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The Carpenter Job

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Summary: The team gets contacted to retrieve a stolen idol. (On indefinite hold.)

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Television > Leverage(Recent Donor)astracindelFR1323,4292399,85726 Mar 1014 Nov 10No


A/N: So..finally got bit by the bunny for another snippet for this. It's been a long time since I wrote the first part. Don't know when/if there will be more. This seems to want to write itself with quick spurts, then long dry spells. Sorry.

Warning: Xan and Eliot get to do some bonding....Angel-bashing.


Xander looked around the room at the Leverage team. Parker was off in one corner babbling happily at Faith on her cell. The dark slayer was so gonna kick his ass once she got transport, but maybe getting to talk to her childhood friend would save him a little. Sophie was in another corner speaking with her brother. Xander could just catch a word every few seconds. He could tell by the tone that Giles was giving his sister a very Giles dressing down. Xander swore he could hear the glasses being polished. Hardison was busy typing away at his computer, seems Willow had hacked his personal computer and they were now geeking out together. Nate still had not come from the other room where he was speaking with Andrew.

“Spencer,” Xander said, getting the attention of the man across from him. Eliot still looked a bit shell shocked. Xander couldn't help an amused smirk. The stories he'd heard from Faith and the survivors from LA didn't match the man sitting in front of him.

“Yeah?” Eliot asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“You did good with the new life,” Xander began.

“Not good enough, obviously,” Eliot snorted.

“No, you did really good. The new life is solid. We wouldn't have had a clue if Spike hadn't been in for some down time and spotted your picture while Willow was doing her thing on Hardison. Then the others came in, recognized more, and next thing ya know.....”

“Lots of connections and now you're here. Surprised Spike didn't come to take me out.”

“Nah. We'd already done the background on Eliot Spencer before he spotted you. You've done good since then. And the last couple of years show you can change. Love the Robin Hood thing you guys have going on. And, well, we'd all be a big ol' bunch of hypocrites if we just assumed you hadn't changed at all. We've all had our time on the dark side.”

“I can't imagine the holier-than-thou Angel being on board with that. He'd be the first demanding my head,” Eliot drawled. He gave a surprised start when Xander began laughing.

“Oh man. You didn't bother to find out what happened did you?” Xander asked between chuckles.

Eliot shrugged. “We're still here and not overrun with demons. Assumed Angel and his merry band had won. The LA office was destroyed and my contract with it. Soon as I was healed enough, created the new life and have been getting paid to beat people and get back whatever the person paying me wants.”

“Uh huh. You've done more than that. But, we'll let you stay Mr. Badass. From what I was told, you hated Deadboy more than me. Don't you want to know what happened to him?”

“Deadboy...I like that,” Eliot chuckled, then shrugged. “Saved the world again. Don't tell me he got his Sanshu.”

“Oh, he Sanshued alright,” Xander said with a wicked smirk.

Eliot cocked his head. “That's just great. He gets his reward and gets to live happily ever after. Couldn't have happened to a better asshole.”

“Oh I like you,” Xander laughed. “Yeah, Deadboy got his Sanshu and now he's a real boy. How much do you know about him before becoming dead and what the Sanshu does?”

“Wasn't real concerned with what he was before he got vamped,” Eliot started. “Knew he was from Ireland, son of a land owner, that meant he would have had a fairly easy life at that time. The human didn't matter to us though, so not a lot was really looked for. As far as the was a prophecy that a vampire would get to be human again..not much more to it.”

“Oh you're gonna love this,” Xander said with a wicked smirk. “Let's start with Liam...Angel pre-death...Yeah, he had an easy life with who his father was. Liam was also a lazy, drunken, man-whore. Now, the made Angel human again, to give the soul a chance to live its life. Part of that means the soul gets to start over.....”

“No way...Saint Angel...” Eliot began, his eyes crinkling with suppressed mirth.

“Oh yeah...Deadboy started going back to being Liam. It didn't happen all at once. He started making excuses not to help with patrol...he couldn't remember the languages for research anymore...Giles was constantly yelling at him to stay out of his stash...” Xander trailed off.

“Oh, he did something,” Eliot set up excitedly. “What did he do?”

“Well, Buffy was all happy to have her honey all warm-bodied, and turned a blind eye to pretty much everything he was doing. She kept making excuses that he just needed time to adjust. That is, until she caught him trying to get a fourteen year old mini-slayer in bed.”

“Did she castrated him?” Eliot asked, disgust clearly in his voice.

