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Summary: Xander is sent to where he is needed and when Willow drags him away from a fight worth fighting he gets severely pissed off and finds his own way back.

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Chapter One: Another Night Another Battlefield


Chapter One: Another Night, Another Battlefield

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Eragon.

Author's Note: This story will be making a twisty mess of most of the Eragon canon, fair warning has been given! Also the majority of the pairings will end up being Slash (M/M), I have not however decided what the pairings are, if you have suggestions feel free to make them. Above all please review because hearing from you guys makes my day!


Xander sighed and fought down the urge to vomit as his feet reformed under him. He hated magical travel, whether it was teleportation or by portal he always felt sick and disoriented upon arrival. Plus he’d heard horror stories about Portals from Anya when they were researching the Key. Gut churning tales of dismemberment and insanity. It was enough to make anyone wary of transportation magics and while he loved Willow she did not have the most stellar history for successful spells.

Once he was a bit steadier he did a quick check to make sure all his parts were still attached and then turned his attention to his surroundings.

He wasn’t in Africa. Xander groaned internally, he was supposed to be arriving in Cairo, glancing at the scraggly pine tree to his left and feeling the spongy moss under his hands and feet was enough to confirm that this wasn’t anywhere near Africa.

Sounds of roaring and clashing screaming metal rent the air followed by explosions and screaming and wild cursing. Xander’s blood pounded through his veins in time with his heartbeat and thanks to his adrenaline rush he could hear and feel the beating of it like that of an invisible war drum. He’d landed smack dab in the middle of a battlefield. Typical Harris luck.

Poking his head carefully above the rock he’d been deposited behind Xander surveyed the battle from the relatively safe vantage point loathe to get involved when he didn’t know what the problem was.

As it turned out he needn’t have worried as the battles were being fought in the sky above him for the most part with a few pairs of warriors on the ground. In the air it was a flurry of fiery gouts and huge membranous wings. Dragon wings.

“Well Toto,” Xander sighed tiredly glancing down at his duffel bag and pulling out a broadsword, “We’re really not in fucking Kansas anymore,”

The dragons in the sky kept Xander where he was, no sense drawing attention to himself and being barbecued he thought as a screaming figure ablaze with fire ran past him blindly, arms flailing. Xander ignored the conflicting scents of roasting meat and burnt hair and their respective effects on his stomach by focussing his mind firmly on what he knew about dragons. It was admittedly not much.

His one and only encounter with a dragon had been after Buffy had jumped through the portal. The dragon that had appeared through the dimensional tear had remained after the portal was closed, just because the portal was gone didn’t mean that the damage done had repaired itself instantly after all, had keened a high mourning note settled in the area behind the construction site and promptly died. Inconsiderate of the beast seeing as how they couldn’t just let the glittering carcass of a mythical beast lie around where anyone could see it. In the end Willow, Giles and Tara were able to sink the entire body underground where it destroyed some of the Sunnydale tunnel system but was otherwise inconspicuous.

Xander, in the wake of his grief and numb shock hadn’t thought much about the dragon. Now he found himself wishing he’d insisted they find out more about it as he suddenly found himself in the middle of a conflict involving them.

Xander swore when he saw a magical missile careening straight towards him. He threw himself out of the way and into the sparse scrub brush to his left and scowled as his belongings were incinerated, glad now that he’d decided to forgo bringing along any sentimental momentos from Sunnyhell through the portal. He’d had a feeling it would be too much of a pain to lug them around, the girls were under the impression that his time in Africa was going to be touristy but Giles had warned him not to take anything he didn’t absolutely need because he was in for a bit of a trek.

One of the warriors on the ground rushed him with a blue bladed sword raised high. Xander paried the blow somewhat inexpertly and whirled away hoping that being forced to anticipate Slayer/Demon speeds would give him an advantage.
He was wrong. The warrior, who or whatever he was, was damn fast and the broadsword went sailing away into the grass. Xander closed his eyes not wanting to see the final blow coming and there was a peculiar pricking sensation at his mind.

‘Get out!’ snarled the last vestiges of the Hyena spirit, Xander’s eyes flashed momentarily green.

The presence he felt retreated to the outside of his mind but the conversation was done mentally.

:Who are you?:

‘Alexander Harris, who are you?’

:Brom. Whose side are you on?: Brom demanded.

‘No one’s, I just got here,’ Xander said with an exasperated mental snort.

There was a big crash and a sapphire blue dragon with scored and bloodied wings alighted gracefully on the ground.

:Come, you’ll be taken before Vrael.: Brom ordered swinging up into the saddle on the dragon’s back with the ease and grace of long practice.

Mustering his nerve and clamping down on the inane urge to babble incoherently Xander retrieved his sword, seeing as he’d probably need it again eventually and it counted for the sum and total of all his worldly possessions right now, Xander scrambled up after Brom and strapped himself in just in time. The dragon lifted off quickly dodging what looked like a something out of a nightmare but was really a red dragon in black armour a tiny dot of a man strapped into a saddle on his back. The blue dragon sent a white-hot gout of flame over her shoulder and whirled and zigzagged to avoid fire and other projectiles as she gained altitude and swept away three more dragons following in loose formation.

The other dragons didn’t pursue but beneath him Xander felt the blue beast keen mournfully. Clearly not all of their compatriots had made it out alive.

Xander spent the majority of the flight wondering why the hell he always got dragged into these messes.

AN: Alright, I know it's a bit short but things should get longer as the story unfolds. Again any and all suggestions are welcome, please review and let me know what you think!
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