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Down the Rabbit Hole

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Effect Trumps Truth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Castle always had the strangest contacts...

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Television > CastleWhimsicalityFR151813184,46229 Mar 1029 Mar 10Yes
A/N: So I was disappointed to find no Castle crossovers and just couldn't resist the urge to write one. No specific time line, most likely post Grad for Buffy and sometime in Season Two for Castle. It does contain a Faith/Buffy pairing but only briefly and not explicit so no worries if that's not your sort of thing. Also there are definite Beckett/Castle leanings. Oh, and I do not own Buffy or Castle or any of the characters used in the piece below. Enjoy!

Beckett stared at the two gorgeous women who had walked into the station not five minutes before, and had already managed to pull every single male officer, and a few female ones, in the building from what they were supposed to be doing, sure that somehow this had to do with Castle. It always did these days.

The women moved in perfect sync with each other yet appeared to be polar opposites. One was your typical Californian blond, tanned and gorgeous with sparkling green eyes, a perfectly toned body, and dressed in clothes she knew cost more than anything she had ever worn, except for maybe that dress Castle had loaned her.

The other was dark and sultry; full pouting lips, tousled dark hair, bedroom eyes. Even if she hadn’t been dressed in leather she would have radiated sex and danger. Beckett rolled her eyes as Esposito and Ryan stumbled over themselves to offer the two women coffee. The dark haired one said something that made Ryan blush and the blond laughed, a warm sound that made you think of sunshine and beaches. “Play nice with the poor police officers Faith.”

The brunette, apparently named Faith, just smirked, “Now what would be the fun in that B?” Then she leaned forward and whispered something in Esposito’s ear that, to Beckett’s amusement, made the usually composed man cough slightly, as close to a blush as she had ever seen him.

Castle walked in the front door before she could make the decision to break up the flirt fest, eyes widening with pleased surprise as he caught sight of the women, and Beckett felt a flash of irritation, as well as some other emotion she wasn’t comfortable with identifying.

“Ricky!” The blond called, spinning around and throwing her arms around him before he even had a chance to speak. Beckett frowned, wondering how she had known he was there, before feeling her mouth fall open slightly when Faith pulled Castle away from the blond and planted one right on his lips.

The blond giggled and Castle flushed, “Buffy finally agree to share?” He managed to ask, retaining only a portion of his usual charm as Beckett almost choked on learning the girl’s name.

“Only in your dreams Ricky.” The blond said sweetly, pulling Faith away from him and wrapping her arms around the other woman’s waist, causing every man in the office to start drooling.

Beckett rolled her eyes again and finally decided to interrupt, approaching the gathering with an expression that sent most of the officers scattering and crossing her arms in front of her as she shot her best disparaging look at Castle. “This is a police station Castle, not your personal office. You’re not supposed to bring friends here.”

The two women turned, eyeing her with strangely clinical detachment before Faith arched one eyebrow, “She’s definitely a babe Ricky, but I think you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

Buffy nodded, before fixing Beckett with a glare that she found startlingly intimidating. “I know he’s a pain in the ass,”

“Hey!” Castle protested, but Buffy just shushed him before turning her gaze back to Beckett.

“Like I said, pain in the ass, but he’s also a genuinely good guy, so don’t string him along forever, and don’t even think about hurting him.” The blond finished, voice firm, and with a new aura of danger that equally matched Faith's.

Beckett gaped, aware by the expressions on Ryan and Esposito’s face that she looked ridiculous, but unable to help herself. Had she really just been threatened with not hurting Castle? The womanizing flirt who had become her personal shadow for the past two years? It just did not compute.

Castle surprised her by speaking up before the moment could become any more awkward. “They’re actually here to help with the case Beckett, not just because they make fantastic eye candy.”

“Though we do that too.” Faith stated cockily with a smirk at Ryan and Esposito, who cracked identical grins and nodded.

Beckett just blinked, trying to reconcile the facts of their current case, a string of particularly brutal murders involving the removal of some rather unusual body parts, with the two beautiful young women who had invaded her police station. She barely resisted the urge to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, knowing that Ryan, Esposito, and Castle would never let her live it down.

“Alright then.” She stated as dryly as she could manage before gesturing towards the pile of papers on her desk. “Let’s get to it before anyone else ends up dead.” Turning sharply on her heel she lead the way, once more convinced that her life had simply not been this strange before Castle had invaded it just like those women had invaded her station.

Unfortunately she couldn’t seem to convince herself that that fact actually bothered her.

The End

You have reached the end of "Down the Rabbit Hole". This story is complete.

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