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Remember Who You Are

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Summary: Everyone was ready to go back through the mirror, but the trip to Wonderland made it impossible for some of them to return unchanged. Syfy's Alice cross.

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Television > AliceJmariaFR1522,305031,48426 Mar 1011 Apr 10No

We're All a Little Mad

Title: Remember Who You Are
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Lewis Carroll owns the main source, Joss owns the girl, Nick Willing owns the boy, and Guy Collins inspired the title and quote on top.
Spoilers: Syfy’s Alice, Guy Collins Alice Through the Looking Glass, season 7.
Summary: Everyone was ready to go back through the mirror, but the trip to Wonderland made it impossible for some of them.
Words: 990
A/N: Ugh, worst day ever. Pain in my back and then after two hours of sleep, I wake up to worship at the porcelain throne. I so hate being sick. Anyway, I can’t remember what Ten was doing while the Casino was coming down, and I’m too sore to try and find the tvd and watch it as it takes all my power to hold my comp on my lap.

Remember Who You Are
We’re All a Little Mad

Speak in French when you can’t think of the English for a thing
Turn your toes out when you walk,
And remember who you are.
- The Red Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass


Kit rocked back and forth, trying to shake off the case of the shivers she seemed to have develop. A shadow fell over her and she jerked her head up to see to far too familiar face of the Ten of Clubs. He seemed to be shivering too. Good, it served him right.

“Get up, girl,” the club headed fool snapped, yanking her up by the arm.

“What, is it time for hedgehog croquet?” Kit snapped. Does the royal bitchiness need to beat a crazy girl at a crazy game!”

“Shut your mouth! Do you want to lose your head?” Ten snapped at her, half dragging her down the hall.

Kit couldn’t seem to get her feet to work, and soon Ten was handing her off to two bulky Aces who frog marched her safely out of the crumbling structure. She blinked, dumbfounded in the brightness of the open meadows that surrounded the house of cards. Kit craned her head back and laughed.

“Whoops, someone’s playing fifty-two pick-up with half a deck. Pyramid’s all wrong, gone completely topsy-turvy!” And then she cackled, a cackle worthy of a Disney villainess. “Just call me Maleficent! All I need is a crow!”

“What in the name of Wonderland is wrong with that girl?” a blonde bombshell in a tiny black dress hissed to her fedora-wearing companion. Kit frowned and glared at the man.

“Son of a bitch! Literally, the son of a bitch! If it isn’t the royal Jack-ass!”

Blondie gasped, and tried to shield Jack from the Suits gaze. Luckily, Kit decided to fight harder against her two Aces and the Suits were too occupied with their crazy hell-cat to be concerned with the prodigal son.

Not that he was in hiding for very long, seeing as Alice and Hatter had started a confrontation with the now-powerless Queen. He shouldered his way through behind his soon-to-be king, and Ten took hold of her dragging her away from her Aces. She stumbled, ignoring the pain on her unshod feet as they scraped over debris and rocks. Everything passed in a blur - the Queen posturing, Jack growing a spine, her Ten whipping out a blade, and the Queen surrendering. Huh, it sucked that she hadn’t known he’d had one on him. She’d have stole it sooner.

Jack, for all his pretty-boy good looks, apparently could organize a triage like nobody’s business. Tents were hastily thrown together and outbuildings of the casino were transformed into waiting stations as the remaining scarabs and flamingos were utilized to take the first group of Oysters back to the looking glass.

The whole time, Ten kept her firmly in sight, making a few discreet comments to both the Duchess and Jack. He brought her food that had been salvaged from the casino, and sat beside her like a guard dog.

“I’m not getting all Stockholm-y with you, skirt,” Kit hissed, begrudgingly taking the food from him and fighting the wince when her feet dragged painfully on the ground.

“You’re injured,” Ten said dumbly, frowning at her feet as she plopped down on a rock.

“Do you wear underroos under that dress of yours, Toc?” Kit sniped back, taking a bite out of her food. “Yum, roast beast.”


“I’m not calling you Ten, you numbered sociopath,” Kit snorted, taking another bite of her roast beast. “And if you’re not properly named and color coordinated, then how can you know what you is or isn’t. Contrariwise, how can you know what’s the proper name if you already aren’t separated thusly?”

Ten stared at her for a long while, but didn’t try and make conversation with her again. She was as mad as a true Wonderlander, and seeing as she’d spent more time here than any of the other Oysters in the clearing it made utter sense. She’d also spent most of her time under the influence of Dee and Dum, who were unaccounted for and presumed dead.

Ten stood patiently aside for the Duchess’s attention. The new King was too busy setting up a containment area for his mother to be bothered with the Oyster’s lost mind.

“What do you want, Ten?” the Duchess sighed heavily, stealing an envious glance at Alice, who was speaking briefly with the King before being escorted off to her sleeping quarters for the night.

“The girl - the Oyster who was first brought in when Jack - his majesty skipped out with the ring.”

“She’s going back with all the other Oysters, you can’t keep an Oyster, Ten,” the Duchess frowned.

“It isn’t that I wish to keep her, it’s - she’s gone a bit native on us,” Ten shrugged.

“She’s been here for - “

“Far longer than any of the casino Oysters,” Ten nodded. “She might be in need of … rehabilitation before we send her back through the looking glass.”

“And how to you propose to rehabilitate her? Send her off to the Caterpillar’s hospital for the tea addicts?”

Ten gave a terse nod, and the Duchess looked back between him and Jack. Biting her perfect lip nervously, she glanced over at the girl who was sniffing indelicately at her food. Honestly, what did Jack see in these wounded little Oysters?

“I’ll take the information to him. In the meantime, keep her out of the sight of Alice. She’d be pitching a fit to think we’re holding one against it’s will. Again.”

“Yes, your Grace.”

Ten returned to Kit’s side, yanking the bone away from her when she threatened to bash him in the head with it. Then he worked on getting a medic to look at her raw and bloody feet. She promptly kicked the medic in the face and dug her broken and ragged fingernails into Ten’s arm when he tried to restrain her. He had a bad feeling that it was going to be a long rehabilitation time for her to pass as a human being again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Remember Who You Are" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Apr 10.

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