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Buffy Summers Goddess of Balance

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Summary: In response to a challenge that I just discovered... Buffy has ascended. What will her new life be like as a member of the Greek Pantheon?

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Ascension of a Goddess

Author's Notes: This might have been a mistake... But after taking a peek at the challenges issued by donors to this site I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. I love Disney. I have a deep fondness for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And my muse just cooked up a brilliant response to the challenge from one of our generous donors. So I say... Here we go.

P.S. I'm not sure when I'll be updating this, but I'll try for at least every two to three months doing one chapter. Hopefully. *Crosses Fingers*

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to somebody else. Joss owns Buffy and co. Disney owns this version of Hercules and co. Author makes no claims otherwise. Enjoy.

The Powers that Be. Entities of considerable power and skill. However they did not serve the common good and had allowed the darkness to seep into the world – real heroes were a thing of legend some believed them to be myth. The Powers that Be were about to be replaced. Their time had elapsed and their twilight was upon them. It was time once again for Titans and Gods to walk the Earth.

And it all started with the selfless sacrifice of one woman.

Buffy Summers had perfectly intended to die. She was going to leap into a portal that would rip all realities and dimensions to pieces and somehow she would seal it. So she leapt off of a rickety tower built by crazy people after she gave her heartfelt goodbyes to her sister.

Buffy Summers did not die.

The thread of life was held taut. Ready to be cut when something intervened. The Fates stared in complete shock at the thread of this unassuming mortal – once before they had come close to cutting it, but someone had prevented them from succeeding. Now a new development was occurring.

“How could we not have foreseen this?” Atropos demanded of her sisters. “We know everything!” she shouted.

“The time of the Gods was passed,” Clotho said with certainty.

“Darkness has ruled the land for too long,” Lachesis realized grasping the all-seeing eye in her wrinkled hand. Cackling she held the eye aloft and it began to glow revealing a sight that had not been seen for centuries. The gates of Mount Olympus began to open wide as a clarion call rang out amongst the slumbering deities. “A new stewardship of the realm has been decided.”

“And it has fallen to Zeus the path of mankind,” Clotho recited as the power flowed to her also.

“The Powers that Be have been dethroned,” Atropos declared with a pleasant smirk.

“The hold of evil at last will be unwound. And a new day of awakening has been approved.” The three of them laughed loudly as they vanished into the eye intent on returning to their home and place of honor amongst the Gods.

Buffy blinked in curious surprise as she stood at the foot of what might have been a cloudy staircase – that is to say a staircase made out of clouds – a large and elaborate golden gate stood at the top of these stairs slowly opening.

“Am I in heaven?” she wondered confused as she hesitantly took a step towards the gates.

“Not exactly, little lady,” a voice said to her left.

Spinning around Buffy found a glowing blue man in a toga and Grecian helmet carrying a golden scepter with a winged tip. “Who are you?” she asked taking a defensive stance.

“Hermes, messenger of the Gods,” he introduced. “Looks like the big man himself wanted a change of pace, far out.” Hermes smiled and pushed his shades down. “I never would have expected to be waking up in this modern era. Once we went to sleep and allowed the world to adopt their one religion we really weren’t expecting any changes.”

Buffy blinked. “Wait! You’re telling me that God decided now! Of all times, to let other Gods wake up from some weird sleep thing?” she demanded. “And hey I understood all that… How did I understand all of that?”

Hermes smiled. “Babe, wow, majorly bad karma.” Flitting to Buffy’s right Hermes glanced around. “There’s so much to do… No time to explain it all to you, go see the big man himself.”

“God?” Buffy asked in a startled whisper.

“No, Zeus, God’s new delegate for all Earthly matters,” Hermes explained.

Buffy frowned. “So what? The Powers that Be were fired?”

“Bingo,” Hermes said. “But like I said, no time to chat, I’m gone man.” Hermes dashed off removing a horn from his toga and sounding to the heavens.

Buffy shook her head beginning to feel a headache coming on. With a sigh she started up the long flight of stairs hoping that this Zeus character could help explain the stuff Hermes didn’t bother to take the time to. But on the plus side – the PTB’s were gone – that had to be good. Right?

Yawning as he began to stir – Zeus stretched and scratched the back of his neck. Blinking away centuries of sleep the king of the Gods glanced down at the group of lesser entities that had been brought before him.

“Ah,” he said. “So you finally lost control I see,” he noted arching one eyebrow in a knowing gesture. “It’s about time, when we gave Earth over to you for stewardship I didn’t expect you to practically run it back into the ground.”

“But the balance!” one of the entities blurted.

“You never did understand anything about the true meaning of balance,” Zeus said in a dismissive and scornful tone. “What should I do with you?” he asked.

“We could imprison them where the Titans were once kept,” Hera suggested softly as she too stirred beside her husband.

