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Wolfram & Hart's New Clients II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "W&H Clients". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Another round of ten potential clients for Angel and his crew to examine to see if they fit the new requirements that the vampire with a Soul has setup. Hits Marvel, Supernatural, TMNT, SG1, Underworld, La Femme Nikita, HP, and Alias

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredtexaswookieFR151017,905056,20925 Mar 1011 May 10Yes

Dr. Benton

Dr. Benton
The texaswookie swallows nervously as Doc Benton began sharpening his blades. The writer is helpless to run as he is strapped down to the chair. "You know what you have to say to get out of this." The old man said to the writer uncaringly. "If not then I'll have a few extra parts to use for the next time around."

The writer glares before grudgingly starting to talk. "I the the texaswookie lay no claim to the rights of the Angel characters or to the characters from Supernatural."

The group each took a shot of their various drinks before they turned to the files that lay on the table. "Okay then folks, let's go ahead and open one of these bad boys up." Lorne said as he randomly pulled a file towards him and opened it. He looked it over turned a light green and tried to close it. "Um, let's try a different one than this one. Please," He begged of his friends not really wanting to discuss this particular case after he had seen some of the pictures on the inside.

"Let me see it Lorne." Wesley said, holding his hand out to the demon for the file on their next potential client.

"Fine, just don't say that I didn't try and warn you before you saw this thing." The demon grumbled, as he pushed the file toward the British man.

"Our next potential client's name is Dr. Benton. He was a rather skilled surgeon in 1816 according to the files." Wesley read to the group.

"So he's some type of vampire then?" Gunn asked curiously as he waited for the English man to explain.

"Hardly," Wes returned as he showed the lawyer a picture of the old man. "He's an incredibly bright and insane doctor though."

"Really, and what is that?" Fred questioned him as she examined the picture and shivered a bit at the look of the old man. There was something menacing and almost deranged about him. The woman shivered slightly.

"So what is he then?" Angel asked as he examined the picture. "Some sort of demon maybe, or is he an alien I don't think that we've had one of those just yet." The souled vampire snarked to the others.

"No he's human actually." Wesley said as he continued to read the information. "He has somehow learned the secrets to eternal life. Unfortunately those secrets demand that he kill people and replace his various body parts with replacement parts that he surgically removes from people that he has killed. In essence he has turned himself into a type of demon that requires replacement parts to keep his body performing in the way that he needs it to. If he weren't its very likely that he would continue to age and die like a normal human would."

"And those demons are what?" Gunn asked curiously. "Are they anything that we need to worry about?"

"They're a special type of demon that have to replace certain body parts every few years." Angel explained. "You know things like the heart and brain, there were seven of them. It's why they called themselves the Brotherhood of Seven, but the last member of them was killed in Sunnydale a few years ago by a cursed puppet.

"Dude, you had weird people that you fought you know that right man?" Gunn questioned the vampire before turning back to the main conversation. "Could he happen to be one of those demons?"

"No the puppet was tied to the creatures as long as they were alive he was animated, the puppet died though so the chance of the Doctor being one of these demons is nonexistent." Angel explained to the others.

"So he's not a demon then?" Fred asked wanting clarification.

"No he's not. Angel confirmed to the scientist. "Whatever he is though, he's dangerous. If he really is as hard to kill as some people say he is then we might want to be careful just what it is that we say to him. Immortals can be a put crazy when it comes to killing or humiliating people that they consider enemies." Angel remembered the time that he and Spike had been humiliated by the Immortal and didn't really want to have to go through something like that again.

"Right so what are his crimes then?"

Gunn took the file from Wesley and looked it over. "Let's see, practicing medicine without a license, over a hundred counts of murder, illegal practice of medicine, illegal medical experiment, black market medical operations, and squatting. It doesn't look too good if they manage to get him. They probably can't hit him with malpractice ones though since most of those laws hadn't been written yet. Depends on what court he's tried in though for that particular case to work though. If the case is in a one with people involved in the Supernatural then we could have a problem with that."

"So what do we do with this guy?"

"Defend him I guess, there's nothing here that can really be held against him. All he wants to do is live forever. He doesn't want to take over the world and he's not just killing them for jollies in some weird messed up way he actually thinks that he's doing society a good thing by continuing his medical research."

"Is he going to be coming in?"

"No, he only filed this after a man by the name of John Winchester cut his heart out. He just doesn't want a misunderstanding to happen again."

"Seems like the Winchester family get around quite a bit. So what's the vote?"

"Unfortunately I'm afraid I'd have to say that he's really no worse than a common vampire." Wesley informed them. "With that in mind I have to vote that we represent him."

"English is right on that one." Gunn said to the others. "We got no real reason other than we really don't like the guy. Maybe we'll get lucky though and the Winchester boys will find someway to put him down for good and we won't ever have to represent him if he gets caught." He said hopefully.

"Fred, Lorne?" Angel asked hoping that the pair knew of a reason that they might be able to deny the Doctor for what he had done.

The two shook their heads before they voted to represent him. "Fine, send the guy the paperwork the next time that he decides to show himself." Angel said in annoyance.
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