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The Carpenter Job

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Summary: The team gets contacted to retrieve a stolen idol. (On indefinite hold.)

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Television > Leverage(Recent Donor)astracindelFR1323,4292399,85726 Mar 1014 Nov 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own no part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Leverage. All characters belong to their respective creators, writers, producers...etc...No profit is being made by this work of fiction.

Rating: G...PG-13ish for language

Spoilers: Events from last season of Buffy

Author's Note: This is just a quick drabble I wrote. Would love to develop it out more...but beyond wanting to have a scene with Elliot and Xander sparring, not sure where I want this to go....well, slashy would be good...just no idea for getting there right now. Anyway...hope you enjoy. It's short and I don't know if I'll be adding to it at this time. Right now, its not very likely.

The Carpenter Job

by AstraCindel

Nate looked at his gathered team, a small smirk playing at the corner of his lips. “Alright people, we have a new case. The mark spent some time in Africa. While there he stole an idol that had belonged to one of the nomadic tribes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. We've been contacted by a third party on behalf of the Ar'ghu'tin tribe to recover the idol. Apparently, it is very important to the religion of the tribe and they are all nearly suicidal with the idol being stolen. They believe they have been cursed,” he gave a small shrug at that statement. “Hardison, run it.”

“I don't know who this guy is, but finding information on him was nearly impossible. Every search ran into a firewall or sent out a virus to attack the searcher. Luckily, I am damn good,” Hardison gave a cocky smile and put a picture on the screen.

The picture was of a young man, mid to late twenties, with shaggy black hair. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a faded pair of jeans. He was smiling crookedly as if laughing at the person taking the picture. What got everyone's attention however, was the patch covering the man's left eye; there were scars just visible around the patch to lend evidence that the patch wasn't for show. The eye that was visible was a warm chocolate brown and reflected the smile on the man's face. There was a sudden sharp intake of breath from one of the team members looking at the photo.

“Alexander Harris. Goes by Xander,” Hardison began. “Last known address is in Cleveland. But this guy gets around. His passport has been hit in all over the planet; Asia, the Middle East, all over Europe, Africa and South America. Surprisingly, he's never been to Canada.”

“Shut it down now!” Eliot Spencer stated fiercely. “What ever “web feelers”, or whatever you call them, you have searching for him, stop them now!”

“Do you know this man, Eliot?” Sophie asked.

“Man, I've never seen you get spooked before. You didn't even flinch when the Butcher of Kiev showed up at the wedding job. What's this guy's story?”

“Eliot, what do you know about Mr. Harris?” Nate asked calmly.

Eliot shook his head. “I don't know Harris....Not personally,” he added when Hardison started to open his mouth. “I know of Harris and those he works with. Had some run-ins with a few of them in the past, but not Harris. If he took that idol from them, then there was a damn good reason. And I mean GOOD. Whatever the deal is with that idol, we're on the wrong side of the deal if they want it back,” he finished firmly. “I'm serious here. Stop all the searches and everything else on this guy before we get hit by some of his people.”

“What's so bad about this guy?” Hardison scoffed, convinced that his work couldn't be tracked. “Again, I'm damn good. Nobody is gonna know who was doing the search. And even if they did, what's he gonna do? He looks like a goofy kid. Yeah, the eye patch is a bit creepy, but still.”

Eliot was shaking his head vigorously. “Don't let his looks fool you. Trust me, he couldn't do what he's been doing for years without skills. And you're not good enough not to get caught by his people.” Hardison scoffed at this. “I'm serious man. If we're lucky, and I do mean lucky, we just have to worry about a 5'2” blond showing up and kicking all our asses. Or maybe some one showing up and just making us forget we ever heard of Xander Harris.”

“You make this guy sound like he's part of some all powerful secret organization. What will happen if we aren't lucky?” Sophie asked, beginning to look nervous. Parker was nodding in agreement with Sophie, Eliot's paranoia making her twitchy too. Nate and Hardison were still looking unconvinced of the immediate danger Eliot was implying they were in.

“If were not lucky....then we'll have a 5'2” redhead show up and....well, you don't want to know what the redhead can do....”

“Or I may just show up myself to see why a bunch of cons are searching for me.” A new voice said from behind the group. “I haven't been pinged this hard since I saved some cute archaeologist when I was in Colorado Springs a few years ago.”

