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Son of a Snake

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Summary: Post-S7. Xander's happy-go-lucky trip to the dark side. Not Nice at all.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyCameronYoungFR1833,07714512,02424 Mar 1028 Apr 11No

The Scream Heard 'Round The World

9:00 Am

In a very large, very old castle sitting between a forest and a lake and shrouded in myth and magic, Harry Potter pitched forward and screamed. The teacher, a toadish woman dressed fully in pink, stood and glared.

"Mister! Potter!" She exclaimed, yelling equally to have her voice heard and because she privately enjoyed yelling at Potter. "I will not have your... Hysterics! Interrupting My! Class! Detention!"

The teenager ignored her, writhing on the ground, clawing at the lightning bolt shaped scar.

"You will get up!"

Skin tore beneath his fingernails.

"G-Get up, Potter! I won't fall for your tricks!"

"I don't think he's faking, miss." The teacher couldn't tell who had spoken.

"Of course he's faking. This is just another of his little ploys..." A fine purple mist began to seep from the scar. " to...incite..." The mist spread across the floor. "...p-p-public..." The mist seemed to bite at the heels of anyone close enough, as if it were weakly trying to garb hold of something, anything. The mist finally lost cohesion and dissipated. Harry's stopped screaming. "...disorder." She finished lamely.

The boy stared at the ceiling and said with an awed voice, "Good boy. Always liked Hyenas." before he passed out into a peaceful sleep.

Harry was summarily rushed to the infirmary.

Saudi Arabia

A one handed man walked through the desert pushing a shopping cart. Inside the cart was a book with an inhuman face on the front cover that always looked to be glaring at you hatefully. His dry and cracked hand gently passed over the raised plastic lettering.

"Shop smart..." He muttered to no one.

He stopped suddenly, frozen the way prey freezes when it knows that it is hunted. He scanned the dunes around him, finding nothing. He smirked and pulled the shotgun from his back.

"Alright, Mother Fucker. Ball's in your court."

5:00 PM

The Dragon had put up distressingly little fight, making his anger and power grow. The Musk empire was nothing.
Power. There. In the west.
Maybe he would finally find an opponent strong enough.
Strong enough to end him.
Akuma walked.

6:00 PM

Minako Aino cried. She didn't know why. One moment she was feeding her cat Artemis, the next she was on the floor sobbing into the carpet, clutching at a phantom pain in her chest. She screamed and the pain did not stop. She curled herself into a ball and the pain did not stop. She tried to stand but she could not escape it. But she did not wonder why, she didn't ask what made her feel this way. She already knew.

Minako Aino knew she had lost something precious. She knew that somewhere, somehow, her true and destined love was gone.

4:00 AM

Dawn Summers woke suddenly with the creeping feeling that something was wrong. She did not get back to sleep.

New York
4:00 AM

Jean Grey woke suddenly with the creeping feeling that something was wrong. She did not get back to sleep and neither did Scott.

5:00 AM

Willow Rosenburg woke with the absolute certainty that something was wrong. Her wards alerted her to a truth she did not want to know.

Xander Harris, as she knew him, was dead.

She did not get back to sleep.

A/N: Sorry for the hiatus. My muse cheated on me but we went to couples counseling for imaginary figments and now we're back!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Son of a Snake" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 11.

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