“And risk Hades using them in some mad power grab?” Zeus asked pointedly. “I don’t think so.” Smiling Zeus removed one of his thunderbolts from beside him. “We’ll let the Fates decide,” he stated. With one carefully aimed bolt he blasted The Powers that Be.

The unleashed energy crackled around the group causing them to collapse to their knees in pain. Crying and begging for mercy the Powers soon began to flicker and change shape.

Atropos appeared first her aged and ugly form cackling as she unfurled the tapestry of Fate. “You destroyed everything that the Gods created. Cast them into myths,” she stated.

Lachesis appeared next and smiled viciously. “How fitting that the old ones be reborn in you,” she said clutching the scissors in her hands.

Clotho pulled tight the thread of life representing the former Powers. “Just a little off the top,” she told her sister.

Lachesis laughed at the joke and cut through the top of the thread.

With a burst of power and a scream of pure agony the Powers exploded into the heavens on a burst of flaming power.

Zeus eyed the Fates curiously. “What did you do to them?”

“Restored Gaia’s children,” Atropos replied.

“She comes,” Clotho announced.

“Who comes?” Hera asked.

“The new Goddess of course,” Lachesis stated as if it should be obvious.

“A new Goddess!” Zeus bellowed and then he laughed. “Ha, ha! I bet they didn’t see that one coming. Who is she? What will she represent in the pantheon? How did she become a God?”

“Sacrifice and love of spirit allowed a mortal to ascend from the mortal world,” Atropos declared.

“A true hero in the vein of your offspring descended of heroes,” Clotho added.

“Destined and steeped in darkness she will represent a new duty. One honor bound and no longer tied to tradition.” Lachesis held the eye aloft revealing Buffy to Zeus and Hera.

“Behold the Goddess of Balance!” all three announced.

Zeus scratched his chin thoughtfully. “Goddess of Balance huh? Interesting. Descended from my boy, must be a true hero then,” he added proudly.

Hera adopted a wistful smile. “Couldn’t we allow Hercules to regain his Godhood?” she asked.

“It can’t be done, Hera, my dear, you know that,” Zeus reminded softly.

“The Slayer will have many questions,” Atropos cautioned. “Her spirit is still tied to the shadows of the past.”

“Slayer?” Zeus repeated. With a quick mental command he summoned up the knowledge necessary to understand the term. What he saw shocked and appalled him. “They captured the essence of a Titan and used it to battle the Fallen!?” he bellowed slamming the armrests of his throne and causing thunder to ring out in Mount Olympus. “Hades!”

With a puff of brimstone the Lord of the Dead arrived. “You bellowed oh shining and all powerful one?” he asked.

“I thought the Titans were imprisoned in the lowest depths of your realm?” Zeus snapped.

“Ahhhhh, the thing about that… Hey I’ve been circling that damnable pit of a River for like the last couple million years or so thanks to your bouncing baby brat, brother, kind of not exactly high on my priorities list in getting everything back to the way it should be,” Hades said.

“You destroyed Heaven?” Hera asked glaring at her brother-in-law.

“What? No of course not – hey I’m the Lord of the Dead here… It’s just taken me a couple hundred years or so to get my house back in order. Reorganizing, reshuffling, a couple of maimings that sort of thing. But relax, Hera, Zeus I didn’t mess up the cosmic balance his high and mightiness the ‘one true God’ established.” Hades air-quoted and offered a winning smile.

“She,” Hera automatically corrected.

Hades blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Never mind that,” Zeus snapped. “What about the Titans?” he demanded.

Hades sighed. “Look I’ll get on to it. No more Slayer – right? Badda bing, badda boom Titans’ essences will be locked back up in their personal hell,” he promised with a smarmy smile.

“It’s a little late for that,” Zeus harrumphed climbing to his feet. “We’re supposed to fix what those spineless yes-men did. We can’t just undo everything they did with a snap of our fingers… Work with Buffy on this after she’s had a chance to adjust to her new status,” Zeus ordered.

“Excuse me? Who’s Buffy?” Hades asked.

“The new Goddess,” the three fates replied.

Hades’ jaw dropped in utter shock. “Wah, hey, wait just one second here. Time out! There’s a new God!?” Hades chuckled. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but how exactly is that even possible… When we got the axe and those jerks, the Powers that Sit on their Rear-ends took over we were told there wouldn’t be any new Gods called, like, forever.”

“Forget it, Hades, no sense in trying to figure it out.” Zeus shook his head. “You’ll just have to work with her to get things in order,” he decided.

“Right, you betcha, I’ll just pencil that in here right next to my mariachi lessons,” Hades said sarcastically as he pulled a bone shaped pencil and scroll out of his cloak.

“The Goddess of Balance draws nigh!” Atropos alerted.

“She as radiant as a summer sky!” Clotho added.

“Beware the powers of one with russet hair so fine – she who feels that the Goddess should be rightfully hers,” Lachesis cautioned.

“If Buffy should fall to the mortal plane and lose her status,” Clotho said.

“We shall all face a war of absolute nastiness,” Atropos finished before all three Fates vanished laughing madly.

“Oh boy they’ve lost their touch with the rhymes,” Hades muttered. His smile widened considerably and he took a step towards the entrance intending to greet the new Goddess.

“Hades, don’t you have somewhere important to be?” Zeus asked with a pointed stare.

Sighing Hades shook his head. “Of course, Zeus, call me when she’s ready to help,” he said smoothing back his fiery head of hair. With a puff of smoke he was gone back to the underworld.

“We’d better keep an eye on him, I think that extended time in the River Styx made Hades a little stir crazy,” Zeus commented with a chuckle.

“Not now, dear,” Hera reminded.

“Oh right… I wonder what this new Goddess will be like?” Zeus mused returning to his throne.

Eyes sparkling Hera smiled. “If she’s a descendant of Hercules I suspect she will surprise you,” she told her husband.

Buffy had an awestruck expression on her face as she walked through the corridors of Mount Olympus – she’d half expected everything to be made out of clouds. But there seemed to be a few metallic columns scattered around here and there. Everywhere she looked some glowing God or Goddess was waking up – a portly red fellow dressed in armor, a beautiful pinkish hued woman with blonde hair, a blueish green fish man with a beard.

Buffy had never expected the Gods of Mount Olympus to be so… So animated. It was really strange, but it wasn’t as out there as some of the things she’d encountered since becoming the Slayer.

“If I were the head of the Gods, where would I be?” she mused to herself. Her gaze fell upon a great circle of archways all golden in color and brimming with energy – it rested on a large floor of clouds and Buffy snapped her fingers. “Bingo.” At this point she noticed that she also had an animated look to herself. Her body was glowing a vibrant color that might have been black, with a little violet thrown in for good measure. “I really need a mirror.”

“You can borrow mine,” Narcissus offered. “But only for a second,” he added.

Buffy blinked and stared at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t given much time – one minute the mirror was there the next it was gone. But it was enough to commit some important and key facts to memory.

First of all she was glowing. Secondly and more importantly she was dressed in a Grecian toga pretty much like all the other Gods were – except hers had a little more modern flair involved, kind of like one of her favorite leather skirts.

Thirdly – and a little freaky – the color she was glowing wasn’t actually black or purple it was actually similar to coke syrup. And her skin tone seemed to have changed to match it.

“Ok I’m officially freaked out now,” she said out loud.

“Happens to everybody,” a light blue toned woman said. “I’m Athena, what’s your name?”

“Buffy… Buffy Summers.” She shook the other woman’s hand. “So you’re like a Goddess… Cool.”

“Zeus asked me to fetch you,” Athena explained

“Lead on,” Buffy said indicating the other woman should do just that.

Together they left the lower sections of Olympus and finally arrived at Zeus’ living quarters. Buffy was glad that she’d had a chance to at least study her surroundings, part of her felt that something was about to happen yet again to change her life completely. It was almost as if she could sense that a change was on the wind.

The large orange toned man and ruby toned woman seated in the twin thrones smiled at her warmly and the man gestured with his left hand – a third seat made out of clouds appeared at the foot of the short staircase leading up to them.

“Take a load off,” he offered. “You’ve had a busy day,” he added.

“You could say that,” Buffy agreed carefully taking a seat. Surprisingly enough the chair held her weight and she began to relax. “So… You’re Zeus,” she stated.

“Yep,” Zeus acknowledged with a chuckle. “I understand you have questions.”

“How did you?” Buffy trailed off. “Right, Hermes probably mentioned it,” she muttered under her breath. “Well… Ok I’ll just come out and say it. What happened to me?” Buffy’s eyes blinked and she stared with her best Slayer stare at the king of the Gods.

Chuckling again Zeus clapped his hands. “Direct and to the point,” he said rubbing them together. “Ahem. Well, my dear, you have discovered what it means to be a true hero. The love you felt for your sister and the rest of the Earth, the desire to do anything to save them all, the sacrifice you willingly made has allowed you to ascend. In other words kiddo, you have become a God… Well Goddess to be precise,” Zeus stated with an air of importance.

Buffy stared between the three Gods in front of her – and how crazy was that? – at first she felt the need to deny this. Do everything in her power to go against what that small part of her soul told her was irrevocably true. Then she began to grow angry, confused, bitter, and finally she accepted the words as truth and literally collapsed from her chair falling onto the cloud formed floor.

“Praise me,” Buffy blurted before she fainted. It seemed like a good response at the time.

Zeus turned aside to Hera. “You were right, my dear, that was a surprise.”

To Be Continued?
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