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As Time Goes By

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the things that Alissa has been through over the centuries

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ChristyFR152014,9490310,10931 Mar 1020 Nov 14Yes

Mutable Life

Title : Mutable Life
Author : Christy
Rating : FR15
Disclaimer : I do not own any of these series....I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit. I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Fandoms : Star Trek /Angel/CSI: NY/Highlander
Word Count : 1337
Series : Alissa’s Interests
Written For : crossover100 Q prompts
Prompt : 58- Dinner
Summary : Immortals in New York? Never!

Mac Taylor shaded his eyes from the bright May sunlight as he looked down at the corpse. Danny was taking pictures of the scene, marking down both the position of the body and the head, and looked up as Mac came over.

“Stella went to the hospital to interview the witness. Best we can tell from this so far is that someone attacked the two women and cut this one’s head off. Might have been surprised before he could get to the witness. Have to wait until we get this one back to the Doc before we know more, though.”

Mac nodded and went to head out of the alley when his foot landed on some glass. He glanced up to see the floodlights broken, then continued to observe the otherwise well kept area.

“Danny, tell me what else you see about this scene,” he said, pushing his CI.

“A lot of glass,” the younger man commented, then looked up as Mac had moments before. “Wait a sec, all the bulbs and some of the lower windows are all blown out.”

Mac frowned in concentration. “Exactly- find out why.”


Bonasera had originally planned to head down to the hospital, but instead headed toward Park Blvd after Flack called to tell her that the witness had been released and gone home. Flack was going to get the basic information from the ER doctor, then meet up with Stella when he was done. In the meantime, Stella was busy taking in the posh digs Mrs. Alissa MacKenzie lived in. The woman herself answered the door, a butterfly bandage visible on one cheek.

“Sorry about the confusion, Detective Bonasera. I’ve never really liked staying in hospitals long,” she said with an apologetic grin. “Please, come in. Can I get you anything?”

Stella looked around at the tasteful furnishings as Alissa lead her into the living room. “No, thank you. I just have a few questions, since the ER doctor said he took photos when you were admitted. First off, how did you happen to be in that area?”

“After the big gang war in LA, a lot of my close friends left, and then I heard from my close friend Willow that one of our other friends, Kennedy, might have resettled here in New York.”

“Kennedy Thompson? The dead woman?” Stella clarified, focusing on the other woman’s face as she answered.

Alissa smiled sadly. “Yes, the victim was the friend I came to meet.”

“And the friend you mentioned earlier? The one who told you about Ms. Thompson being in New York?” Stella prompted.

“Willow Rosenburg. She teaches at the Jenny Calendar School for Gifted Girls in Cleveland,” Alissa informed her.

Stella made a note to ask Flack to look that up later, then motioned for Alissa to continue.

“I used my contacts here in New York to find out where she’d been staying and called her to ask if she’d like to meet up for drinks or dinner, to catch up, you know? We agreed to meet at a bar not too far from where we were attacked. We were heading back when this guy came out of nowhere. He was yelling something in a foreign language and coming at us with a sword or something. She pushed me out of the way, my head hit the wall and I blacked out. Next thing I know, someone’s shaking me, asking me if I’m okay and that they’d called 911. The doctors said I had a contusion and a few bumps and bruises, so I had them treat the worst of them and signed myself out to go home.”

Stella nodded in understanding. “Well, that’s all we need for now. We’ll call if we need to ask you about anything else.”


Back at the lab, Stella, Mac and Flack conferred in Mac’s office. “So, who is this Alissa MacKenzie?” Mac asked.

“Head of a big multinational corporation- majorly in electronics and computers, though it has been diversifying in recent years,” Stella read off her notepad. “Born overseas, she was adopted by a New York couple who used to own the company she runs now. She also makes regular donations to a Jenny Calendar School for Gifted Girls, among other similar things. I’d called to verify that a Willow Rosenburg did work there, and she confirmed telling Ms. MacKenzie about where to find Ms. Thompson. She was very upset to find that Kennedy was dead- apparently they’d dated for a while.”

Mac’s eyebrows rose a bit at that statement. “Other than that, what else do we know about the victim?”

“She’s actually from a rather wealthy family here in New York..we’re talking summer house in the Hamptons wealthy. Apparently the family didn’t take too well to her wanting to date other debutantes rather than the scions of the other wealthy families. She left home and ended up in Sunnydale for a while- apparently dating Miss Rosenburg during that time,” Flack informed them.

“Wait a sec- Sunnydale? That town that fell off the map during that earthquake a few years ago?” Stella clarified. “That must have been harsh.”

Flack agreed. “She apparently had made up with her family and moved back to New York about a year ago. Other than that, all I can get from her neighbors is that she was quiet and kept to herself.”

“So what did the coroner say?” Mac asked Stella.

“Her head was severed with a very sharp object, maybe the sword Ms. MacKenzie said she saw.”

“Swords?” Flack put in. “Doc at the ER said Mrs. MacKenzie looked like she’d been cut a few times on her arms by a long, sharp object.”

Stella frowned. “She didn’t mention any cuts, just bumps and bruises. I’ll go-“

“No,” Mac cut in “I’ll go talk to her and see what’s going on.”


Alissa answered the door, all smiles, in a long tunic and jeans. “Detective Taylor, to what do I owe this honor?”

“Might I come in and explain?” he asked, not at all surprised when she just waved him through. Since it was early evening, she was enjoying some drinks after dinner. Taking a seat across from her on a sofa, he told her “This is actually about your shoddy cover up abilities.”

Alissa frowned as she sat back down and took a sip of her wine. “I didn’t mean to black out that long, Mac, but I had to block the Dark Quickening from leaking through, while still retaining all the other memories. I’ve already taken a Dark Quickening once in my lifetime, as you well know, and I didn’t feel like going through that again.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you didn’t totally clean up after yourself. Where did you hide the swords, by the way? I know the team didn’t find any at the scene.”

She smirked, as if at an inside joke. “My little secret….magic, you could say. But I am sorry for having to make your team jump through hoops on this one.”

Mac smiled. “Not to worry. It’s not the first time it’s happened and probably won’t be the last. Just be more careful next time, okay? I know Joe doesn’t like to read my progress reports about crappy cover ups when you’re involved.” He told her as he got up and let himself out.

Q popped into existence next to her the moment Mac was gone, swords in hand. “Here’s the nice sharp pointy objects. ‘My little secret’, my ass,” he said with a chuckle.

Alissa took the swords from him and put them in the display case. “I certainly can’t tell him I’m not entirely human and can create a pocket universe to hold things, now can I? My life is all about how much truth I can tell and to whom. All I can say is thank Goddess I have Jareth to be able to unload to about anything.”

Q thought back to her smiling for the camera in her wedding photos. “Yes, it is a blessing.”
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