“Better. He's now stationed at a Watcher house in the northern most part of Siberia. The house was set up as a fall-back/safe house. Nothing ever goes on up that way, its too cold for the demons. So he's in this house 100 miles from the nearest village. Supply drops are made once a month by and necessities only. No electric and the only other person that ever goes there is a 55 year old guy that looks more like a bear than a human.”

Eliot began to cackle, getting the attention of the others in the room. Sophie had ended her conversation with Giles and was coming over to them.

“What's so funny?”

“Harris was just telling me what had happened to a mutual acquaintance of ours,” Eliot said, still chuckling. “It couldn't have happened to a better guy.”

“Angel,” Xander answered Sophie's questioning look.

“Ah, I've heard of him. You'll have to tell me about it later.” Hardison, Parker and Nate had joined them. “For now though, I believe we need to figure out what to do from here.”

“I agree,” Nate began. “But, first. My nephew had some very interesting information. Are there some things you want to tell us Eliot?”

“Damn Andrew's big mouth,” Xander muttered.

“What's going on Eliot?” Parker asked.

“You got some kind of secert identity?” Hardison joked. Eliot gave him a hard stare. “Damn, you have some kind of secret identity.”

“Eliot?” Sophie questioned.

“Dammit! I didn't want to do this. I left that life behind. I started over. I like the life I have now,” Eliot snarled.

“Ah, he loves us,” Hardison cooed.

“Hardison,” Nate snapped.

“Dude, they're your They'll...well probably not understand...but I don't think they'll turn on you,” Xander offered.

Eliot looked at the expectant faces of his friends and sighed, shoulders dropping in defeat. “I've not always been Eliot Spencer, Retrieval Specialist. Actually, Eliot has only been “alive” a few years....”

“But, you're a legend in our circles. There's stories of you over a decade old,” Parker started to protest.

“I'll explain all of that in a few minutes Parker. Until a few years ago I was known as Lindsey MacDonald...”

“Lindsey...what a girly....” Hardison snorted, then gulped seeing the hard look sent his way by everyone in the room. “Right...Lindsey...go on.”

“I was a lawyer for Wolfram and Hart...”

“Oh Eliot, no.” Sophie.

“No way.” Parker.

“Dude, no. There's not a word to describe how bad those people are.” Hardison.

Eliot let all of the comments wash over him. His entire focus was on Nate.

“The insurance company used them to threaten me while my son was sick.”

“I'm sorry man. Wolfram and Hart did a lot of evil. I did a lot of evil. But I'm not that same guy anymore. I've worked damn hard to be Eliot.”

“He's right you know.” All attention snapped to Xander. They had nearly forgotten he was even there. “I heard lots of stories of Lindsey, from people that he had gone up against,when we realized who was hacking me. But we were able to see everything he's done since Wolfram and Hart in LA went down. My group, we know evil. We've all walked the evil side at least once. Lindsey was a minor evil, but a savable one. He wouldn't let a bunch of kids die when his bosses ordered it. Eliot is bad, but a good bad. He's done a lot of good that he's tried not to have noticed...but well...we have contacts...”

“And just who is your group, Mr. Harris?” Nate asked with a hard stare. “My nephew was surprisingly reluctant to tell me who he was with. Andrew has never been able to keep things to himself. So, I have to wonder what people could possibly have that would keep him from talking.”

“Xander isn't a bad guy, Nate,” Sophie said, placing her hand on top of his.

“How do you know that?” he demanded.

“Because her bother is my boss...Andrew's boss,” Xander answered. “Let me properly introduce myself. Field Agent Xander Harris, International Watcher's Council, Head Watcher for the African Slayers.”

“”Hardison paled.

“What does that mean? I've heard of those guys but that's all...they're like whispers that you never really understand,” Parker looked at the other people in the room.

“It means X has an army of kick-ass chicks at his back if anyone tries for him,” a new voice answered.

“What are you doing here, Faith?”

“Nice to see you too boy-toy. And I am so gonna kick your ass for that stunt you pulled earlier. You don't go anywhere without back-up. If one of your girls had pulled that you would have them on punishment for a year,” she huffed.

“Yeah, well, that's one of the perks of being the boss....”

Faith snorted. “Uh huh. Ya forgot Red and B.....”

Xander paled a little. “Right. Ass-kicking for the Xan-man. Got it. Now why else are you here?”

“Right. Red got some more info on that Selena Rawlings after chattin' with computer boy over there. She wanted to make sure you had the kind of back up you're gonna need.”

“Damn. What did she find out?”

Faith turned her attention to Eliot. “Seems Rawlings is the next big up and comer in the New York branch of Wolfram and Hart.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Carpenter Job" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Nov 10.

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