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Trainer of the Hellmouth

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Summary: If you look long enough into the Abyss, it might follow you home.

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Anime > PokemonJCHattenFR766,942089,01027 Mar 1022 Nov 10No

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The bar door opened and Willy, the bartender, turned to it and looked who entered. "Hi Xander, the usual?" he asked, while a chorus of "HI Xan," was heard from the fat demon and his friend, a Vampire in a postman uniform.

Xander nodded at them. "No, I'm just posting this," he said while holding up a sign -Mr. Dimensional- "It is like the Mr. World contest, but only open to Demons and the strongest will win, not the best looking."

Willy looked at Xander for a moment and then said, "Sweet mercy kid, you make a bundle. Need any help?"

Xander nodded, "Oh yeah, I can't enslave the winner alone. I meant sure, I need some help arranging it."


At the same time in a different place, a cave next door to the Batcave.

Vamp No 12 said, "As I see, post modern art today is completely wasted on the older generation."

Vamp No 9 complained, "Let's eat, not talk."

The food, also known as Officer Stein, who was currently hogtied on the table, said quickly, "No let's talk about art, I'm very interested in this topic."

Vamp No 13, who just entered the cave again, said to his fellow vampires. "The freak next cave is also out of ketchup."

Vamp no 14 cursed, "What? Blood without ketchup tastes awful. I refuse to drain them."

Vamp Nr 12 shook his head. "You need blood, look at how pale and weak you are."

Vamp No 2 said, "Alright, let's go and get some ketchup."

With that the 15 vampires rushed to the car and drove away.

Officer Stein looked at his partner. "Can you move?"

"Hmmm... Hmmmmm, yes, but not now. I'm watching Big Brother" Officer Stein's partner replied and continued to watch the TV.


At a completely different place

Warren grinned. "My robot army is going to take over the world, I will rule you all." He laughed in glee.

"Cool, they look impressive. Is that the stolen Uranium?" Buffy asked.

Warren screamed in surprise, "Aaaa... what are you doing in here? I... I locked the door."

Buffy grinned and answered him, "Your mom let me in. She seemed happy that a girl was visiting you."

Warren frowned. He had to move out from his mother's basement. "No it's not the stolen Uranium. You believe me, right?"

Buffy nodded. "Got my Demonballs?" she asked.

"Yes and about taking over the world...," Warren said.

Buffy shrugged. "Eee you were only joking, a smart guy like you would go in to big business instead. More money and fewer assassins."

Warren blinked. "Right, with my AI computers I would kick Bill Gates' ass. I will rule the computer world," he said, giggling manically.

Buffy shrugged and took her Demonballs. She never could understand Geeks.


At the same time in England

Travers was not having a good day. "WHAT are you SAYING? There is NO tea in England?"

His butler nodded. "I'm terrible sorry, but yes, it looks like somebody stole it."

Travers paled. "Who who would do something like that? I... we... we... call Giles and the slayer." He could not talk anymore, lack of tea suddenly made him fall asleep.

Around him England stared to slow down in lack of tea.

In the USA the evil Judge laughed, beside him was Bull Gates his partner in crime.

"Now the Watchers can no longer work and nothing will stop us." He laughed even louder, but suddenly the electricity shorted out and arrows started to fly.

A worker rushed in. "Mr. Gates, the Boston Indians are attacking."

The Judge swore. "Crap, call the cavalry."

And outside a huge Indian army was attacking.


In Sunnydale

Dawn sighed as she played with her Abyss. "You know, I sometimes think I'm the only sane person in the world," she said and frowned.

The Abyss looked doubtful about her sanity, but he/she was only an Abyss, an endless void that liked to play fetch.

Note from Hawklan: That's all the craziness Hatten has written in this insane fic trip and it seems he was cured since he has written this stuff, so if you are insane and crazy and actually want to read more of this reviews might help to infect his mind again *g*

The End?

You have reached the end of "Trainer of the Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Nov 10.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking