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Meeting at the Crossroads

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Summary: Cas has an interesting conversation with two strangers at a bar

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)improvedpeanutFR1312,0892104,62525 Mar 1025 Mar 10Yes
Title:Meeting at the Crossroads
Pairing: Dean/Cas, Spike/Xander
Spoilers: AU Supernatural, none Post Chosen
Warnings: AU, none
Summary: Cas has an interesting conversation with two strangers at a bar
Disclaimer: I in no way own Supernatural, the characters, and am in no way making no money from this, Kripke owns all. I also in no way own Buffy or its characters, Joss Whedon owns all

With the apocalypse averted hunts were few and far between these days for the Winchesters. Well the Winchesters plus one. Castiel was granted special privileges for his faith and the role he had in averting the end of the world.

Cas was allowed to stay on earth with his grace restored and as an added perk he was granted human emotions and sensations. Course trying to get him to understand what they were was at times challenging like dressing for the weather, eating regularly and sleeping were the hardest for him. Of course the both of the boys were helping, Dean in particular was showing surprising patience and enthusiasm. He found particular joy in getting Cas out of his holy tax accountant look and teaching him the joys of burgers and pie.

“Dean he needs to relax and learn how to interact with people, on a you know, a more informal, non-hunt related way.” Sam said sounding exasperated.

“But a bar? Full of women?” Dean hissed, “You tryin’ to corrupt him there Sammy-boy? It’s not a good idea!” He was mad he did not want Cas to change. Not the angel’s passion and beliefs and even the formal and often stilted way that he spoke. Dean also admired his independence that he gained for himself from the other angels.

Castiel interrupted the brothers saying, “Dean if Samuel feels it is important for me to learn this skill of human interaction than perhaps it is a good idea.” Castiel was intent on going; he didn’t want to do anything to embarrass the oldest hunter thinking that Dean wanted him to be more ‘normal.’

He wanted Dean to be proud of him. He wanted to stay.

That ended the discussion; Dean couldn’t bring himself to deny Cas what he wanted, even if it hurt himself in the process.


“We don’t need to get to Cleveland till the day after tomorrow so we can get the tire properly replaced in the morning. It’s not apocalypse season yet, so just calm down, we’ll go for a drink if we can find a bar, kay?”

“Bleedin’ hell there had better be some Jack in this back-water-hole-of-a-small-town-middle-America that we’re stuck in, eh Pet?”

Xander was trying not to get to exasperated, like he would stop, even with a flat someplace that wouldn’t have Jack Daniels, “Spike! Its one night! One night! Yeesh! And yes I will buy you all the Jack you want, well not all the Jack you want cause I don’t have that kinda cash.”

“Aww, come on love...” Spike pouted.

Xander rolled his eyes before responding, “Puppy-dog eyes and pouty lips aren’t gonna work on me, now let’s go this hotel room is horrendous.“

“The hotel room is horrendous? It has the same colour scheme as your wardrobe, well your old wardrobe, now that you and I are together your taste has improved vastly.” Spike said while smoothing his hands down his chest, “For that you're welcome.”


“Okay Castiel just pick out who ever you find most appealing, who you're drawn to and go say hi. Me? I am going to the brunette in the black dress.” Sam imparted his wonderful advice on Cas before wandering off.

Castiel took his time looking around intently at all the people before his eyes narrowing in on a figure at the end of the bar.

The guy had bleach blond hair, black painted fingernails and a black duster, totally a Billy Idol wannabee. Before Dean could react Cas had headed straight over to the guy Dean's stomach twisted painfully and he headed to grab himself some beer, it was going to be a long night.


Spike was nursing his drink waiting for Xander to come back to him and he was starting to wonder if they should have stayed in the hotel room and spent the evening entertaining themselves. Hmm, maybe when he gets back...

“Hello, I am Castiel.”

“Yeah, and?” Spike warily eyed the man who was seriously in his personal space. Scratch that, not man, whatever this guy was; he was not human. He smelled like thunder, earth and the sun both potent and dangerous. Spike started to look for his Xan-pet so they can get the hell out of there.

“I wish to converse and perhaps to obtain you another drink.” Castiel couldn’t help but be drawn in by this creature’s soul. It was almost as bright and pure like Dean’s, but not quite as dazzling. It was unique to see such a soul on a vampire.

“Listen, not necessary go find the one you came in with yeah? He’d probably like it if you, err, converse with him.” he could smell the scent of another man on this guy, too strong to be casual acquaintances, “and me? Already got me a bloke to buy me drinks, he’s not too big with the sharin’ either.”

“Sharin’? I would purchase you a whole drink you would not be required to...share?” Castiel was unsure to what the man was referring to. He thought that it might be the drink since a conversation is ‘shared’.

Spike couldn’t deny the fact that the guy was adorable, the way his head tilted to the side, that befuddled expression, those bright blue eyes. As he let his eyes wander it looked like he was in good shape.

A loud and deliberate throat clearing interrupted his perusal and Spike turned a sheepish and slightly guilty expression on his lover.

Castiel’s gaze took in the man that had just joined them. His physical body had received severe damage both the loss of the one eye as well as all the other scarring on his body. Cas could also see the evil that had touched this man this soul, which surrounded him through out his life. And what appeared to be violent dark magicks preformed on him by one whom he loved.

