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BtVS-XMen Drabbles

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Summary: Jinni asked for odd-pairing crossover drabbles to cheer her up... Here are several different almost-drabbles, each with different pairings.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Multiple PairingsLucindaFR1582,4290128,13123 Nov 0317 Oct 04Yes

Wesley & Emma

Author: Lucinda
contains a scantily dressed Emma Frost with a guy noticing.
disclaimer: If you recognize them, they are not mine. Anyone from BtVS/AtS was created by Joss Whedon, anyone from the X-Men comics belongs to Stan Lee/Marvel Comics.
distribution: Twisting. Anyone else, ask.
note: These are tiny drabbles, written to try to cheer up Jinni. They all go AU at some point or other.

Wesley/Emma Frost

Wesley closed his eyes, thinking how fortunate he was to get this job. Everything in his past had been in preparation to be the Watcher of a Slayer, and in the Council's opinion, he'd failed spectacularly. He'd left Los Angeles just a little ahead of the Council's extraction and clean-up team, gone halfway across the country, and had ended up... here. He’d applied for a position teaching literature at a private academy.

"I think you are perfectly qualified to teach here, Mr. Wyndham-Price." The headmistress' voice was a soft tone, almost conversational.

With a smile, he looked at her. "I'm delighted for this opportunity, Ms. Frost."

She leaned forward slightly, her white jacket falling open to reveal a white corset that was amazingly filled out. "Please, call me Emma."

Wesley swallowed, wondering if he should be thanking God or backing slowly away. Nothing would be the same for him now.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking