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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Wierdest Apocalypse Ever

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Summary: The Scooby gang get pulled into Dogma in a series of drabbles.

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Movies > DogmagrundyFR13101,4562713,69725 Mar 1025 Mar 10Yes

1. Intro/Disclaimers

Disclaimer: Neither BtVS nor Dogma belong to me. The former is Joss Whedon's, the latter Kevin Smith. Also, for the record, Mr. Smith writes a far better disclaimer than I do.

The ficlets that follow were written for various challenges at the tthdrabbles community on LiveJournal. There may or may not be more later, but for now I'm marking it finished so as not to raise anyone's hopes unnecessarily. Seven of the drabbles were written for the '7 Virtues' challenge, thus the titles.
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