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As Time Goes By

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the things that Alissa has been through over the centuries

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Highlander > General
Multiple Crossings > General
Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next Generation
ChristyFR151713,744028,35131 Mar 1029 Apr 13Yes

Cannot Happen

Title : Cannot Happen
Author : Christy
Rating : FR15
Disclaimer : I do not own any of these series....I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit. I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Fandoms : Star Trek /Angel/Anita Blake
Word Count : 569
Timeline : After both Next Gen and Angel series finales
Written For : crossover100 Q prompts
Prompt : 45- Moon
Summary : A what-if idea a friend suggested…what would happen if Alissa, with all her powers, was turned?

Q sighed as he jumped into another stream of the multiverse. He’d been following her trail for a subjective week, tracking her from one timeline to the next, picking up the pieces along the way as best he could. No one had known about the true capriciousness of Fate, or how fickle a mistress she truly could be at times. Now the one human born and snatched out of the 20th century, given the powers of the Q on another capricious whim, was bouncing around the multiverse without a soul or a care in the world except her own interests. This wasn’t the kind of soulessness all the Q seemed to be created from, mind you, but a more deadly kind. Alissa MacKenzie had been ambushed, tranqued and turned by the vampires of her natural timeline. None of the idiot fledglings involved had known what they’d be unleashing, at least not in the 25 seconds of existence they’d had left after the Q had found out what had happened. The reverberations of what the vampires thought they’d done to a simply powerful ex-Slayer had hopscotched though everything, which is why the Continuum had tapped Q to clean up the mess. He knew the Scooby Gang, as Alissa had called what friends she had from those hard years in the early 21st century LA, would have control of things in 2392 until he got her back in one piece. Just then, he heard a growl behind him then a chuckle he wished he didn’t recognize. He spun around to face Alissa, her unnatural paleness gleaming in the moonlight, intrigued by the similarities and differences between the woman standing before him now and the one he’d watched fight him tooth and nail numerous times on the Enterprise in her younger years.

“Come to take me back so Willow can try to curse a soul back into me?” she asked with another dark chuckle that invited thoughts of seduction and pain. The jaguar at her feet screamed at him again and she stilled the animal with a snap of her fingers. “Be quiet, Gregory. Q is our guest, for now. Do not anger me. Jaguars are my animal to call in this world, so behave.”

Q smirked at her, realizing that her human and now demonic thought processes hadn’t come up with what should have been elementary to someone like themselves. “No, my dear, you’ve already saved me a couple of times, so it’s about time I returned the favor,” he explained as he watched her muscles bunch moments before she leapt at him, fangs bared. He grabbed hold of her by the arms and flipped them over so she was on the bottom. Then, before she could anticipate him, he dropped down, his body flush against hers, holding her down as he fused his mouth to hers. He thrust his powers into her, burning the demon’s essence to cinders in the blink of an eye.

He rolled off of her and pulled her to her feet as she began sobbing into his chest. “Don’t worry,” he whispered as he felt the worlds literally realign. “It’s all fixed now. That’s what I can be good at sometimes, remember?”

Alissa gave a watery chuckle as she let go of him. “You mean when you’re not the reason it got fucked up in the first place?”

Q nodded in agreement. “You’ve got me there. Now, let’s clean up here and get you home.”
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