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Wolfram & Hart's New Clients II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "W&H Clients". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Another round of ten potential clients for Angel and his crew to examine to see if they fit the new requirements that the vampire with a Soul has setup. Hits Marvel, Supernatural, TMNT, SG1, Underworld, La Femme Nikita, HP, and Alias

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredtexaswookieFR151017,905056,20925 Mar 1011 May 10Yes

Green Goblin

Green Goblin

The texaswookie dodges to the side, as a pair of razor bats barely missing the writer. “Why did I think writing a super villain would be a good idea?” The writer grumbles while watching as the Green Goblin turn around for another pass at the writer.

“Well if it isn’t the little writer.” Green Goblin mocked as he tossed a pumpkin bomb back and forth between his hands. “You know what I want there’s only one way for you to get out of this one with any chance of survival.” The armored figure sneered at the Texan. “Of course if you don’t then I simply blow you up.” The figure said, as he held the weapon up ready to throw it at the feet of the writer.

“All right I’ll say it!” The texaswookie returns. “I don’t own any of the characters that I’m using. Joss owns the Angel team and Marvel owns the rights to Spiderman and Green Goblin and Disney owns Marvel or they did when I last looked.”

“Yeah, can you believe that I have to share being owned with the likes of Dumbo now?” Green Goblin grumbles before flying off on his glider. The texaswookie smirks as a group of singing crows forms up behind the villain.

Angel drank from his mug as he adjusted his jacket. Today they were going to go through yet another round of new clients. The vampire was tempted to add some of the Irish whiskey that he knew was sitting in the wet bar. Still things couldn’t be as bad as the first day had been. There was no way that things could be as bad as it had been the other day. The other day was just them getting some of the worst ones out of the way. “Okay guys, who do we have today?” He asked his team feeling more confident about what they were doing today.

The first one up is from New York city, its Norman Osborne. Fred said excitedly as she looked at the file.

“All right what’s the guy done that’s got you so impressed?” Gunn questioned the girl curiously knowing that tacos were one of the few things that would get her up and going like this.

Fred stared at him in shock. “You’re joking right Charles? Norman Osborne, he’s the founder and CEO of OsCorp Industries, its right up there with businesses like Stark Enterprises.” The girl informed the group who all looked slightly oblivious to who she was talking about. The woman shook her head in disbelief at the lack of understanding that the group had of just what kind of person that was coming in here.

“So what are his crimes now that we’re somewhat caught up on just what a great guy this is.” Gunn asked as he looked at the file. Let’s see Norman Osborne AKA the Green Goblin.” Gunn looked up at the others at this. “Your serious you want us to help this guy? You do remember that this is the same guy that threatened a bunch of school kids right?” He questioned his friends while Fred merely looked in shock at this bit of information. “According to this he stole government property, stole a governmental prototype weapon that his company had been working on. He also stole a prototype drug, destroyed the remains of said drug, recklessly endangered people, destroyed another company’s prototype weapon, he has multiple counts of murder and man slaughter. You sure this a guy you want to admire Fred? According to this he had a hand in the murder of the Police Captains daughter.” Gunn told her as he showed her a picture of a blonde college girl.”

Fred just looked horrified that one of the men that she had looked up to for so long had turned into such a monster. The crimes that the man had were nauseating when she considered what they were about. “Can we kill him?” She asked somewhat hopefully.

“I’m afraid not.” Wesley informed the group. “As far as the reports go Mr. Osborne appears to be some kind of Immortal being. According to our sources he’s been blown up, drown, buried, skewered, and just about every other thing that we could think of happening in the regular world. None of these things seem to have had the desired effect on him for an overly long time. As of the moment very few if any magical means have been used on him. Mr. Osborne just simply refuses to stay down.”

“Well so much for the idea that he might be a decent human being.” Lorne said from his seat. “Of course he wouldn’t be a prospective Wolfram and Hart client though without having at least a few of his nuts loose.” The demon noted from where he was sitting.

“What do you think Gunn, can we win?” Angel asked his friend.

“Yeah sure man it won’t be a problem.” Gunn assured his friend confidently. “We can go with a desperate man track, and say that he did what he did because his entire world everything that he seemed to have worked for was crumbling down around him.” Gunn explained, tossing a file towards the vampire. “According to that there, it says that the Board of Directors were actually considering removing him from his positions as head of the company and put him out to pasture. After they were done with that they were going to sell the company to one of their chief rivals. The main thing standing in their way was Osborne, so they wanted him off the board so that they could sell without any problems. If we can prove that not only the stress but the drug had gotten to him then we can prove that he was at the time not mentally stable and ask for leniency. Control of the company would then be turned over to the client’s son, one Mr. Harry Osborne. The kid may not have his old man’s science smarts, but he did get his business ones in spades. That is possible right Fred?” He questioned the Texas woman.