The team whirled around to stare at the newcomer in shock. There, in their office, was none other than Xander Harris. He was giving them the same crooked smile as in the picture, his visible eye clearly shining in amusement. He was standing with one shoulder leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. For all of his casualness, there was no mistaking the tension in his shoulders showing he was ready to defend himself if needed.

“Shit,” was Eliot's muffled response, but clearly heard by everyone in the room. Xander gave the man a wicked smirk.

“Oh, I have a few things to discuss with you Mr. Mac....Spencer. A mutual friend has been beating himself up for years over the way things were left between the two of you,” Xander finished with a not so subtle growl.

“Lorne,” Eliot paled and fell into the nearest seat available. “I thought he.....”

Xander held up a hand to stop him. “Not. His. Idea. He's not been the same since. That went against everything he stood for, and he's not forgiven himself. But, we have other things to discuss first.”

Xander reached into his pocket. Everyone tensed at the possible threat, except Eliot. Eliot sat in a fog, like his entire world was collapsing around him. Which, as things stood, it could very well be. Xander grinned and gave an amused snort at the reaction of everyone else in the room.

“Chill people. I'm just getting my phone,” he said, waving said device where everyone could see. “I have a few messages to deliver and I couldn't remember them all. Let's see. Sophie,” Xander looked at the British woman, “your brother would like a call.”

Sophie paled and took a seat by Eliot. Eliot could be heard muttering “shit, shit, shit” over and over again. He focused his gaze on Xander, knowing that this was going to get....complicated.

Xander flashed another smirk at the man, knowing just what he was thinking. “No such thing as coincidence,” he said meaningfully. “Alright, next. Hardison, SlayersWitch says almost impressed. Parker, everything is five-by-five, and Mr. Ford...I am NOT giving you that message,” Xander said, without ever looking at the reactions of the other people in the room. He dialed a number on his phone. “No way in hell....I am not giving that kind of message.....No... You should have told him years ago....I don't care! It's not right. Do you know what some of the rest of us would give to have this? I'm giving him the phone now.” Xander walked over to Nate and handed him the phone. “For you.”

Nate took the phone carefully. He stared at the strange young man for a moment before putting the phone to his ear. “This is Nathan Ford....Andrew?” Nate gasped and found the final available seat in the room. The rest of the team having taken a seat with each “message” that was given to them. “How?...Why didn't you get in contact before now?” Nate stood and walked out of the room to take the call in private.

Eliot looked questioningly at Xander. Xander shrugged and said, “Long over due family thing. His nephew didn't let him know he made it out alive. When I get my hands on that little geek...trying to get me to deliver that kind of message. We would give anything to still have family to contact after everything,” he finished, mumbling to himself.

“Nate has a nephew?” Parker asked, coming out of the momentary shock her message had caused. Sophie was still pale and Hardison looked like he didn't know whether to be in awe or scared out of his mind. Scared out of his mind was winning more often than not.

“It's not my place to say anymore,” Xander answered softly. “It's his family. If he wants you to know he can tell you. I'm not here to step on any toes. Just get some information. Why were you searching for me?”

Sophie snapped out of her shock at the question. “We were contacted by a Selena Rawlings to “recover” an idol you stole from the Ar'ghu'tin tribe. She said she is studying the nomadic tribes and when she encountered the Ar'ghu'tin, they were all suicidal, saying they had been cursed. She got them to tell her about you taking the idol and she contacted us to get it back for them. How do you know my brother?” Sophie suddenly gasped. “Oh my god, you're XANDER.”

Xander gave her a sympathetic smile. “Again, no such thing a coincidence. And, if someone is wanting you to retrieve that idol, I can guarantee it's not for the Ar'ghu'tin tribe. And whatever intentions they have with the idol, its not good.”

“Why do you keep saying there is no such thing as coincidence?” Hardison asked. “Sure, it's freaky that you know THE best hacker on the planet, but still.”

“I thought she was dead,” Parker whispered.

Xander gave her a sad smile. “She's alive and well. Had to knock her out to keep her from coming with me. Which means she should be here in about an hour or so.” Parker beamed at him. Xander turned his attention to Eliot. “You know damn well there are no coincidences in this world. What the hell have you been thinking? All this,” Xander waved his hand to include everyone in the room, “it all has connections back to our world. There is no walking away. You may get a reprieve, but eventually its gonna come back and bite you in the ass; and it's going to take everyone around you. You're damn lucky it crossed you into us. What kind of big bad have you gotten the attention of?”
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