Yet he still remained a righteous man.

“I am Castiel, I wish to buy your friend a drink and then we were going to partake in a conversation.”

Spike maneuvered himself into Xander’s blind spot putting a possessive arm around him.

“Partake in conversation? Is that what they’re calling it these days?” Xander said as his eyebrows looked as if they were going to climb right off his forehead.

Castiel’s head tilted some more.

“I find your lack of understanding of this concept to be... confusing.” Castiel was wondering of Sam had been correct.

“Spike, the way he’s talking, does it remind you of the... ‘bot?” Xander wanted to poke the guy in front of him to see if he were made out of plastic.

“Nah, don’t rightly know what though, not like you or me, or anything I’ve run across before. Course ‘e kinda smells like the bloke down the bar, the one who’s all huffy and grumbly. And that guy? Well, he’s one a you,” Spike gives Xander an appreciative up and down, “not as fine as yourself of course.”

“Lover’s quarrel?” Xander hazard a guess.

“Nah, not strong enough to be lovers.” Spike countered.

“Ploy to lure us away and eat our brains?”

Castiel was confused and worried that they thought he wanted to eat their brains.

“Possible but unlikely since that they’d sent the cute but stilted one, when they coulda sent the suave broody cute one.” Spike indicated down the bar.

Xander spotted the guy who was pretending not to be watching... and trying not to glower, he was green-eyed brunette and was well defined. Xander yelped when Spike pinched him for looking too long.

Spike tried to look innocent, it didn’t work too well, it never worked for him on Xander.

“Hmm, so awkward attempt to invoke jealousy?” Xander tried again.

“Topping the list at this mo’.”

Xander nodded, “Are we going to help the lovely couple?”

They looked at each other and silently agreed on helping the man in front of them while simultaneously trying to figure out what exactly he is.

“Right then before we start got a couple a questions for yea. You plannin’ on eatin us?”


“Sacrificing us in some sort of ritual?” Xander made a guess.

“No!” The questions were fired rapidly and Castiel couldn’t get in a word other than no.

“Taking us to your master who will do appalling tortures’ that would make us wish we were dead?”


“Taking us hostage in order to gain access?”

“Access to wha-.” The Winchester brothers had told Castiel that this was not the way to interact it was in fact the reason why he was supposed to be here. Perhaps the brothers were wrong.

“Takin’ us to a different dimension?”


“You wanting to sleep with one of us?”

“I do not often require sleep, nor would I need to join you.”

“Sex... he means sex, love.”


“Fancy some one else then?”


“Do you want to be, closer, more intimate with someone else? Someone you trust, someone you perhaps would follow through the brightest fires of hell for?”


“Someone you’d die for?”


“Hmm, perhaps someone you’d even live for?”

Castiel had swallowed hard not wanting to admit how true their words were.

“Okay so here’s the deal, when your bloke comes over tell him we’re gonna take you back to our room and we’ll be playing a game.” Spike aid as he waggled his eyebrows.

“And when he asks what kinda game give him this answer. Say that you can play it by yourself-”

“It’s good when you’re in a pinch but I much prefer the good, stiff, competition of Xander here.” Spike interrupted.

“Spike!” Xander yelped his cheek flushing brightly. “Moving along, then you tell him that we said the game was much better with two. But three people? Pure fun that will take you to whole new levels of satisfaction.”

Spike and Xander had maneuvered Castiel between the two of them steadily drawing closer to him during their questions.

“I do not understand...”

“What do you two think you’re doing?!?” Dean had made his way over, grabbed Cas by the arm and moved him away.

As Cas started to explain the ‘game’ he was going to play, Xander whispered to Spike “Well it looks as if we might have succeeded, though that colour puce doesn’t seem all that natural...”

“You are not learning that... that... GAME from those two!!!” Dean was practically shouting at Cas.

“I do not see why I can not join them Dean...”

“It’s not a game, it-it- they want to have...” Dean was struggling with the words, and he finished his sentance by hissing out “sex with you.”

Castiel looked over at the men by the bar in surprise contemplating everything that they had said to him before Dean had come over. They both subtly nodded in response to his questioning look.

“Well mate, it’s not like he ain’t a free man right? Not like you’re willin’ to step up to the plate.”

Dean sputtered out, “That... that... that is neither here nor there...”

“Well we are willing introduce him to the fine world of man-on-man loving, after all he seems so inclined...” Xander trailed off while keeping his gaze on Castiel.

Dean snapped his gaze to Cas his stomach roiling at the thought of him with someone else, anyone else. “Cas?”

“It is something that I have been considering.” Cas answered hesitantly and cautiously.

“But, what about your father and the fact that they’re, ya’ know, guys?” Dean never even considered the fact that Cas would be open to such an idea, especially considering who his father is.

“He would prefer for the individuals to be in love, gender is not an issue.” He answered carefully, his new emotions blocking his ability to read Dean accurately.

Spike leaned over and purred in Xander’s ear, “Since our job is done here let’s go play a game of our own. What d’ya say pet?”

Xander grabbed his hand and dragged him away while Dean and Cas were still staring intently at each other. After they made it to the door they turned around and looked back, Dean had his hands cradling Castiel’s face and was tenderly kissing him.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Meeting at the Crossroads". This story is complete.

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