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Summary: What if Buffy had a slightly different, infinitely better reason for leaving town and not coming back after killing Angel at the end of season two? An AU version of the beginning of "Anne", cuz there's not enough of those...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaamusewithaviewFR1322,7043294,11528 Mar 1027 Apr 10Yes


Disclaimer in first chapter.

A/N: Didn't intend to continue this originally, but my muse spoke and thought that you ought to see the set-up to the point where it would be available for continuation. I actually DO have an idea for a continued cross from this point, with an incredibly unorthodox pairing... but we'll see. It's still up for adoption! C'mon people, don't you wanna adopt the adorable prego!Buffy bunny? It's so cute! Any takers?


Buffy looked at the boy and girl – she couldn't call them a man and a woman, they were too young in the eyes – and smiled brightly. It was the sort of smile you gave an aunt or an uncle when they asked about your plans for the future: bright and vague.

"What can I get you two?"

The boy looked up, smiling even as he snuggled closer to his blonde sweetheart, "Uh… we'll have – " he leaned back, reaching his free hand (the one not firmly clasping the girl's) deep into his pocket and coming out with a handful of crumpled bills and loose change. He looked from the rather scant money to the girl beside him and smiled sheepishly, "Um, two coffees? Yeah, and could we look at whatever specials you have? We kinda blew our cash on the tattoos…" His gaze fell to his arm, lined up with the girl's, and Buffy couldn't help but follow. There on their forearms was a bloody red heart with swirly script spelling out "Lily" and "Ricky" with the names of the respective persons reflected on their significant other's arm.

"Cute," Buffy said, and it really was. Impractical and probably stupid, but cute. "So you'll need a minute?"

"Yeah," he smiled dopily at her; he couldn't seem to help himself.

"'Kay," she turned and started away, stopping when a hand touched her shoulder. It was the blonde half of the 'young lovers,' looking at her with an anxious expression and worrying a thoroughly chewed lower lip. "Yes?"

"Do you… remember me? You saved me," she hurried on, "I was one of the kids at that club…" Seeing Buffy's blank expression she continued even more hastily: "The one that worshipped the," she stopped to look around, then whispered, "the Lonely Ones? Remember?"

The pregnant blonde blinked and then it came back: Ford, the plot, Spike. Not one of her better moments, weeks, whatever. What she remembered most about the incident was Giles's lovely little speech, his beautiful lie. She sighed, life really sucked sometimes. Sometimes meaning: more often than not.

Seeing that the blonde was still looking for some sort of affirmation, Buffy smiled weakly. What were the odds that someone from Sunnydale would come into her diner? Well, knowing her luck, pretty darn good, actually. "Yeah, I remember… but weren't you going by a different name then? Chancy tell, or something like that?"

"Chanterelle. Yeah. I'm different now, with Ricky."

Buffy smiled, trying to make it genuine, "Good for you."

"What are you doing here, though?" She frowned, "Is there some sort of club like that in L.A?"

"Probably," the blonde replied, shooting for blunt honesty. "Even if there is, it's not really my jurisdiction anymore." That's putting it mildly. She shifted her hand to her belly meaningfully, grimacing slightly when Lily's eyes widened dramatically. "My priorities have… shifted."

"Then who's doing what you – you know – what you normally do?"

"I dunno, but the world hasn't ended yet," Buffy said flippantly. She turned to go again, thoroughly finished with this particular conversation. It was only slapping her in the face with all the things she didn't have, couldn't have, all the things that she had given up and all the things that she would have to give up in the future. She knew she wouldn't really change anything, but that didn't make the sacrifices any less than what they were: sacrifices.

Lily was apparently not done: "I didn't mean anything bad by it! I – I just wanted to say th-thank you. A-and good luck." She gestured to Buffy's baby-belly, nothing but genuine good will in her eyes, "Good luck with the baby, you're going to be a great mom." Giving the Slayer another shy, sweet smile, she turned back to her booth and the waiting Ricky.

Buffy watched her go, a troubled look playing across her face.

How do you know?


Buffy grimaced down at the demon she'd just squashed before turning back to Lily and the others. They were all staring at her with a mixture of shock and awe, though Lily was actually smiling a little. The blonde even took a few steps forward:

"Gandhi?" she asked softly.

"Well, you know. If he was suffering from pregnancy hormones."

The sound of running footsteps and clanking metal – probably armor or weapons of some sort – caused all of them to tense. Without direction from the Slayer they were running away as fast as they could. Buffy sped to the front of the pack to lead them to where she knew there should be some of those creepy dimension-portal things and they followed. There was a long hallway of doors, all identical, but the Slayer remembered passing three before being knocked out and so she led them to the fourth door posthaste.

"C'mon," she muttered, bracing herself to give them a boost through the shiny metal substance that made up the portal. "You first," she directed at the younger kids. Luckily they weren't in the mood to argue and readily used her braced hand as a step to the oogly door.

Lily was the last to go and she stopped, smiling at the Slayer. "Thank you again," she whispered, and there was a tear in her eye. "You really will be a great mom," she told the other blonde; there was a strange certainty to her words that the Slayer had never seen in the girl before, "Trust me."

"How do you know?" Buffy asked, the question torn from her deepest insecurities.

"Because you won't let yourself be anything less."

There was nothing the blonde could say to that and so she boosted Lily up, just in time as the metallic sludge suddenly hardened, turning into a solid sheet of metal. Buffy stared at it in disbelief for a full minute before the sound of scraping metal and breaking wood cut through her daze. This was not the time for shock, this was the time for action – and if there was one thing Slayers were good at, it was action. She dashed from the room and further down the hall, peering into each doorway to see yet another closed gate, finally towards the middle she saw one in the process of solidifying and realized that this must be a defense: all the gates were closing, it was a domino-effect meant to keep prisoners from escaping.

The Slayer put on a burst of speed, sprinting almost to the end of the corridor before turning sharply and jumping inside one of the rooms, leaping through the shining metal portal. She was breathing hard, but dropped immediately into a defensive stance as she took in the room in which she had landed. It looked like an average waiting room, but as she turned she saw the metal sludge solidify into a rather expensive-looking oriental rug. Huh, she would never look at interior decoration the same way again.

The room seemed to be deserted, which was dandy. It also had breathable air and looked a lot like waiting rooms she had seen in her own dimension, which was pretty darn awesome. Maybe, just maybe she was in her own dimension, only in someplace different like China or something.

With those comfortable thoughts in mind, Buffy took a step towards the door… and collapsed as the magic of the Slayer reacted with the magic of her new dimension. Shit, I hope this doesn't hurt my baby, was all Buffy had time to think before a haze covered her vision and she blacked out completely.


A/N2: And that's what I've got so far. Like, love, loathe? Lemme know!

The End

You have reached the end of "Chimerical". This story is complete.

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