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Left Shoe Blues

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Summary: Faith makes her grand entrance to Sunnydale however it doesn't go exactly as planned.

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Cartoons > Lilo and StitchziliFR1315133201,97529 Mar 1029 Mar 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this.

A/N: For the 'Hug a Donor'. Consider yourself hugged Shieldage. This was just too crazy not to write. Hope it lives up to expectations.


Faith danced to the music, her hands moving over her body sometimes moving on the body in front of her. She knew everyone was watching her. She also knew that two bodies away from her was a vampire. But most importantly she knew that the blonde at the table was none other than Buffy Summers supposedly dead/current vampire slayer. They- well he had done the research for her.

Faith did a tight spin. He was nowhere to be found. That might be a slight problem. Oh well he could always find her. Faith looked back at the table Buffy was gone so was the vampire. Faith hurried out of the Bronze, in the back of her mind she noted that at least five people seemed to be down a left shoe.

Buffy was fighting the vampire. As soon as she flung the vampire Faith stepped in and staked him in one smooth motion.

Buffy looked at her surprised, “Who are you?”

Faith smirked, “I'm-”


Without a thought Faith swept Buffy's legs out from under her and fell to the ground next to her. She frowned as a ferrari flew through the space she and Buffy had just been occupying. “Yo what did I say about using nice cars?”


Immediately a beat up old pickup truck hurtled across the alley and crashed into five very colorful beings that were making their way towards Buffy and Faith. Buffy let out a shriek as she and Faith were picked up and placed on top of a closed dumpster. “Stay here. Not demons.” Said a small blue-ish creature with four arms, each hand holding a gun. Then it raced off and began fighting with the five, make that four other creatures.

“What the hell is that?” Buffy asked.

“Chill out, it's just my dog Stitch.” Faith got more comfy as she watched the fight. “Lamppost!” She shouted and Stitch ripped off a lamppost and took out one of the other creatures.

“He's blue.”

“Should never have left out that tie dye stuff.”

“He has guns.”

“He wins all the talent portions of the dog show.”

“He just called that thing a stupid head.”

“Yeah well it shouldn't have tried to chuck that motorcycle at us.”

Buffy stared at Faith for a full minute in silence before saying. “Seriously?”

Faith just nodded, “Seriously. It's so much easier slaying with Stitch plus he has one gun that vaporizes vamps. It's wicked.” Stitch came back to the two girls mumbling about car radiators and a squish factor before jumping into Faith's lap.

“Who are you?” Buffy asked again.

“Faith the other vampire slayer.” She paused to look at Buffy's foot before grabbing the shoe that was in Stitch's mouth. “Here. You might want to make sure your shoes are tied on tight now.” Buffy let out a squeak before grabbing back her shoe. Faith jumped off the dumpster. She walked away with Stitch following close behind. “See ya later B. Come on Stitch. No put down the blue bug. We can steal this motorcycle instead.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Left Shoe Blues". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking