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Buffy Summers in the 25th Century

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Summary: Things didn't go quite as planned when Buffy saved Dawn on the tower. Now they and a lot of thier friends find themselves five centuries in the future with a new set of problems.

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Chapter 4

Buffy Summers in the Twenty-Fifth Century.


Chapter 4


I own nothing, if you recognize something it belongs to someone else.  I make no profit off of the following.


Wilma was trying to figure out how cold blooded creatures could be so active in the cool evening air.  There weren’t all that many of them, but their speed and strength made them dangerous.  There were several other alien species in the mix, and this confused her more. As far as she knew from history, it was only after the final war that aliens made themselves known to Earth. There should not have been the variety that was present here, not to mention she had yet to see a familiar species.


A beeping from the sensors in the shuttle got her attention, there was a heat source coming their way that was moving faster than a humanly possible that was moving through the aliens lines. Judging by the life forms that were falling in its wake, whatever it was, it was cutting quite a swath through the strange aliens. Deciding that she wanted to see what it was, Wilma issued orders to let it through their lines. She was immensely surprised when it turned out to be a  dark haired young woman, dressed in strange blue clothes that she recognized as ‘blue jeans’ from knowing Buck.  The stranger sailed over the barricade that Wilma was taking cover behind and let the crossbow she was carrying skid along the ground.  She popped up with a fire axe in hand and as the first alien that was following her leaped the barricade she split it from crotch to throat with the axe. Orange goo exploded everywhere, coating everything within five feet of the alien; fortunately, Wilma was standing about ten feet away from the foul smelling mess.  The second one, one of the human looking cold blooded aliens, managed to land, but that didn’t help it much as the woman simply turned the axe around and took the other thing’s head off neat as you please with a casual backhand, the body turning to dust before the head could hit the ground.


“Hi,” the woman said as she choked up on the axe, shifting her grip so she held just under the head. Looking at her though, Wilma thought that girl might be a little more accurate description.


“You look like you can use some help.” That statement was punctuated by one of the fighters doing another strafing run down the street.  The really were shooting lasers, Faith saw, now that she was up close to the actions.


“Faith?” A voice asked from behind her in a questioning tone. Turning Faith saw it was Xander, he had a silver blanket of some type wrapped around him, and he was staring at her in disbelief.


“Hey Xander,” she said nervously. “How ya been?”


“How did you get out of jail?” He asked in return, as he stood up and moved away from the blonde on the ground that was being checked over by one of the guys in white.


Faith laughed kind of nervously as the woman in the white uniform was suddenly fixing Faith with her undivided attention. “Funny story that, remember Whistler?”


Xander just moaned.


“Colonel!” One of Wilma’s guards yelled. She glanced up and saw almost a dozen of the cold blooded aliens charging the line. Six actually made it through the defensive fire and leaped the barricade.  Before the first one landed, Faith had exploded into action. She staked the first one that was about to overbear Wilma. The second and third were kicked back over the barricade where they were shot with lasers from the surrounding guards, both bursting into flames. The fourth Faith threw in Xander’s general direction figuring he’d be able to handle it. The fifth she leg swept as she staked the sixth, then reversing the stake she nailed the fifth as it was trying to get up. Glancing over at Xan she saw he indeed was able to stake it.


However, “You threw a vampire at me!” He accused angrily.


“But you staked it,” Faith pointed out, quite reasonably she thought.


“You threw a VAMPIRE AT ME,” Xander repeated, pissed.





Spike leaned over to Dawn and whispered, “Distract the guard.”


Dawn didn’t argue, she hadn’t thought about it until now, but she realized they could not let Spike get taken to a hospital. She moved up and started talking to Jenkins, starting with the question, “What happened to Old Chicago?”


As soon as the guard was concentrating on the ‘Bit, Spike casually turned into a cross hallway, when no call of ‘Stop!’ came, he quickened his pace down the hall.  He needed to find somewhere to duck into, preferably the sewers.  He felt guilty about leaving Dawn to hold the bag, but he really didn’t want to be experimented on by some curious doc’s.


As he passed a crossed a hallway, Spike failed to notice the small metallic form coming down the other passageway.  The three foot high robot was carrying a round box that had the semblance of face on its front. The face said, with its mouth flashing, “Twiki, I think I need to be taken to the maintenance center, my sensors seem to be out of calibration they indicated that the oddly dressed human that just passed was the same temperature as the environment.”


“Di-di-di-dop,” the robot replied.


“Yours also? That hardly seems possible.  We should follow him then.”




Buck joined Wilma to watch a young woman dressed in blue jeans and a jeans jacket argue with one of the survivors from Sunnydale, “What’s up?”


Wilma turned, “Any luck with your questioning?”


“Not really, it turns out the two women are together,” Buck said.


“The old Buck charm loosing its touch?” Wilma asked with a chuckle.


“There are limits even for that,” Buck agreed. “Who’s this?”


“Her name is Faith and she is apparently known to the survivor she is arguing with.  She exhibited more than human speed and is probably one of the deadliest hand to hand fighters I have ever seen. Also she is apparently an escaped prisoner,” Wilma told Buck, not being particularly happy with the last part.


“Okay,” Buck said, moving forward, “maybe I can have more luck with her.”


Rupert Giles got to the scene before Buck could though, “Enough you two, we have bigger problems.”


Both Faith and Xander turned toward the older man, “She threw a vampire at me!” Xander complained.


“But you staked it, cuz I knew you would,”


Giles sighed and pinched his nose.


“Wait, did she just say vampire?” Buck asked.


“Yes they call those cold blooded aliens vampires, though they only possess a passing resemblance to a vor-von.” Wilma told him.


“Faith, how did you get here?” Giles asked in a patient voice, he would not explode in front of these new people, not when they had Buffy and Dawn… and Spike too he guessed.


“Whistler. He told me you guys would need help 500 years in the future, so here I am.  Where’s B?”


“Buffy was gravely wounded in the last fight; these people have taken her, Dawn and Spike off for medical treatment.”


“Spike? That’s going to be an interesting examination.”


“Excuse me,” Wilma said, injecting herself into the conversation.


“I’m Colonel Wilma Dearing of the Earth Defense Directorate.   Could one of you tell me what is going on here, who this woman is, and how she is able to do what she does.  Who are these aliens we are fighting, and is there some way to make them stop attacking us rather than killing them?”


The three Sunnydalers looked back at Buck and Wilma with blank looks on their faces, simultaneously Faith and Xander turned to Giles and said, “All yours.”




Jenkins suddenly realized he only had one person. Turning to Dawn he asked, “Where did the other one go?”


Dawn bit her lip and said, “Uh, he really hates hospitals?”


Jenkins was going to curse, then realized he had a minor in front of him and settled on hitting his comlink and saying, “This is Jenkins, one of the people I am escorting has gotten lost, he’s 175 to 185 centimeters, slim, blond hair.  He is wearing a black over coat, a red shirt and black pants.  If spotted please bring to the hospital.”


Dawn looked grim, hopefully Spike would be able to get under cover before someone spotted him.


Jenkins turned back to Dawn and starting the gurney moving again he said to Dawn, “Lets get your sister to medical, and then see about getting you checked out too.”  His sergeant was so going to chew him out.





Wilma and Buck could only stare at the Sunnydale refugee. If they didn’t have physical proof of these creatures both of the Earth Directorate officers would be looking to get these people some psychological help.


Wilma turned to Buck and said, “You never mentioned these creatures before, Buck.”


Buck could only shrug, “As far as I knew vampires and demons were myths, something that popped up in movies and books, not really stalking the night.”


Turning to Giles, Buck asked, “How close to real were the stories?”


“The modern Hollywood vampire was not very accurate; vampires could only wish they had that kind of power.”


“How about Dracula or some of the older works?” Buck asked.


Dracula was accurate as far as he was concerned, but he was the only vampire I ran into that had that kind of power.”


Buck froze, “You met Dracula?”


“Yes,” Giles smirked, “Though Xander here had a bit more of a relationship with him than I did.”


Xander had been talking to the medic that was taking care of Anya, but he had been half listening to the conversation, “Hey!” he exclaimed indignantly turning his head to address Giles, “I thought we were never going to mention that incident again, or should I be giving them a blow by blow of your little encounter with Drac’s significant others?”


Giles blushed a little, but said nothing more.


Buck was interested in the full story, Wilma not so much, she had more shuttles inbound and would be they would be landing soon, both to unload troops and evacuate survivors. She needed more information. “Mr. Giles,” she interrupted, “I’d really like to know if there is any way to reason with these aliens.  I have more troops coming in, but given how resistant some of these creatures are, we could still be looking at high casualties, I’d really appreciate if there was some way to reason with them.”


“Colonel Dearing, from what I know of the Sunnydale Underground, unless there is some master villain operating, it’s really more of a loose confederation of demons than something that we would consider a government to be negotiated with.”


“Watcher! We wish to negotiate,” a deep booming voice came from the other end of the street.


Wilma and Buck, not to mention Faith and Xander all looked at Giles. He sighed and muttered, “It would be so boring if one were right all the time.”


Giles moved to the barricade and called out, “This is Rupert Giles, I am the Watcher; to whom am I speaking?”


“I am NyTesh, of the De-Gro-Ri. I wish to parley,” the voice boomed.


Giles stuck his head over the barricade and saw a large bipedal demon at the other end of the street. It was a rust brown color, at least nine feet tall, with a tail thicker than its legs resting on the ground behind it.  It had two arms, a little longer than what a human would have, and three finger hands with opposable thumbs, the tips of which were tipped with a set of claws that looked like they could rip a tank open, military, not fluid storage. Topping its head was a multicolor crest of spines that almost seemed to be glowing.


Giles climbed over the barricade and stood on the street, “What are you offering Nytesh?”


“The De-Gro-Ri will stop the lesser ones from continuing the fight. In return we wish the humans to leave the feeding grounds.  When we are done, they can have their land back.”


Glancing back at Wilma Dearing, he quirked an eyebrow. “Find out how long they want the area for, I know we have scientists that are going to want to examine this area closely,” the Colonel replied.


“How long do you wish to retain ownership of this land?” Giles yelled back.


“Two Solar rotations of this planet.”


“Two years,” Giles replied.


“Find out if we promise not to damage the feeding grounds if they will let our scientist do research.  What do they eat anyway?” Wilma asked.


“The De-Gro-Ri feed on magic much like a plant feeds on light.  I imagine what ever happened here must have released a tremendous amount.”


“Are they dangerous?” Buck asked.


“Only if you try to steal what they consider theirs, and they are stronger than they look.  If you are planning on confronting them, I would suggest you bring in whatever armored forces you have.”


Turning back to the street, “The local authorities are willing to let you have your feeding grounds, but they ask that they be allowed to research the area, as it is very important to their history.”


The big demon considered for a second, and then boomed, “As long as they do not damage the feeding, they may research. Make sure they know, they damage; we kill.” With that the demon turned and fighting could be heard around the corner.


“I suggest we get everyone out of here quickly Colonel,” Giles remarked.


“Why, do you think he’ll break his word?”


“No, he and his people might lose.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy Summers in the 25th Century" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Aug 11.

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