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Oh my Goddess! The world really is going to end!

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Summary: It was truly a dark omen of the apocolypse.

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Harry Potter > Andrew-CenteredCameronYoungFR1313401121,33629 Mar 1029 Mar 10Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Certainly not Harry Potter or Buffy. Please don't hurt.

For the first time in nearly five years, all of the Scoobies sat around a large, round table, noses deep in musty tomes of forgotten lore. They had all kept to the action, the paperwork or retirement since Sunnydale collapsed, preferring to let the research minions, or 'Junior Watchers' as they called themselves, do their jobs, but this was a special circumstance. This was dangerous.

"I can not believe you people." exclaimed an exasperated Rona. "Can't you just be happy for the guy? He's not that bad."

"Yes he is." was the unanimous reply.

Dawn enters the room with a loose collection of books and paper. "Hey guys, what's up with the research reunion? I haven't seen you guys like this since the last... Oh God! What kind of apocalypse is it this time?"

"It's not an apocalypse," Rona sighs heavily as she says this, "Andrew is getting married and they're freaking out for no good reason."

"Oh, that's not that..."

"He's getting married to an attractive and powerful young woman." Giles says in distracted drawl.

"Oh crap. It's an apocalypse."

"Hence the reading and the donuts." Buffy says as she closes one book and grabs another.

"OK. You guys are totally overrea..."

"Found it."

Rona looks at Xander like he just grew a mustache out of sheer willpower. "What?" is her intelligent reply.

"'And on the day when the Sobbing Herald of Hell binds his hand to the Mind of the Hog, shall Visquane the Malicious rise from his cell beneath the Hill beneath the City.' Andrew is the herald, the girl went to a school called Hogwarts and is Willow style brainy and they're getting married in Boston, which was called 'the city upon a hill' in the famous sermon 'A Model of Christian Charity'."

"What... But... He's just getting married!"

"You'll get used to it eventually. Now come on, I still need to get fitted for a battle-ready Tux."

AN: One shot. The challenge made me giggle. I know, not technically Andrew centered, but its about him.

The End

You have reached the end of "Oh my Goddess! The world really is going to end!". This story is complete.

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