“Yeah of course,” the girl said as she pulled several sheets of papers out and looked them over. “According to our reports the files show aggressive behavior was enhanced by nearly 500 percent. The fact is, if he hadn’t acted out like he had he would probably suffered from testosterone poisoning. We could even work in a way to commend him for keeping his aggressive acts down to the level that he did.” The woman said as she considered what she was reading.

“As long as you ignore the fact that he probably knew that there was a risk of something like this happening from the very start.” Wesley darkly pointed out to the others who all weakly agreed with his observation. “If he hadn’t decided to play Dr. Jekyll on himself then it’s doubtful that any of those other people would have had to die.”

Angel nodded at them before turning the intercom on. “Harmony, show Mr. Osborne in.” He clicked the device off as he finished his thoughts. “Let’s see just what kind of person that we’re dealing with this time around.” The others could only agree with those words as they turned to see the man that would come through the doors.

The doors were forced open and a man with dark red hair, and an arrogant sneer strode through the doors. “Good day,” the man greeted his eyes scanning the crowd like a wild animal trying to determine who was the alpha and who was the prey of the group in the room. His gaze locked with Angel and the pair tried to stare each other down. Gunn coughed breaking the two apart before they tried to fight each other. You must be Mr. Angel Norman said giving a false smile and offering his hand.

“Just Angel”, the vampire returned as he shook hands with the man. The vampire didn’t even flinch at the pain that was being excreted. He had survived hell, there was no way that a bit of pain from some enhanced human was going to bother him. “So Mr. Osborne, you want us to represent you in the upcoming trials that have you vs. the government, and various people that you have wronged. Tell me why should we want to represent you when you’re going to be heading up against some serious artillery. From what I’ve heard of you it’s possible that you could even get tried for terrorism since you ruined not only your own weapon project but also that of your rival and also killed several people including a general.”

“I don’t think it will be as bad as you fear Angel, I know enough secrets that it would be rather embarrassing if those particular charges were filed against me.” Osborne explained smugly to the group.

“Very well, that deals with one potential problem that we have.” Gunn said as he continued to look over the files. “What’s this part about you having vigilante problems though?”

“Leave him out of this, me and the Spider will have our reckoning one of these days. I won’t have people like you getting in the way of my revenge in dealing with him. When the time comes it will be just him and me.” Osborne said with a malicious grin and an unholy gleam in his eyes. “Spiderman will be mine, I will show him that no matter what he does he will always be hated for who and what he is. He thought I was bad this time he hasn’t seen anything yet.” The man assured the team.

“Gunn what’s your take on what we should do?” Angel asked the man appears to be somewhat unstable as it is if he wants to fight a Spider.

“He’s talking about Spiderman,” Fred volunteered to the vampire, “he’s a New York City Vigilante that has been working all over the city.” The woman pulled out a newspaper and passed it to Angel showing him a picture of a masked man dressed in bright red and blue with spider web designs all over it.

“Another one?” Angel questioned in disbelief at this as he examined the photo. “Didn’t we deal with two vigilante arrest cases just yesterday?” He asked as he thought back to the people that they had interviewed just the other day.

“Yeah, we did.” Gunn confirmed to his boss. “It seems to be a bit of a fad these days to put on a pair of spandex, or leather pants and beat up bad guys.”

“Anyways Mr. Osborne, I have a question for you before we can decide whether or not we can represent you in the coming case.” Gunn looked at the man who gave him a nod to continue on with his question. “Do you intend to destroy the world or bring hell to earth in some form or other?”

“It’s hard to rule over the smaller people if the world is gone.” Osborne assured the man with a cocky smirk.

“Very well then Mr. Osborne, then I think that there’s a chance that we can support you then.” Gunn returned sounding slightly disappointed that they would have to represent the man before them. The man nodded as he rose and quickly strode out of the office.

Angel looked at the others in despair. “It’s going to be another one of those days isn’t it?” He asked his team as he looked at the pile with more potential clients.

“That’s one of the joys of working at Wolfram and Hart, Angel cakes.” Lorne shot off at the vampire as he toasted him with his own glass.
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