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Summary: Xander is sent to where he is needed and when Willow drags him away from a fight worth fighting he gets severely pissed off and finds his own way back.

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Literature > Fantasy > EragonthegenuineimitationFR1833,8040145,75130 Mar 1019 Apr 10No

Chapter Three: Training According to Oromis


Chapter Three: Training According to Oromis

Disclaimer: I don’t own Eragon or Buffy.

‘Little one?'

Xander stirred in his sleep tossing restlessly back and forth in the throes of a nightmare.

‘ALEXANDER! WAKE!’ demanded a penetrating female voice.

“Whazzatfuckitouchsonofabitch!” Xander spewed groggily as he tried to leap out of bed, got tangled in the blankets and crashed to the floor.

Groaning Xander kicked the offending blankets off his legs and scowled at the brassy feminine laughter filling his mind.

‘Who?’ Xander asked blearily, sighing in resignation.

‘I am Saphira,’ chuckled the voice.

Xander huffed and then reminded himself he was lucky everyone here was telepathically inclined since he didn’t understand a word of their language. Still it was disconcerting to have thoughts not his flitting in and out of his head.

‘You were afraid. What were you dreaming?’ she asked curiously.

‘I don’t remember,’ Xander lied firmly.

Saphira didn’t press the matter.

‘Brom and Master Oromis have called up for breakfast, there are some clothes in the wardrobe you may use, Master Oromis says you are to dress and join them for breakfast,’ she said instead.

Yawning and stretching to pop his back Xander rose and padded over to the wardrobe. Inside there were various bits of clothing that Xander had to assume were typical of the world he now found himself in. Xander pulled on a pair of loose black pants, and a pair of thick black socks, stomped into a pair of tall black boots and pulled a loose shirt of, you guessed it, black over his head. Xander then ran his fingers through his shaggy mop of black curls and pulled on his eye-patch. Thus presentable Xander walked the few steps down the hall of Oromis’ suite and emerged into the bright kitchen.

‘Morning!’ Xander announced himself cheerfully.

Brom and Oromis glanced up from their meals and Xander caught a flash of, he wasn’t sure what, some nebulous confused and sadly negative emotion. It was gone as quickly as it had come but Xander couldn’t help wondering what he’d done.

:Good morning Alexander, how was your sleep?: asked Oromis.

‘Ah, I’ve had better and worse nights,’ Xander mind-shrugged vaguely.

He made his way over to the side-board where there was a simple but hot and hearty breakfast waiting for him. Grinning happily Xander loaded up his plate with the delicious smelling food and sliding into the seat beside Brom began to dig in with gusto.

‘Where’s Saphira?’ asked Xander confusedly after a minute of thoughtful chewing when he realized the tall laughing female he’d assumed the mind-voice belonged to wasn’t anywhere to be found.

:She’s outside, where else would she be?: asked Brom with a raised eyebrow.

‘Oh, well she was just talking to me a second ago so…’ Xander trailed off with a confused shrug.

:Ah, I see, no Alexander you will meet Saphira and Glaedr this afternoon, for the morning however we will see how well you fight, and in what kind of physical condition you’re in. This evening I will begin familiarizing you with our language and customs,:

‘Wow, full timetable,’ Xander commented giving the mental equivalent to an awed whistle.

:Quite, which is why we must start immediately,: Oromis agreed.

At the sight of the unholy glint that wormed its way into Brom’s hard green eyes Xander gulped suddenly afraid of what he had gotten himself into. Bracing himself Xander rose with Brom and Oromis and left the suite striding purposefully down a few halls and several flights of stairs. Xander tried to memorize the way but was soon hopelessly confused and pretty sure he couldn’t make it back to the suite if his life depended on it.

The room they finally stopped at was lit by a large glass skylight and mirrors lined the whole back wall of the massive sandy-floored indoor salle. The whole front wall was lined with weapons of every size shape and genre Xander could think of. There were two rough looking guys going a round in one corner and in another two young males with the same inhuman beauty and grace Oromis possessed in spades where whirling about almost faster than his eyes could follow as they ganged up on a stern looking black haired male who was quite obviously still beating them.

:This way,: Oromis prodded him leading him into the farthest corner opposite the other combatants would not be distracting or in the way.

:Now Brom tells me you were wielding a sword in your defence when he found you, so that is where we will begin, after a quick warm-up and stretch,:

Oromis’ idea of a quick warm up and stretch would have been hard work for most of the younger Slayers and as such Xander was thoroughly wiped by the time he got done with the forty laps, and then the myriad of strange muscle strengthening and flexibility testing exercises Oromis ordered him and Brom to perform. Now grant you it did ease the sting somewhat when he found out that Oromis and Brom would be going through the same steps as him until about the second lap as Xander realized that he was horribly out-classed. Oromis and Brom did find the work out to be light and contemptuously easy and Xander was scarlet as much from embarrassment as overheating and exhaustion by the time he got finished.

Then Oromis proceeded to hand Xander a sword similar to the one he’d been using last night and let Brom pound his half-dead body into a pulpy mass of what would be bruises by dinner time. That’s not to say that Xander didn’t get a few good blocks in on in his own, but mostly he just got pounded and received mental advice on how to change that. Xander learned more about sword-swinging in a half-hour than he’d learned in seven years working alongside the Slayer. After that pounding was taken Brom came at him with a variety of other weapons.

Xander managed to put up a respectable effort with an axe and his fists, weapons he was most familiar with, but Brom was still undisputedly better, faster, stronger and in better shape.

:I think that is enough for today,: Oromis said wincing slightly as Xander let himself slump gratefully to one side and lie limp in the sand.

:Come on, get up, the more moving you do the rest of the day the less sore you’ll be when we do this again tomorrow,: Brom counselled hooking his arms under Xander’s and heaving him up to a vaguely upright position.

:You did very well for your first day,: Oromis said consolingly.

Xander let out a disgusted snort that needed no translation.

:It gets better, trust me, the first day is the hardest,: Brom said grinning and slinging an arm around his neck.

Xander groaned and allowed himself to be half-carried back to the suite for a quick shower-ish-type-thing and a late lunch.

AN: Poor Xander! He’s gonna feel that in the morning! Next Chapter: Xander finds out that Saphira is a dragon, we learn more about dragons and their riders, and Xander learns Alagaesian and the Ancient Language! As always pairing requests and plot twist suggestions are welcome and encouraged! Please review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Need" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Apr 10.

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