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High Seas Adventure

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Summary: The fight with Glory takes a bit longer and the portal opens fully, merging two worlds. The Grand Line will never know what hit it! No pairing yet.

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Anime > One PieceCameronYoungFR1822,262061,60924 Mar 104 Apr 10No


Disclaimer: This is Fan fiction. No one on this site owns anything. If I owned one piece or Buffy, I would not be writing fanfiction.


Glory was very happy that she had devoured a mailman’s sanity before this fight. She had been truly surprised by the red headed bi… witch’s attack; hell, she didn’t even know that that sort of thing had been possible. Then there was the orb. The damned thing was like rubbing sand paper against her eyes. Then the wrecking ball. Then the robot. AND a frickin’ god hammer. Her little pre-battle snack was all that had kept her going. Why were these people so damned stubborn? Couldn’t they see that she just wanted to go home?

It didn’t matter. She saw her ever faithful servant what’s-his-name bleed the mini-pest that held her beautiful key after throwing that bleached idiot off the scrap-metal monolith. The blood- why was it always blood? She didn’t see much use in the stuff- dripped and seemed to catch on some invisible ball. The ball turned blue outlined in white and began to expand. Glorificus, goddess of beauty, war and muffins, smiled. She was going home. Right after she beat this stupid slayer into a fine red paste.

Just then, her gateway home proved her own undoing as it flared brightly, causing her to shut her semi-mortal eyes. The slayer had her back to the portal and was unhindered, if unnerved by the screaming dragon that passed overhead, by the flash and took advantage of the first true opportunity she had had to end the exchange of blows. With an overhand swing, the multi-ton instrument of destruction was brought down on Glory’s head and the insane hell goddess knew no more.

Buffy, however, knew many things. She knew pain and exhaustion. She knew that killing a god feels no different than killing a demon, despite the difference in difficulty. She also knew that the eerie glow above her meant that she had failed, was too slow in stopping her enemy. She knew that everyone and everything she had ever loved or would ever love was a few moments away from being completely annihilated. She knew total despair.

An exhausted Willow saw the portal and decided that the best way to face impending doom was to kiss her lover as fiercely as possible. Xander did what he always did when faced with certain death, he laughed fully and heartily. This prompted Anya to use her last moments on this Earth gazing in wonder at the man she loved. Giles looked upon final Armageddon as any true Englishman would; with quiet dignity and poise. Spike looked upon final Armageddon as any true cockney would; spewing every curse he could think of. Finally, Dawn wept silently for her role in bringing the end of the world.

Everything was bathed in and incandescent, blue-white light and everything went quiet.

In a nearby afterlife, the spirit formerly know as Glorificus vowed violently to find and torture the spirit of the henchman that did the date calculation for the ritual. That was not her home dimension at all. Hell, it wasn’t even close.

On a sloop-of-war in the East Blue sea, Buffy Summers woke with a start and checked for danger around her. When she found nothing but water, she calmed down.

“What a strange dream that was.” The 16 year old blonde pirate smiled as she deployed the sail to catch the rising wind. “I hope I can find some friends in the next port. You can’t become the pirate queen if you don’t have a crew!”

AN: First fic. Dunno how far I can take this but I’ve got a few ideas. A lot of it depends on whether or not you guys think this is any good. Peace.
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