” She asked, not even bothering to regulate her volume.

“It’s right there.”

“Behind the kitty?”

“It’s not a kitty! It’s a fiend from hell! Don’t let it fool you!”

“HAHAHAHA! I can not believe you’re scarred of a little, bitty…”

She was cut off when the brown fur ball woke up, looked in their direction and hissed, just as a normal cat would. However, a normal cat’s skin would not have peeled back to reveal a muscled skull with some sort of spiked tentacle for a tongue. A heavy quite pervaded the clearing for a long moment before Buffy broke the silence.

“Well, that shut me up.”

The spell that held everyone still broken, they all blurred into motion. Pike dove behind a boulder even as the spiked tongue of the hell beast shot out impossibly far and fast, hitting the log with enough force to make it explode in a shower of splinters. Buffy’s hand came up to shield her face from the wooden shrapnel even as she charged the monster with a crazy grin stretched across her face. She dodged several more stabs from that vicious spike before jumping six feet in the air, hands held high.

“Hemlock Hammer!” She shouted as her clasped hands turned to wood and grew in size. She brought her arms down with a thunderous crash but struck only ground. The Creature had jumped out of the way at the last possible second and lashed out with its tongue. Buffy jumped and spun in the air to dodge.

“Wooden Whip!” Her right leg began to turn to wood as she turned in the air to slam her heel down on the monstrosity. Once again, it proved too fast as it darted to the left and back before unleashing its primary weapon once more. It was then that what could be construed as a thought passed through her mind in the heat of battle. ‘Problem: Its Mobility. Solution:… heh heh heh.’

As the tongue whistled towards her, she cleared her mind and focused on this one task. She raised her hand and caught the tentacle just behind its spiked tip. Her smile was pure predator.

She spun backwards and pulled with both hands. She built up what she thought was a respectable speed and simply released and the light weight beast went soaring off through the trees. Thank you, centrifugal force.

“Well that was certainly fun!” Buffy exclaimed happily.

“I don’t care! Get in here and start loading up a sack!” came Pike’s shout from the cave.

“Don’t you want to know how I could do all that stuff with the wood?”

“I. Don’t. Care!”

“You know, most girls like it when a guy wants to know more about them.” Buffy said sulkily.

“You know, most girls like it when a guy isn’t perforated by hell spawn. Which I will be if we’re not gone when that thing gets back.” Pike retorted as he handed her a bag.

“Touche.” She said as she took the sack and began loading up on valuables.

When their respective bags were full they made their way out of the cave with Buffy grabbing one last golden necklace and throwing it over her head as they made their escape. At breakneck speed, they hurtled through the forest, barely stopping to push the boat off the shore. When they got out to a decent floating distance they let out the full mast and caught strong wind out of the inlet.

Wind at their backs, sea spray in their faces, they turned and smiled at each other. Smiles turned to grins, grins turned to chuckling and chuckling evolved to full blow belly laughter. The collapsed against opposite sides of the boat’s railing when they where finished and both uttered three simple words full of freedom and cheer.

“We made it.”

Neither had noticed the shadow that had slipped aboard with them.

AN: I know, Son of a Snake is more popular but it depresses me so dreadfully and this one makes me smile. But *Damn* is it difficult to try and think up a devil's fruit no one has used before that won't overpower the Buffmiester. R&R please and thank you.

The End?

You have reached the end of "High Seas Adventure" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Apr 10.

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