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BtVS-XMen Drabbles

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Summary: Jinni asked for odd-pairing crossover drabbles to cheer her up... Here are several different almost-drabbles, each with different pairings.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Multiple PairingsLucindaFR1582,4290128,13823 Nov 0317 Oct 04Yes

Tara and... (slash)

author: Lucinda
rating: no higher than PG13.
disclaimer: Tara McClay is the creation of Joss for BtVS. the featured others are from assorted Marvel comics.
distribution: Twisting, Mental Wanderings, Paula, Cat, Luba - anyone else ask.
notes: each 200 word drabble is unconnected, and seasons will vary. The other characters are drawn from various points in the Marvel continuity.
dedication: for Joe, the femme-slash fiend.


Tara sighed, walking away from the college library. Willow was smart, and she seemed really interested in the magic, but… How could she explain that what she really wanted was more than just a study partner, or someone to practice the Arts with? Her friendship with Willow was still too new to just blurt out that she was gay, and had hoped that Willow might be as well.

“Goddess, just… I want someone. Please?”

There was a flare of heat, and it looked like a hole opened in the sky, spitting forth a woman wrapped in flames. Fortunately, the flames were out when she landed on the grass. A pair of high black ponytails, a short dress in black and bright pink with gold trim, and a gorgeous pair of legs…

The woman groaned, and Tara rushed to her side.

“Is anything broken?”

The most beautiful pair of dark eyes opened, and the woman smiled. “My pride.”

It felt like her insides were melting as the woman smiled, and Tara tried to breathe while helping the woman to her feet. “Can I help?”

“I’m Mariko.”

“Tara.” Hr name was a whisper.

Lips met in a gentle kiss.

Thank you, Goddess.

End Tara and Mariko.

Tara blinked back tears as she looked at the stars. “I hate it here.”

“You’ll catch your death of cold out here, Tara.” The voice was unexpected.

Tara spun, her foot slipping on the fallen leaves. Recognizing the other woman, she tried to hide the bruise on her cheek. “Paige. I didn’t… I thought I was alone.”

Paige’s hand was gentle as she pulled Tara’s hand away from her face. “You don’t have to be alone.”

“My father won’t let me go.” Tears burned in her eyes, and over the bruise.

“I’ll help you.” Paige leaned over, her lips barely brushing over the bruise. “If you let me.”

“Paige?” Tara didn’t know how to ask the questions. When, how, what had changed to let Paige acknowledge this? And why was she even trying to ask?

“I went into the world, Tara. It’s a big, scary place, even for an X-man.” Paige pulled her hand closer. “It’s too dangerous to ignore feelings because they might be awkward.”

“Are you saying… that you… and me?” Tara stammered.

“I don’t know.” A smile. “But I’d like to find out.”

“That sounds…” Tara considered mutation, enemies, discrimination, the risks of a hero. “Good, actually.”

end Tara and Husk.

Tara sipped at her beer, wondering yet again why she was here. Right, the apartments were being repainted, and the fumes were driving her crazy. She could have gone to that quiet little college in California, but no… She’d chosen New York City.


Sipping at her beer, she looked up, letting her eyes wander over the crowd. Too many people, too much noise, too many drunk guys, not enough cute women. Smoke and shadows everywhere.

Suddenly, Tara sat up, eyes widening at the woman that had just walked in. Pale blond hair, white leather pants, white corset-top… Wow.

“Don’t let her drag us back now…” The girl was underage, and half drunk.

Tara stood up, hoping not to be knocked from the stool, the gorgeous woman was there.

“Can you help me get my students back where they belong?”

Tara nodded, wondering if she’d even be able to speak if she tried. This shyness of hers could be a big problem… And she found herself helping Emma Frost drag a pair of underage mutants back to school.

Emma smiled. “Thank you, Tara. Have you considered changing schools?”

“The idea has some appeal.” Tara managed.

“Think about it.” Emma winked.

End Tara and Emma.

The End

You have reached the end of "BtVS-XMen Drabbles". This story is complete.

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